Tuesday, October 21, 2014

fffffrrrrrrrttttttt!!!! Thats the end of the Birthday song right?

 Ella Bella turned 12 and finally gets to go to Young Womens
She's been looking forward to joining in our crazy antics
 This was her favorite gift from us and I was worried but it ended up being a slam dunk
as long as we put it in the furthest recesses of the basement while they are "enjoying" it
Ky & Ella
Ellafaye & Ella
Chloe used to think Faye's name was Ellafaye
Judy Garland (Emily) & Ella
Brin & Ella
Her mom may have had a heads up on what Ella was getting from us
Gracie and Ella
My ears were ready for a break after all the screamo was over
Sunday the Family came over for cake and ice cream
 She chose Costco cake 
(she's Dave's kid because I would never choose this)
 Two weeks shy of two years earlier than her this Freak Show was born
Logan keeps us entertained around here lately or putting ourselves in time outs to keep from pummeling him.  
 He had a great B-day and is now 14 
(two more years ladies, I hope you can contain yourselves Until he's datable)  
Ughh, that just made me sick to my stomach.
 Dave once again was not thrilled with the purchase of non Jazz/BYU gear
 This kid got a total of like 100 bucks worth of socks
I hear its a phase.   He's got some real nice socks though.
I don't love that they have special washing instructions 
but what I won't do in the name of John Stockton
 This Kendama has provided hours of entertainment 
(and annoyance of "mom watch")
 This was his greatest surprise, he even did a happy dance
 "Jordan one hundred and twenty nine millions" 
or something like that
 I Bon-fired his cake instead of spreading the candles out 
since he has a reputation of coughing the candles out 
if he is forced to blow too many times.
 Now this is My boy, Pie for dessert.  
Thats a real birthday cake right there.


Susan Catmull said...

I love when you catch me up on all your family happenings

Susan Catmull said...

I've finally figured out my password and can comment. It's only taken me about 2 years. LOL

Best Song lyrics ever