Friday, September 19, 2014

Monopoly, Twenty one, checkers, and chess

My cute little Nevey finally started Kindergarten
It was a torturous week for her waiting until she got to start
We had stake conference and church was over early so I decided we needed to torture Logan further by making him miss more football games on TV and took a hike up to Lake Mary.
Before we started Ella was all gung ho to go all the way to lake Catherine 
but the hike just to Lake Mary made her change her mind about that.  
She now feels like we tried to torture her more than Logan

They were all good and didn't complain but Logan keeps asking why we are doing weird things every Sunday.  I think he may have some sort of trust issues with us.  He's always waiting for the other shoe to drop even though it never does.
I'm pretty sure she fell a time or two.  Better her than me.

The water level was pretty low but it was fun telling the kids of our memories to Lake Mary with our friends, back when we were Just Friends.   ha ha
We told them mistakingly how we jumped off the rocks into the water and they were quick to tell us that there were no swimming signs here.   Oops.  I suppose if that is the only mistakes they think we made, we are good.  Maybe they will swim in a no swimming lake or jump a fence to a "closed" Magna pool for a midnight swim.   Harmless, minus the pneumonia I got from either my friends dirty gym clothes (he was a boy) I wore or the algae growing on the surface of the water.   C'mon people, this was back in the day when toilet papering wasn't a criminal offense.

This guy is on the moon in more ways than one
He was dancing and yes, he does dance like a white boy
After we got home we finally went to go meet Sophie
Kind of a little sweetheart.  She pooped on Dave.   LOL
Neve also started soccer again this year and to our joy can be quite aggressive and fast.  She happens to be more aggressive at practice toward her own team than she is on game days to the opposing team but she doesn't know those other kids so she tries to be nice.  We told her to stop being nice.
We went to a party for Forza soccer club and Sams team won time in these bubbles.
One problem,  How do you kick the soccer ball when you are barely tall enough to be in the bubble.   The boys had a major disadvantage in this game against parents.  Sam started just rolling around in his ball and wasn't too worried about the game.  I think I may have had a freak out if I had tried to even get into this death trap.

Some guys get all the breaks

The first day of school and I'm not sure how Logan plans to get through the day 
without getting his "J's" dirty.  He started with paper towels, what a dork!

Headed to 8th grade and even got a ride from his friends nice Mom
I say ride the bus
Samuel apparently didn't want to wait for me to get up to get his picture taken on the first day so he took matters into his own hands.

I made him ditch the Fish Lake hat
He's off to 3rd grade
and Ella bella is off to rule the school in 6th
Next year will be awesome with 2 kids each in two schools  
Two start times?  What will I do with myself
Heidi had a new baby girl and named her Sophie so I dusted off my embroidery needles and made her a little monogram frame.   I'm crafty like that.    I actually love embroidery and need to do it more.  It's very relaxing, except when you poke your finger......repeatedly.

Cascade Springs
As a kid we used to spend a lot of evenings  and weekends taking 
drives to various places.  My Dad loves to drive.  
I had remembered this little place Sarah referred to as "Barbie wonderland" 
when she was a young dork so we invited Carri and the Harmons and headed out after church.  
Stupid 4 Oclock church mind you.
Ella and Brin are kind of too cool to even stay by us so they wander sort of away in their own cool sphere

This was our crew of kids minus Logan who was screw balling around somewhere I'm sure
Oh and Carri
Dave has a bum chin and I don't know what he is doing in this picture 
so I'll just assume he was trying to be modest by covering up
Quite the motley crew
These girls adore Carri and she is a great little Auntie to all of them
Always a good sport for their antics, or her own
Trying to take a cute pic of Carri and we got something quite unexpected
This kids cracks me up when I don't want to kill him
He did ruin Harmons family pic of just their kids moments before this
This is my favorite good picture of the day I think
Logan isn't being too weird and Ella didn't do fake smile

He's just naturally kind of a punk
I think Luke mistook this for an interpretive dance studio
It was quite spacious inside
I do not have a clue what prompted this inhale the toilets
exhale to the mountains spiritual experience they were having
Some kind of a cleanse I reckon

Carri is from Kanab
No other explanation needed
Angi told me the other day that her good luck had rubbed off on us 
and now look, it has transferred over to the Harmons.  
We are all so lucky to be friends.

Speaking of luck, I was lucky enough to get a Staph infection in my finger
that quickly spread into my blood
and allows me to flip the bird without seeming rude
They sliced it open to clean it out, I suppose stripes on your hand and arm are frowned upon.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Okay, I'm thinking of something orange, and it's small...

I don't normal do a recap of a whole season but since the start of our summer was total crapola I hadn't felt much like blogging without being a disaster so now I am left with a plethora of pictures.

We only too the boat out once this year which is pretty sad but at least Luke could have all his dreams come true by getting to go.  It was our most successful trip since all the kids did things besides the ski trainer and the tube.   Things as in we had many a breakthrough on the knee board.  Some braver than others.

Ella who never dared to rise from this position
after a little help from a friend
They were giving away free beach balls at the lake that day
 for the first swimmer to the island.  Brian won!!!
poor little Ash got stuck in this position while trying to do 360
This is a torture idea though if that ever becomes necessary
Ash had the coolest eyes that day and I figure this is good place to put this picture
 so I can easily find it for their wedding video ;)
 Some other time in July we took the kids to Vegas for Logan to play in a basketball tournament.
We couldn't do a vacation this year so we figured this was a cheap alternative.
I made our dinners and we ate in the Condo which was much better than smutty Vegas
Cute little Nevey lost her first tooth
(with some help from Me)
She has the Linda disease of closing eyes in pictures
Don't worry fellow parents, this amount is only for the first tooth
My kids are all fish and Neve taught herself to swim or at least not drown
I love the water too but I'm more like a fish that is missing a fin in the swimming arena
Am I the only person who loves goggle pictures?
And missing teeth?
I'm pretty sure Ella has gills somewhere
The kids kept doing these races
Even though Ella kicked all the butts every single time

My baby boy who now has armpit and facial hair and stinks to high heaven
and fought hard for a mullet until I conceded to this modern mullet
oddly enough I loved this cut and he got sick of it fast
He plays for UBC but this was not his team.  He was asked to come play with them since some of their team couldn't come to the tournament.  This is by far one of my favorite coaches he has had and I hope he continues to play for him.
This was the aquarium right outside the Nike store in the Shoppes at the Forum
We had just watched the poseidon show which made this place hotter than hell and humid, my worst nightmare!
Waiting for the water show outside the Mirage after fighting crowds
and really really bad smells.  Seriously what are these smells there?
 We walked by a guy and Sam said "hey, it smells like a cigar!"
Sure enough the guy was smoking  a cigar but the big question is
 "how in the heck does Sam know that smell?"
When we got home Neve wanted to go back
I did too but only for the salt water pool,
those pools are the best for people who get headaches from strong smells
 and who don't like green hair
random sampling:
Neve:" mom did I get borned on my birthday or no?"
Sam spends about ten minutes every day after school crying in his room from frustration claiming "he hates his life and hates all of us"----He's such a smart boy and the first weeks of school really give his brain overload & the emotions come flying out.   Other kids like to play after school but this boy needs some quiet time to rest his brains.
Logan: "Mom do you realize every day when I get home you say the same thing and then I say the same thing,  how was school, good!"
Neve trying to tell me I am telling her how to do homework wrong. ME: "Neve I have been alive a lot longer than you so I think I know"  NEVE:"yep and you will die first too!"     I hope so my dear girl, i hope so!

Best Song lyrics ever