Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bring outcher dead

Neve calls my crutches my crotches so we are having a pretty good time w/that.

Nothing too exciting has gone on around here the last few months but the last few days have been very very different.   I tore my ACL playing basketball on March 1st and just had it repaired on Wednesday.  The first day was not terrible as far as pain but is super awkward trying to get around and having to have everyone do everything for you.   After the femural block wore off it was all downhill from there.   So painful and I was piggy backing all sorts of drugs to stay on top of the pain which sometimes still didn't cut it.   The itching is one of the worst parts because you are so tired from the drugs but those same drugs make you itch like crazy.  I sat up two nights in a drunken stupor just scratching.  Ella just keeps telling people I am doing fine because she says every time she starts to talk to me I just fall asleep.  ha ha.     The last two days I have this wheez when I breathe that I am slightly concerned about but I suppose he can xray my lungs when he xrays my knee on Tuesday.   I am tired of sitting around but too tired to do anything else so I'm just going with it.   I try to read and fall asleep, try to watch a show and fall alseep, try to fall asleep and itch.
I know I will be glad I did this in a few more weeks (:
Dave has been a saint and a great nurse.  He is much better than I would be if the tables were turned.  He is most likely more exhausted than me and probably can't wait to return to work.
Tomorrow is the big reveal of my maimed leg.   I guess my leg modeling days are over.  Ha ha

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's today, it's today

I'm not a super fan of Valentines Day.    I don't hate it, it's just not in my top 100 days.  I went to work at 4 a.m. because I work at Kneaders and I guess Valentines day means make of pig of your loved one with baked goods.  It was fine but a 9 hr day.  Dave brought the kids in to eat but I only could say hi for a minute since the more I take a break the longer I have to stay there.
To my lovely surprise when I got home my whole house was clean.  Dave put the kids to work in payment for the food he just bought them.  Maybe, I do like Valentines after all.............

It's been a long week and many hours were spent on our YW fundraiser.   It's a good experience but only because I love the ladies I get to work with.   I like cooking but 900 oreo truffles is outside the realm of fun.

I have no idea what has been going on the last month besides the fact that my kids have been sickly along w/everyone else.   I spent a few weeks w/the crud but now I think it has passed w/out too much lung incident.

Sam wanted to do his school fundraiser and I HATE fundraisers so I told him I would help him 0%.  He did it anyway and really what was I thinking?  That kid needs no help from parents to charm others into shelling out dollar bills.   The first two hours he sold all 60 candy bars.    I just got told that he should be in the gifted dual immersion program.  Is is bad that I don't think I will put him in it?  I just want him to be able to be little and enjoy school being easy for a while before it's time to grow up and things get harder.

Life is fairly boring around here minus the laughs we get out of these kids.  I can go for boring for a while.  I just was looking at some pics of my kids when they were little so I'm doing a throwback with photos.

Logan: says he's black all the time and wishes he was black because he's determined he would then be qualified to be in the NBA.   He sings non stop and is certain he sings well so he's no where near shy about it.  He is still heavy in basketball and starting to lose interest in soccer.  Sadly I think he wants to trade up to football.  That stresses me out and I don't really know the rules to football  ugh...time to learn.   He is doing well in school but I get the sneaking suspicion he drives the teachers crazy.  You already have to be crazy to teach Jr. High so I guess it doesn't matter.  This pic is as black as this white boy is gonna get.

Ella is starting to be a teenager in what she likes to do.  I swear its dolls one day and the next day it's gone.  She's super good at school and is a very nice friend to everyone.  I have my suspicions that she is starting to like certain boys though and I don't like that very much at all.  She swims a lot still and does clogging although she told me the other day that she doesn't want to clog next year.    This {sadly} will be my last year listening to the clippity clop of clog shoes for hours on end.   I'm not a dancey person therefore I don't quite enjoy it as much as, say, a sport (:  but I do love watching each of my kids do the things they love whether I understand them or not.

Sam is really into reading right now and will read anything he can get his tiny little hands on.  He went through the whole Roald Dahl series in a few weeks.   One night he was telling me he wanted a thousand minutes that month and as I was walking out of the room he was giggling to himself about how proud he was of himself.  He's not cocky but just super duper confident.  He's not one of those kids that is arrogant about it though so I don't ever feel the need to knock him down a few pegs.  He is growing like crazy right now although it's hard to believe.  He is one of those kids w/the growing pain issues.   I remember those leg pains like it was yesterday.  I think I should still be having them at the rate I grow.  He just started Cub scouts and was dorking it up to fit right in w/the program.
 Neve is still the spit fire.   She even spits sometimes too.  Mostly she scratches and we are trying to tame the beast in her.  She's the little girl w/the curl.   She dances and is loving that......sigh.....but it's her thing and I like watching her do her thing.   She just tries to be as big as the other kids and is the worst about going to bed and staying in her OWN bed all night.   Exhausted, working early Mom doesn't bother putting her back anymore.  She keeps Dave warm and cramped on his small sliver of bed I let him have.   She's a smartie too and will go to kindergarten at the school by our house but will go into the dual immersion program in fall 2015 with Sam.  We will have 2 kids in 2 schools for a minute instead of this 4 kids in 4 schools crap.   I am not however looking forward to the kindergarten drop off/pick up for a year.  But, I do still want those 1/2 days w/just her and me for a year longer.  She's the sweetest girl from twelve to three.
Neve drew this in preschool.  It's a keeper!
Anyway, Gary the lizard died and Neve was sad for one minute.  He lived longer than we were told he would so Logan (April) is very good at taking care of pets, even one's they never wanted.

I sustained a minor injury w/a cookie sheet.
 The cookie sheet won my pride for a week
 Other than that I've been making yogurt.

 Crafting with the Laurels
Making brownies that Neve cannot wait to eat
and gaining gray hair faster than I can keep up with plucking it out
I don't mind the gray, it's just so coarse and my hair is already coarse to start with

Thursday, January 9, 2014

There was a woman in the jungle and a monkey on a tree

It's interesting what a few days can do for the mood.  Actually after doing that last post I felt better.  It was an emotional vomit I suppose.   Now I am all better.  ha ha  Not really but it did do a lot for me to just get that all out.  I guess that is part of the reason journals or diaries are good for people to keep.

Anyway I forgot a few minor things in my last post.  I know that is hard to believe since it was eleven pages long but I did.

Logan made the Jr. High basketball team after crying himself to sleep the night before because he "knew" he was going to get cut.   He is a bit of a worrier.  Wonder where he gets that?   He played really well and it was fun to watch him play in the JV games.  He did play in one or two Varsity games but of course it was when I was not there because he never played in them before so why go early right?   So the season was short but a really good experience for him.  He wears his warm up shirt as often as I can keep that thing clean.   He also got back on his super league Pump-n-run but many of the kids are different and this year his team "sucks", his words not mine.  He plays on a Jr. Jazz team just for fun w/some of his friends and also plays church ball as well as playing indoor soccer and futsal right now.   I told Nellie last night that I need a second wife for the shuttling.   He loves it all and it's his doing and not ours.  He does better when he stays busy so that is what he is doing.  He is also the Deacons president so has to decide sometimes between sports and YM stuff.  He chooses YM stuff often actually and that makes me proud of him.  Gets Dave's jockeys in a jumble but he will get over it.

Sam got Baptized on Saturday and we got to share the meeting w/the Langfords which was fun and fitting since the Pettersson family is interconnected in there so much, we knew everyone on the program.  Clyde and Norma were able to face time for the whole thing so that was pretty cool.  Our Bishop is hip like that.  It wasn't a recording, therefore allowed.   Anyway, we were grateful they could still be part of it all the way in Canada.   Poor Uncle Mugga may need a bicep replacement after holding the phone up that whole time.  Sam was also confirmed that same day and then he bore his testimony the next day in sacrament and it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen, loud breathing in the microphone and all.
For the meal after he wanted pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage so that is what we had.
Sam and Dave.  Dave was struggling w/the smiles
Dave(still struggling) My Dad, Adam Huff, Adam Bray, Luke
Sam in front
My Mom, Dad, and Adam w/Sam

Sam and Mike
Dave and I got him a mini set of scriptures w/his name on them to match his mini self.  He has been reading them in bed every night.  I asked him what it was about and he told me.  I'm so glad he got Dave's attention span while reading scriptures and not mine.
Kneaders is a really great company and I always liked them but I do like them a little more after they gave me this tree that used to be in the lobby.  My only payment was that I had to take it apart and transport it home.
Don't mind if I do!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

when our joy is at it's zenith

I definitely started this new job off in a state of denial.  I was not going to let anything slip just because I was working.  Otherwise, it was not worth it to me to be working.  I'm tough like that.  I have been feeling like it's not worth it the last few weeks as I have come to terms w/the balls I have been forced to drop from my juggling act.  I don't feel good if certain things don't stay in order.  It messes w/my head.  
My head is messy right now.  I have started to cry today three different times for no particular reason and kind of without warning.  It's a good thing I'm home doing laundry and cleaning out the pantry.
I actually had a few epiphany's today.   Neve has been exceptionally mean and difficult at home.  She screamed in her room for over and hour last night over any and everything she could think of.  She went to school with very puffy eyes today and asked me if I still love her even when she's mean, ouch.  She has just been so hard.  Logan has been super annoying.  Like not ever stopping or knowing when it's not funny anymore annoying and he seems to save it for me.  Carri said last night that he seems to be lacking attention from me or something and I have been thinking about that all night and today.  Ella has been an angel as usual and tries to be very helpful.  Sam has been crying a lot and is super sensitive. This is not normal for this little man.  My realization today is that all this behavior coincides with me starting to work and that makes me upset and sad.  Mothers belong home and it doesn't go unnoticed when they aren't there.  I feel it necessary to be at work right now otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to walk away from it.  I enjoy the job but I love my family more.   They asked me to train for the head pastry position and without hesitation I said no.   A job isn't my life work,  raising good people is.  None of the pastry people have children, they can't understand.  I only work two days a week starting last week  for the month of January and it has been a much needed break for me to get some things around here back in order.  Dave has been wonderful to keep things up and being Mr. Mom many days but there are just somethings I need to do or really like to do myself.  Meals around here are getting an overhaul that is for sure.  I have been major suckage there and that really gets under my skin since I love to cook.
Keep that in mind as I blog from a month and a half of activities and give me the benefit of the doubt if I seem like a raving lunatic.

We had all of Dave's siblings and their kids over to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a really nice time and so nice to not have to rush somewhere else to eat when we were done eating.  We did it the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I was a fan.

Logan playing in the neighborhood Turkey Bowl
This is Neve w/Santa at her dance recital this year.  She was kind of the only kid that knew the whole dance and also the tallest by a foot.  I'm not used to that.  In fact Dave couldn't see her because he automatically assumed the tall girl wasn't our kid.  She's a pretty good little dancer and I'm not sure this Mom can keep up w/the hairdo's if she continues to like it.

We took the kids to Temple Square w/the Harmons one Sunday night and I think we chose the perfect time to go.  Not too crowded and one of the only good weather days we would have been able to fit it in.  Well, I use good weather loosely!   Dave is embracing his feminine side.
These are some of my favorite kids in the whole word
Luckily Luke and Tanner love to play in the snow so it made it so my kids decided it was fun and I got them out of the house a little more than usual.
Clyde and Norma sent us a fun package from Canada with many Canada things inside as well as chocolates we could eat while watching the first presidency fireside (which btw Dave was irked that a woman spoke and not the actual first presidency.  He doesn't like women speakers I think almost as much as I don't like the sopranos in MoTab)
Anyway my kids took apart a broom so they could fly the flag and then created an airplane out of boxes and they worked on it for hours.
I smiled and felt a little sad when I read it.  I would love to be able to take them to Canada but It's just not looking doable.   We have had many great vacations and I'm not feeling deprived in that regard, just that we would like to go see them and where they are serving before they come home.

I finally finished some wreaths I have been working on for quite some time and decided to give them to Dave's sisters and Sis in law for gifts rather than hoard them all to myself.  It did have a hard time parting with them but one can only have so many coffee filter wreaths before they need a mental eval.

Sam came up to me one day and said "Mom, I want a black suit".
I went and bought him one that minute
What kid asks for the monkey suit?
It was hard to fit his dimensions
Every year Dave and Brian feel that something NEEDS to be fried.
 So Dave bought an infra red fryer for health conscious reasons (not really) and we made a night of it
It was actually a very delicious turkey and it really was funny to watch these mens eye go googoo gaga over meat.  I will never understand that.  I thought the Christmas Story was just all funny but nope, it's totally real.

My cutie pie Sam singing his espanol feliz navidad songs.
He's a very good singer.  Just ask him.  LOL
 Ella who is just my slightly older cutie pie at her singing performance.  I can actually say she's a good singer.  If you asked her she would say "I don't know".
 Sammy had his 8th Birthday during all the Christmas hubbub.  He's so happy and loves everything and everyone so it's not hard to make his day a success.   We took him to Buffalo wild wings for dinner.  He created this cake online at coldstone and I was a bit worried.  It was delicious.  He knew it would be, just ask him.
 He loved every gift and his little face in this looks just like me as a kid.  This photo actually looks a bit like Logan too but that makes sense since Logan very much looks like me.  He's a butthead like his Dad though (:  I have been seeing a bit more of uncle Mike in Sam but this one is all Mom minus that gorgeous skin.

 He was suddenly wanting wrestling stuff.   Watching that crap is where I draw the line though.
 We had my family's Adult Christmas party here the weekend before Christmas and it was fun.  We are usually having too much fun to take pictures but I had to take this cute one of my Brothers.  Most people I know now don't know my older brother Kerry but he is all the nieces and nephews favorite uncle, just ask him.
 This one was too cute of my Mom and Dad.   My Dad trying to hear everything going on and my Mom probably trying to tune us out.  This is a fun night for me and my siblings.  I'm not sure if the in laws like it as much as us but we don't care.
 Sam and Logan playing a fun soccer game that Nellie gave to Sam
 I took the kids and a few of Sams friends plus cousin Finlay to Airborne for Sam's Birthday.  He told me "mom, I don't want a pinata party, I want to go do something fun instead and take a few friends".  Done!!!   I hate planning kid parties.

We did Christmas the Sunday before Christmas with Dave's family at Heidi & Erics house.
Heather and Adam gave all the kids headphones and you would have thought they all had won the lottery.  I wish i had a recording of them all screaming in glee.

We had our traditional Parents over for Christmas Eve dinner but we were missing a set this year.  We invited Carri and Mike to come too so Dave could show off his rib skills to more than just my parents this year.

 Uncle Adam
 Uncle Mugga
 Grandma and Grandpa Bray
 We gave my Mom the last ornament in a twelve days of christmas set we had been doing for them.  They had no idea it was us.  It was fun to hear her talking about it to us as the week went on and showing us the ornaments.  My kids were perfect little liars.
My Mom has been getting them a book and reading it to them the last few years and this is a fun tradition.  The girls especially love it.  I think Carri like it too.  I wish I had a pic of her craning her neck to see.
 Santa is not a masochist around here and presents are not wrapped.

The boys were dying to have these so that is what Ella got them.  They really work.
Sam did a five minute dance/run around the house/scream when he opened his new ipod
But this was his favorite thing he got I think.  He sucked it all down before we went to Grandmas
Ella wanted books books books.  So we appeased her w/a Nook
Logan knew he got a phone when he was 14 but wasn't expecting this early treat.  He shows excitement just like me.  He's excited deep in there.
Carri gave me a funny letter and a Mary Poppins bag full of money.  She has an amazing memory and knack for creative ideas.  Sometimes may or may not include dog poop.
My parents gave Logan Bill Cosby comedy.  He's in heaven.  It does give him more material to be annoying with though
Ella got the Rainbow loom that ever girl in America wanted this year but I didn't see her open it.  Neve got one of the Disney dolls that are so Darling and Sam got Simon Says and bopit.
First one who sees it gets a prize.
It was scaring the crap out of some of the kids but hey Adults have to find ways to entertain themselves by tormenting kids.

The post christmas bomb stuck around for a while since I had to work the day after Christmas plus I was trying to be laid back.
This was the last straw when I was trying to do laundry in the mess.
I took down all my christmas stuff and pulled everything off the cupboards and gave them all a nice scrubbing, along w/the ceiling and any other high space only reached w/a ladder.

The bottom was still a mess but I had a sense of accomplishment as I knew the area where no one sees was spic and span.  If you look closely in the pictures, I'm sure you will see it sparkle.

I think my kids are the only kids in the world who still bang pots and pans but hey they love it and it costs nothing.  Unless Logan breaks the wooden spoon.

Logan thought we were lame because we went to bed at 12:30 and maybe we are.  One day everyone must embrace their lame-ness.

Despite my debbie-downer-ness today I have had a great time the last however many days since I blogged last but blogging is an outlet that I think I have come to need as a release of some sort.  Maybe I'm an addict but I think it's a healthy addiction and one of the things I shouldn't neglect.  I have a bad memory naturally and it is really fun for me to recap so I can remember it again every time I read it. (:  My sweet Ella reads it a lot too.  She's into stories and such.  It felt quite therapeutic to blog today.  Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow.

Best Song lyrics ever