Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter this year even if our hollow cookie object lesson turned out w/not hollow discs

 Logan ate all his Easter candy on Sunday.  We told him he was a pig and his excuse is that he lacks self control.

 We went to church and all had a dandy time there minus the fact that we were forced to change benches after the sacrament for sakes of my knee needing to be elevated and maybe for another reason or four.    After Church we went to My Moms for dinner and a little egg hunt.   I went over to visit Lois since she just got home from her 2 1/2 month stay in the hospital after almost dying.   It was a really nice conversation and it amazed me that despite the pain and issues she still has she just chooses to see the blessings.   Part of that is age I suppose but it hit me strongly that day that attitude makes the difference.   Her life has totally changed but she is only telling about the good.  I love that!!!
Neve and Phoebs
Sammy and Javier
I always take pictures in the morning before church and we had an unexpected day of cooperation by all.  Logan struggled a little with doofus faces but he did his best.
 I'm no budding photographer either but I did my best

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Fire's In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear

So We ( I use that term loosely) did our annual easter egg hunt again this year.  I was not too much help since I just had knee surgery but I still collected eggs and then had them shuttled over to Lisa.
I am always glad we started this 5 years ago but quite often people ruin it for us every single year.  If it weren't for the awesome people who are actually appreciative we probably would have stopped doing it on year two.
People are really embarrassing sometimes in how they act at such events.
We have asked and pleaded EVERY year that parents and adults DO NOT help their kids find the gold and silver egg but every year you have a parent either find it for their kid or shoved their tiny little kids face into the egg until they see it which usually ends in said child crying.    It's like they think they will be out something if their kid doesn't win a prize.  Also parents that bring 12 eggs per child to my house yet take 40 from the hunt.  If you are going to let your kid go crazy, then bring extra eggs.  We all provide many many extra eggs so all the kids get 12 but it seems those of us that do extra eggs are the ones that never let our kids take a ton.   Weird I know.

So heres how things go.  I send out a pre pre announcement email reminding all neighborhood and family and friends that the hunt is coming up and we will be putting fliers out soon and usually attach last years flier for those who are new and don't have a clue what I am talking about.  Aimee makes a new flier, usually multiple times until Lisa and I stop being anal about what goes on it.  Lisa or myself pay to have 250-300 printed.   I usually buy more expensive colored bright paper to you know, be in the easter spirit.  We buy rubber bands and staple a rubber band to 300 pieces of paper.  Our children and ourselves walk door to door attaching them to the neighborhood so no one is excluded (we have made it clear this is NOT a church event).    I buy a gold and silver prize per age group (usually there are 5 groups).  I like to buy fun prizes and have spent about 15 bucks per group.   I have never minded spending time or money doing things that I feel like gives a better sense of community to a neighborhood and helps you get to know each other.   This year I didn't buy the prizes and was going to leave out the gold and silver egg because of previous frustrations w/parents cheating and for other reasons.   People found out about that and decided to come up w/the prizes so they collected those and took them to Lisa who organized all that along w/single baggying all the eggs that come not in baggies (even though the flier asks them to be bagged for inclement weather).   Did I mention we buy the bags?   Then Lisa buys all the paper products because we do a continental pot luck breakfast.   We usually supply a few of the drinks and Aimee gets donuts or something donated or one of us brings a lot more than our share to make sure there is enough.   It is also specified on the flier to bring a breakfast item to share.   I bought different colored sprinkler flags a few years ago to separate the areas and Lisa, Myself, Aimee and usually a few other awesome neighbors get up early Saturday and come help us hide the 800-1000 eggs.

Then what happens:   The hunt starts promptly at 9 am SHARP (also on the flier)
By 9:15 every egg is found all the kids return the gold and silver eggs in return for a prize and the food gets wolfed down and everyone disappears.   With many, keep in mind that find Lisa and Myself to thank us.   We don't do it for the thanks but getting appreciated is sure a nice feeling and actually is the only thing that has kept us from continuing this tradition after all the complaints we get.

By the evening of that day we each receive a myriad of complaints such as:
The eggs have jelly beans in them and thats cheap (Jelly beans are easter candy and no candy has ever in the history of time ever been infused w/poison to kill a child on Halloween or Easter, that's an urban legend)
We want individually wrapped candy in the eggs (you know where Target is)
My kid didn't get 12 eggs (each child is supposed to get at least 12 eggs but some parents let their kid gather 30 or 40 since they have zero regard for others)
You started the hunt before we got there (9 sharp means 9 sharp, learn to be on time)
The chocolate was melted  (I'm sorry, we forgot to put each egg on ice)
9 oclock is so early for a Saturday (grow up)
It's cold (really?)
I didn't know about it (no comment)
We are going to be out of town (like they expect us to move it)
I didn't know when it was going to be (it's always the day before Easter at 9)
We got an empty egg (oh well, use it to teach your kids about the empty tomb, it wasn't a personal attack on your kid)
There was halloween candy in one of our eggs (What would you like me to do about that?)
Parents helped their kid find the egg and thats not fair (Some parents suck, end of story)
Next year you should do this or this or that or the other. (you wanna be in charge?)
Advice such as "I would do this if I were in charge"(Again, you can be in charge, oh wait, if you were in charge there wouldn't be one right?)
and many many many more which Lisa & Aimee can add to the comments if it makes them feel better.

I did a big swear word on Saturday and then I felt better.  Sorry about that Aimee (:
Aimee thinks we should fire ourselves
Nellie gave me good ideas to assign people to be in charge based on complaining
Our kids love this tradition and many of the kind appreciative neighbors do too so alas we have a year to get over it and forget about the negative before we do it again.   We are masochists I suppose.

It's interesting the things people feel they have a right to complain about.    They have zero to do with something yet they are the resident expert on how it should be done.    And seriously people,  I cannot freaking control every aspect of time/space/weather/peoples intelligence/traffic and whatever in the hell else you think I want to hear your complaints about.
Maybe next year we will show the scene in Bambi about keeping your mouth shut if your a jerk or a whiner.  I think it goes something like that anyway.

So the moral of all this for me is that I just hate how the complainers make me take inventory of how much time/money/effort/thought I have put into something in defense of myself because I DO NOT do this for praise, attention, recognition or any of the like yet my basic human instinct is to go there when I feel threatened to defend myself from something that should NEVER need defending.

In the end the goal is to have an event that the KIDS remember and enjoy and not have to deal w/the stupid fitness center chaos. I think we are successful at that so overall I am happy and satisfied w/our measly half assed effort. (:     We are just a few people trying to do something good.

B & E
Logan Sam and the Lingwalls

Neve w/her best buddy Logan

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bring outcher dead

Neve calls my crutches my crotches so we are having a pretty good time w/that.

Nothing too exciting has gone on around here the last few months but the last few days have been very very different.   I tore my ACL playing basketball on March 1st and just had it repaired on Wednesday.  The first day was not terrible as far as pain but is super awkward trying to get around and having to have everyone do everything for you.   After the femural block wore off it was all downhill from there.   So painful and I was piggy backing all sorts of drugs to stay on top of the pain which sometimes still didn't cut it.   The itching is one of the worst parts because you are so tired from the drugs but those same drugs make you itch like crazy.  I sat up two nights in a drunken stupor just scratching.  Ella just keeps telling people I am doing fine because she says every time she starts to talk to me I just fall asleep.  ha ha.     The last two days I have this wheez when I breathe that I am slightly concerned about but I suppose he can xray my lungs when he xrays my knee on Tuesday.   I am tired of sitting around but too tired to do anything else so I'm just going with it.   I try to read and fall asleep, try to watch a show and fall alseep, try to fall asleep and itch.
I know I will be glad I did this in a few more weeks (:
Dave has been a saint and a great nurse.  He is much better than I would be if the tables were turned.  He is most likely more exhausted than me and probably can't wait to return to work.
Tomorrow is the big reveal of my maimed leg.   I guess my leg modeling days are over.  Ha ha

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I think that we should get together And try them on to see

A few weeks ago Ella had a dance competition in St. George so we invited Grandma & Brin to tag along.  We stopped at Kerry and Margaret when we first got there and he ended up taking us to dinner.  The girls had a late night swim and then off to Comp in the morning.  It was short and sweet.  Kerry & Margaret came and watched Ella dance which was nice of them and then we made plans to BBQ later that night.
We took the girls to do a little hiking and my Mom and I watched from the bottom since she is too old and I have too much of a torn ACL
 We took the girls to my RAGNAR teams favorite place for lunch where I promptly sent them all pictures to make them jealous.  Then we went to a movie to kill some time.   Not a lot to do in St. George when you are invalid.
 We all got our reading minutes in.  I think we might be nerdy.
 I didn't read, I did a crossword, which is way less nerdy right?!?
 We had a great dinner and evening with Kerry and Margaret.  Kerry entertained the girls for hours looking up youtube videos of people doing stupid things.  

Before we left on Sunday we decided to do a few little things like
Go to the Temple
I like these old fashioned looking ones the most
 Then we went to Brigham Youngs Winter home.  The tour was pretty interesting
 but the girls were mortified by the Chamber pots
 We go right by Nephi on the way home so we stopped to see my Dads Mom.  The infamous Grandma Rockwell.   She's a tiny little thing but makes up for it in personality.  She's an ARE-tist and doesn't hesitate to tell you about it.  This is her room full of crayola art (which she paints by using melted crayons).  It was a nice visit but it was so weird to me to see how much my Dad looks like her in his older years.  I had never quite noticed that before.
 When we arrived home we already had house guests and were very excited for the Petterssons to come stay for a week with us.  My kids were still in school and Logan would text me every day to check him out early.
Atti and I took a trip to IFA to see the chicks and get some fertilizer
 Logan couldn't get enough of Chip and Jamin but I couldn't get enough of this dirty little rat.
He was kind of mine and Neve's favorite.  
 Sadly for Angi he slept well the first few nights but sucked it up at sleeping the rest.  So by the time they left that poor mamma was exhausted.

The next week was my kids spring break and Nellie and I took a bunch of hooligans to Hollywood Connection to see the Lego movie and then go and rides and attempt to roller skate.  It kills me that kids don't know how to skate anymore since I grew up with skates on and probably have the knee scars to prove it.
 Daved turned a titch older and I made him brisket for dinner and then chocolate cake and swiss milk chocolate ice cream (from Leatherbys) for dessert.  Adult birthdays are so very exciting.

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's today, it's today

I'm not a super fan of Valentines Day.    I don't hate it, it's just not in my top 100 days.  I went to work at 4 a.m. because I work at Kneaders and I guess Valentines day means make of pig of your loved one with baked goods.  It was fine but a 9 hr day.  Dave brought the kids in to eat but I only could say hi for a minute since the more I take a break the longer I have to stay there.
To my lovely surprise when I got home my whole house was clean.  Dave put the kids to work in payment for the food he just bought them.  Maybe, I do like Valentines after all.............

It's been a long week and many hours were spent on our YW fundraiser.   It's a good experience but only because I love the ladies I get to work with.   I like cooking but 900 oreo truffles is outside the realm of fun.

I have no idea what has been going on the last month besides the fact that my kids have been sickly along w/everyone else.   I spent a few weeks w/the crud but now I think it has passed w/out too much lung incident.

Sam wanted to do his school fundraiser and I HATE fundraisers so I told him I would help him 0%.  He did it anyway and really what was I thinking?  That kid needs no help from parents to charm others into shelling out dollar bills.   The first two hours he sold all 60 candy bars.    I just got told that he should be in the gifted dual immersion program.  Is is bad that I don't think I will put him in it?  I just want him to be able to be little and enjoy school being easy for a while before it's time to grow up and things get harder.

Life is fairly boring around here minus the laughs we get out of these kids.  I can go for boring for a while.  I just was looking at some pics of my kids when they were little so I'm doing a throwback with photos.

Logan: says he's black all the time and wishes he was black because he's determined he would then be qualified to be in the NBA.   He sings non stop and is certain he sings well so he's no where near shy about it.  He is still heavy in basketball and starting to lose interest in soccer.  Sadly I think he wants to trade up to football.  That stresses me out and I don't really know the rules to football  ugh...time to learn.   He is doing well in school but I get the sneaking suspicion he drives the teachers crazy.  You already have to be crazy to teach Jr. High so I guess it doesn't matter.  This pic is as black as this white boy is gonna get.

Ella is starting to be a teenager in what she likes to do.  I swear its dolls one day and the next day it's gone.  She's super good at school and is a very nice friend to everyone.  I have my suspicions that she is starting to like certain boys though and I don't like that very much at all.  She swims a lot still and does clogging although she told me the other day that she doesn't want to clog next year.    This {sadly} will be my last year listening to the clippity clop of clog shoes for hours on end.   I'm not a dancey person therefore I don't quite enjoy it as much as, say, a sport (:  but I do love watching each of my kids do the things they love whether I understand them or not.

Sam is really into reading right now and will read anything he can get his tiny little hands on.  He went through the whole Roald Dahl series in a few weeks.   One night he was telling me he wanted a thousand minutes that month and as I was walking out of the room he was giggling to himself about how proud he was of himself.  He's not cocky but just super duper confident.  He's not one of those kids that is arrogant about it though so I don't ever feel the need to knock him down a few pegs.  He is growing like crazy right now although it's hard to believe.  He is one of those kids w/the growing pain issues.   I remember those leg pains like it was yesterday.  I think I should still be having them at the rate I grow.  He just started Cub scouts and was dorking it up to fit right in w/the program.
 Neve is still the spit fire.   She even spits sometimes too.  Mostly she scratches and we are trying to tame the beast in her.  She's the little girl w/the curl.   She dances and is loving that......sigh.....but it's her thing and I like watching her do her thing.   She just tries to be as big as the other kids and is the worst about going to bed and staying in her OWN bed all night.   Exhausted, working early Mom doesn't bother putting her back anymore.  She keeps Dave warm and cramped on his small sliver of bed I let him have.   She's a smartie too and will go to kindergarten at the school by our house but will go into the dual immersion program in fall 2015 with Sam.  We will have 2 kids in 2 schools for a minute instead of this 4 kids in 4 schools crap.   I am not however looking forward to the kindergarten drop off/pick up for a year.  But, I do still want those 1/2 days w/just her and me for a year longer.  She's the sweetest girl from twelve to three.
Neve drew this in preschool.  It's a keeper!
Anyway, Gary the lizard died and Neve was sad for one minute.  He lived longer than we were told he would so Logan (April) is very good at taking care of pets, even one's they never wanted.

I sustained a minor injury w/a cookie sheet.
 The cookie sheet won my pride for a week
 Other than that I've been making yogurt.

 Crafting with the Laurels
Making brownies that Neve cannot wait to eat
and gaining gray hair faster than I can keep up with plucking it out
I don't mind the gray, it's just so coarse and my hair is already coarse to start with

Thursday, January 9, 2014

There was a woman in the jungle and a monkey on a tree

It's interesting what a few days can do for the mood.  Actually after doing that last post I felt better.  It was an emotional vomit I suppose.   Now I am all better.  ha ha  Not really but it did do a lot for me to just get that all out.  I guess that is part of the reason journals or diaries are good for people to keep.

Anyway I forgot a few minor things in my last post.  I know that is hard to believe since it was eleven pages long but I did.

Logan made the Jr. High basketball team after crying himself to sleep the night before because he "knew" he was going to get cut.   He is a bit of a worrier.  Wonder where he gets that?   He played really well and it was fun to watch him play in the JV games.  He did play in one or two Varsity games but of course it was when I was not there because he never played in them before so why go early right?   So the season was short but a really good experience for him.  He wears his warm up shirt as often as I can keep that thing clean.   He also got back on his super league Pump-n-run but many of the kids are different and this year his team "sucks", his words not mine.  He plays on a Jr. Jazz team just for fun w/some of his friends and also plays church ball as well as playing indoor soccer and futsal right now.   I told Nellie last night that I need a second wife for the shuttling.   He loves it all and it's his doing and not ours.  He does better when he stays busy so that is what he is doing.  He is also the Deacons president so has to decide sometimes between sports and YM stuff.  He chooses YM stuff often actually and that makes me proud of him.  Gets Dave's jockeys in a jumble but he will get over it.

Sam got Baptized on Saturday and we got to share the meeting w/the Langfords which was fun and fitting since the Pettersson family is interconnected in there so much, we knew everyone on the program.  Clyde and Norma were able to face time for the whole thing so that was pretty cool.  Our Bishop is hip like that.  It wasn't a recording, therefore allowed.   Anyway, we were grateful they could still be part of it all the way in Canada.   Poor Uncle Mugga may need a bicep replacement after holding the phone up that whole time.  Sam was also confirmed that same day and then he bore his testimony the next day in sacrament and it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen, loud breathing in the microphone and all.
For the meal after he wanted pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage so that is what we had.
Sam and Dave.  Dave was struggling w/the smiles
Dave(still struggling) My Dad, Adam Huff, Adam Bray, Luke
Sam in front
My Mom, Dad, and Adam w/Sam

Sam and Mike
Dave and I got him a mini set of scriptures w/his name on them to match his mini self.  He has been reading them in bed every night.  I asked him what it was about and he told me.  I'm so glad he got Dave's attention span while reading scriptures and not mine.
Kneaders is a really great company and I always liked them but I do like them a little more after they gave me this tree that used to be in the lobby.  My only payment was that I had to take it apart and transport it home.
Don't mind if I do!!!

Best Song lyrics ever