Friday, September 19, 2014

Monopoly, Twenty one, checkers, and chess

My cute little Nevey finally started Kindergarten
It was a torturous week for her waiting until she got to start
We had stake conference and church was over early so I decided we needed to torture Logan further by making him miss more football games on TV and took a hike up to Lake Mary.
Before we started Ella was all gung ho to go all the way to lake Catherine 
but the hike just to Lake Mary made her change her mind about that.  
She now feels like we tried to torture her more than Logan

They were all good and didn't complain but Logan keeps asking why we are doing weird things every Sunday.  I think he may have some sort of trust issues with us.  He's always waiting for the other shoe to drop even though it never does.
I'm pretty sure she fell a time or two.  Better her than me.

The water level was pretty low but it was fun telling the kids of our memories to Lake Mary with our friends, back when we were Just Friends.   ha ha
We told them mistakingly how we jumped off the rocks into the water and they were quick to tell us that there were no swimming signs here.   Oops.  I suppose if that is the only mistakes they think we made, we are good.  Maybe they will swim in a no swimming lake or jump a fence to a "closed" Magna pool for a midnight swim.   Harmless, minus the pneumonia I got from either my friends dirty gym clothes (he was a boy) I wore or the algae growing on the surface of the water.   C'mon people, this was back in the day when toilet papering wasn't a criminal offense.

This guy is on the moon in more ways than one
He was dancing and yes, he does dance like a white boy
After we got home we finally went to go meet Sophie
Kind of a little sweetheart.  She pooped on Dave.   LOL
Neve also started soccer again this year and to our joy can be quite aggressive and fast.  She happens to be more aggressive at practice toward her own team than she is on game days to the opposing team but she doesn't know those other kids so she tries to be nice.  We told her to stop being nice.
We went to a party for Forza soccer club and Sams team won time in these bubbles.
One problem,  How do you kick the soccer ball when you are barely tall enough to be in the bubble.   The boys had a major disadvantage in this game against parents.  Sam started just rolling around in his ball and wasn't too worried about the game.  I think I may have had a freak out if I had tried to even get into this death trap.


Susan Catmull said...

lots of fun
got a new google account and making sure it works. Sorry to use you as my guinea pig.

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