Friday, June 20, 2014

Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you

I don't know how I got so behind on my blog
It may be because I screwed up my knee and have been playing catch up ever since.
I think I finally caught up with life around here.
This is my Mothers day breakfast the kids made.  I think the measly eggs are cute.
 Circumstances at home made me decide to quit working at Kneaders.  One being they were giving me way too many hours on a newly repaired knee and the other being........
This little surprise.  Ironic when we are done that this would be so easy to come by.
We are excited and have to just laugh about it even though I might surely die of old age before the birth of baby number 5.  This is the first time I have said anything so early so hopefully that doesn't jinx it
Sam was the main character "Don Ramon" in his end of year program and I was very impressed with his spanish.  His teachers are too.   I was so proud of my little mexican man.
Neve had her dance recital and I am happy to have  a break from dance for a bit.  She was once again one of the only kids the knew the dance and did it with the right timing.  
She gets those skills from me most likely.
She also graduated from Miss Katies Preschool and Aunt Sands
Aunt Sands was so sad that my last kid was graduating
Hopefully she lasts for the straggler.
I have been working hard getting my craft on for some girls camp surprises.
Girls camp has been a complete disaster planning this year and has been so stressful and keep in mind I don't get stressed too easily.  I can't wait for it to come so the part where it's all worth it kicks in.
We are doing a Wizard of Oz theme this year which has been fun.
The boys have been getting some serious basketball on and Logan has been selfie-ing it up like crazy.
Swimming and Playing so far is all that has been going on around here and plenty of Netflix by Neve

I taught the kids the art of baking soda and vinegar which is a must needed life skill
I Also taught Logan the art of pie making.  I chopped down the bound to knock my fence over mulberry tree that grew all on its own in the back corner of my yard.  The girls and Sam picked all the berries off once the tree was laying on its side and then I made Logan make a pie.  He did a good job and I held my annoyance off with his retardations and the pie ended up delish!!!
I suppose I wasn't so behind on my blog after all since it surely would have been blank pages full of nothing going on besides Logans giant friends living here and eating us out of house and home.  I love it though, I'd rather they be here where I can harass them than anywhere else.

Logan asked yesterday why I was so tired if the baby was only the size of an orange.  "Really Mom, an orange can not be that heavy"!    I had a good laugh at that one.   When we told the kids a few weeks ago we videoed it and Logan was so excited.  It was funny to see that from a 13 yr old boy.  Ella just thought we were lying and Sam wanted to think of names right away all of which were basketball player names.  They don't understand how some names just don't fit a white guy!!!.  
I should have never told them I thought it was a boy.  My bad.

Neve just learned to whistle.  I hear her whistling herself to sleep at night.  Sam also learned to whistle and whistles himself to sleep and also whistles all through the day without realizing.  I guess whistling is very fascinating.


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