Sunday, April 6, 2014

I think that we should get together And try them on to see

A few weeks ago Ella had a dance competition in St. George so we invited Grandma & Brin to tag along.  We stopped at Kerry and Margaret when we first got there and he ended up taking us to dinner.  The girls had a late night swim and then off to Comp in the morning.  It was short and sweet.  Kerry & Margaret came and watched Ella dance which was nice of them and then we made plans to BBQ later that night.
We took the girls to do a little hiking and my Mom and I watched from the bottom since she is too old and I have too much of a torn ACL
 We took the girls to my RAGNAR teams favorite place for lunch where I promptly sent them all pictures to make them jealous.  Then we went to a movie to kill some time.   Not a lot to do in St. George when you are invalid.
 We all got our reading minutes in.  I think we might be nerdy.
 I didn't read, I did a crossword, which is way less nerdy right?!?
 We had a great dinner and evening with Kerry and Margaret.  Kerry entertained the girls for hours looking up youtube videos of people doing stupid things.  

Before we left on Sunday we decided to do a few little things like
Go to the Temple
I like these old fashioned looking ones the most
 Then we went to Brigham Youngs Winter home.  The tour was pretty interesting
 but the girls were mortified by the Chamber pots
 We go right by Nephi on the way home so we stopped to see my Dads Mom.  The infamous Grandma Rockwell.   She's a tiny little thing but makes up for it in personality.  She's an ARE-tist and doesn't hesitate to tell you about it.  This is her room full of crayola art (which she paints by using melted crayons).  It was a nice visit but it was so weird to me to see how much my Dad looks like her in his older years.  I had never quite noticed that before.
 When we arrived home we already had house guests and were very excited for the Petterssons to come stay for a week with us.  My kids were still in school and Logan would text me every day to check him out early.
Atti and I took a trip to IFA to see the chicks and get some fertilizer
 Logan couldn't get enough of Chip and Jamin but I couldn't get enough of this dirty little rat.
He was kind of mine and Neve's favorite.  
 Sadly for Angi he slept well the first few nights but sucked it up at sleeping the rest.  So by the time they left that poor mamma was exhausted.

The next week was my kids spring break and Nellie and I took a bunch of hooligans to Hollywood Connection to see the Lego movie and then go and rides and attempt to roller skate.  It kills me that kids don't know how to skate anymore since I grew up with skates on and probably have the knee scars to prove it.
 Daved turned a titch older and I made him brisket for dinner and then chocolate cake and swiss milk chocolate ice cream (from Leatherbys) for dessert.  Adult birthdays are so very exciting.


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