Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bring outcher dead

Neve calls my crutches my crotches so we are having a pretty good time w/that.

Nothing too exciting has gone on around here the last few months but the last few days have been very very different.   I tore my ACL playing basketball on March 1st and just had it repaired on Wednesday.  The first day was not terrible as far as pain but is super awkward trying to get around and having to have everyone do everything for you.   After the femural block wore off it was all downhill from there.   So painful and I was piggy backing all sorts of drugs to stay on top of the pain which sometimes still didn't cut it.   The itching is one of the worst parts because you are so tired from the drugs but those same drugs make you itch like crazy.  I sat up two nights in a drunken stupor just scratching.  Ella just keeps telling people I am doing fine because she says every time she starts to talk to me I just fall asleep.  ha ha.     The last two days I have this wheez when I breathe that I am slightly concerned about but I suppose he can xray my lungs when he xrays my knee on Tuesday.   I am tired of sitting around but too tired to do anything else so I'm just going with it.   I try to read and fall asleep, try to watch a show and fall alseep, try to fall asleep and itch.
I know I will be glad I did this in a few more weeks (:
Dave has been a saint and a great nurse.  He is much better than I would be if the tables were turned.  He is most likely more exhausted than me and probably can't wait to return to work.
Tomorrow is the big reveal of my maimed leg.   I guess my leg modeling days are over.  Ha ha


van der Wekken said...

Can you take a Benadryl with the pain killers? They make me itch too. This info may be too late to help, sorry and good luck!!

Hendricksonblog said...

I thought abt that but Benadryl makes me totally nutso. I'm one of those that it hypes up. I'm just a disaster. Lol

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