Thursday, January 9, 2014

There was a woman in the jungle and a monkey on a tree

It's interesting what a few days can do for the mood.  Actually after doing that last post I felt better.  It was an emotional vomit I suppose.   Now I am all better.  ha ha  Not really but it did do a lot for me to just get that all out.  I guess that is part of the reason journals or diaries are good for people to keep.

Anyway I forgot a few minor things in my last post.  I know that is hard to believe since it was eleven pages long but I did.

Logan made the Jr. High basketball team after crying himself to sleep the night before because he "knew" he was going to get cut.   He is a bit of a worrier.  Wonder where he gets that?   He played really well and it was fun to watch him play in the JV games.  He did play in one or two Varsity games but of course it was when I was not there because he never played in them before so why go early right?   So the season was short but a really good experience for him.  He wears his warm up shirt as often as I can keep that thing clean.   He also got back on his super league Pump-n-run but many of the kids are different and this year his team "sucks", his words not mine.  He plays on a Jr. Jazz team just for fun w/some of his friends and also plays church ball as well as playing indoor soccer and futsal right now.   I told Nellie last night that I need a second wife for the shuttling.   He loves it all and it's his doing and not ours.  He does better when he stays busy so that is what he is doing.  He is also the Deacons president so has to decide sometimes between sports and YM stuff.  He chooses YM stuff often actually and that makes me proud of him.  Gets Dave's jockeys in a jumble but he will get over it.

Sam got Baptized on Saturday and we got to share the meeting w/the Langfords which was fun and fitting since the Pettersson family is interconnected in there so much, we knew everyone on the program.  Clyde and Norma were able to face time for the whole thing so that was pretty cool.  Our Bishop is hip like that.  It wasn't a recording, therefore allowed.   Anyway, we were grateful they could still be part of it all the way in Canada.   Poor Uncle Mugga may need a bicep replacement after holding the phone up that whole time.  Sam was also confirmed that same day and then he bore his testimony the next day in sacrament and it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen, loud breathing in the microphone and all.
For the meal after he wanted pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage so that is what we had.
Sam and Dave.  Dave was struggling w/the smiles
Dave(still struggling) My Dad, Adam Huff, Adam Bray, Luke
Sam in front
My Mom, Dad, and Adam w/Sam

Sam and Mike
Dave and I got him a mini set of scriptures w/his name on them to match his mini self.  He has been reading them in bed every night.  I asked him what it was about and he told me.  I'm so glad he got Dave's attention span while reading scriptures and not mine.
Kneaders is a really great company and I always liked them but I do like them a little more after they gave me this tree that used to be in the lobby.  My only payment was that I had to take it apart and transport it home.
Don't mind if I do!!!


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