Monday, November 4, 2013

"Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!

My Favorite month went by like a whirlwind and I loved almost every moment of it
at the same time I feel like I didn't exhale until yesterday
when a nasty cold hit and not the snow kind
We took the kids to B.I.F.
This year Nellie came with us and Angi did to no Angi

This was the best we could do w/a kid shot since Logan took off w/the twins
Neve had her very special Birthday Boss day at Aunt Sands
Where Sandra throws her all over the place while the kids sing Happy Birthday and I just laugh
Aimee and Nellie helped me decorate my basement a few days early for my Adult Halloween party.  Sadly none of my pictures really do it justice on how good it looked.  I was so grateful for their help so I could cross that off my to do list for that week.

My lack of sleep was getting to me one day and I was attempting to make facial hair for our costumes.  I had a great time taking selfies and I'm not one that is into that kind of behavior.  
I feel it was somewhat like being drunk or on RAGNAR.
Karen and I witched it up w/our Laurels for a night
Oh wait, here is more Black Island Farms but I'm too lazy to move it to a proper order
I love that the kids get to pick their own pumpkins.

This slide of course is my all time favorite for taking pictures.   I didn't go down it this year though.  I'm not sure why.  I must have been being lame.

We had a little Halloween party on the Hendrickson side and the kids had a nice low key party.
Sam eats up camera time and Landon eats up Sam or any other older boy.  
I remember when Logan was like that.
They played the game that always leaves room for the best/worst pictures of people.   
There is one out there of me somewhere that I know I don't love.

I spent one afternoon making candy meth for my costume.

I had to remove my smoke detectors even though the packaging on the fog machine claims it doesn't set off smoke alarms.  Learned that before the party luckily.
I decided to do Neve's party on Friday since my party was on Saturday
I tried a new trick on some cupcakes and they turned out marginally well.   I really hated coming home from making frosting at work to make frosting at home.  GAG!
The triplets
Neve and cousin Phoebe.   
She had more kids there but I only feel justified in posting the ones I know 
don't care that I do or the ones that are family.
Neve and Cousin Halle
Neve and cousins Kylee and Mason
Neve and cousin Axel
Neve invited Carri to her party so she came to torture the kids.  
She was here telling them they are all crazy but really they all know that she is.
My favorite part of the party was when all these 4/5 year olds were arguing over whether Utah or BYU was better.  It went on for 10 minutes and I just listened and laughed.  They have each been sufficiently brainwashed by their parents to cheer for a certain team.  Cute little Halle yelled out Utah State at one point but she was the only one voting for them.  Utah State confused Tanner though.
We saved the real baseball player for last on the Pinata and man can this kid swing.  
The cats head flew clear across the yard.
Neve really sucked at blowing out her candles.  She couldn't aim very well.

Right after her friend party I did her family party which included half of her friends 
and then their adult counterparts.
She was thrilled w/all the attention and fun toys.
On Saturday we finally let her open her gifts from us. 
 She's really into Baby Dolls all of a sudden
and just what I love, more crap in this house.  

This night my Halloween party finally comenced
I was cooking Walt and Dave was Heisenberg
Amy and I being photo bombed by Eric the red fairy
WE are sisters.  Can you see the resemblance?  
Nellie is a Meth User, I'm the cook , and Amy is trying to save our souls.
We had a pretty good spread of food
We did a really good job eating most of it too.
Sometimes I think a few people are afraid to attend my party for fear of what I might think is a fun game to make them play.  Dave is getting groovy in this one with Juan or Rico or whatever his name was.  I cannot post too many pictures here because I fear the backlash.  I know Brian has some pretty good video to use for black mail if he needs to.  Luckily for me, everyone has seen me make a complete idiot of myself so that probably would not work on me.
Halloween Day, Neve had her parade at Aunt Sands.  I was glad it was outside.  I hate it inside.  You guessed it.....too freaking hot.  My cute little Dad came to watch her since my Mom was at an appt and her other Grandparents are just not in the neighborhood right now.
My kids being the idiots they truly are
Hmmmmm....... I wonder where they get the idiot from?
And finally to the first snow of the Season.   The only sad thing about waking up to this was that Angi and the kids had spent the night here and had to cut it short to get on the road to home.  I love their Baby Golden.   She still won't give him to me but that's one of her bad traits, selfishness.
yeah, this was pretty much my worst post ever but it's hard to be perfect all the time
Really, I feel like a shovel full of poo and am off to bed w/my nyquil and hacking cough.   Maybe I should have taken the Nyquil and then posted.  That always leaves room for fun.


Lisa said...

I love that you love halloween and you share the halloween spirit with me! I could do with out halloween, but I do love the cooler weather and how messy the trees make the world look.

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