Friday, September 6, 2013

A year has passed since I wrote my note

Neve came home from school the other day and we had a half hour conversation about poop and pee.  Keep in mind it would have been longer but I had to put a stop to it.   She just wanted to be sure that she knew which foods and drinks made poop or pee.  I made the mistake of telling her that milk makes poop and pee.   I think the next 20 minutes were totally my fault.   Now she is all edumacated on urine and feces and how water is in lots of food.    The watermelon confused her though.   I'm guessing Miss Katie and Aunt Sands did NOT have this topic at preschool.  She picked up this little nugget of info all on her own.

I looked out back and had to smile.  It's almost my favorite time of year.
Nope not football season, but it does happen during the Autumn so I embrace the sport that I don't fully understand.   Po Boy football goal right heya!    Hey "A" for creativity w/the sprinkler pipes.

Logan started Jr. High and I was not dreading it like other Moms were.  I think he is really happy to be in a more grown up school (although I beg to differ on them being more mature).  He is very concerned about his hair being fixed this year (thank you girls that have a crush on him and make it known) but sadly the deodorant EVERY day is still a work in progress.
 Dave was doing pictures so I get what I get with Ella and Sam.   Ella was worried she would hate her teacher but she likes her just like I told her she would.  Sam loves his two teachers and so far has not had headaches every day like he did at the beginning of last year.

 Neve started playing soccer and she likes it a lot and it makes her feel like she is even more of a best buddy to Logan.  She loves him.  Most of these kids don't have a clue what they are doing.  It can be hard to watch after so many years of watching competitive soccer.

 We went to swim at the Harmons pool to make a surprise for someone that is in the hospital.  Ash was in a panic that Neve was out on this homemade the deep....without a life jacket on.  She was trying not to cry she was so worried.  She's definitely going to be a Mom someday.
 The boys swam for a bit but naturally migrated to a ball.  Boys and balls. (:
One night Ella came up w/this wig on and it was pretty funny until a few days later I figured out that she had tried to cut bangs in a spot on the front and they didn't work so to hide it from me she chopped off her hair clear to the scalp and then was just parting her hair farther over so I didn't see it.  When I found it she cried her poor little eyes out.   She has so much hair its not hard at all to hide but her hair is so thick I'm not sure what her plan is when an inch of growth sticks straight out.  Only time will tell.  what a dork!  and I didn't write the wrong Name was Ella, my almost 11 yr old.
Neve has taken to playing American Girl while I exercise while all the kids are at school.  This makes Ella very mad when she gets home because it is all of Ella's stuff and Neve makes a giant mess that she refuses to clean up.  It's not the playing w/her stuff that Ella hates.  She hates cleaning.  LOL
After a week home w/me by herself and being the Angel that she is when she is an only child it was time to send her to her first Day of Aunt Sands.  I let my kids dress themselves so don't judge.  I also don't buy them new school clothes at the beginning of school anymore because I don't think they need more shorts and t-shirts and the other clothes are just way too hot right now.  I will wait until they actually need cool weather clothes.  So they will be sporting their same boring summer duds on first Day of school pics from here on out.  I actually started that last year or the one before.
 This is Neve's 2nd first Day of School where she started going to Miss Katies.  She kept telling me all summer that these shoes hurt but for some reason she wants to wear them only to Miss Katies.    She's an interesting child.
 Part of her interesting is her obsession with making notes to people.  She has made Dave a birthday card every other day this week.  She doesn't care that it's not his Birthday.  She hasn't grasped the concept of putting the note on the inside of the envelope so she writes the note (or should I say makes someone else write what ever she says on the envelope---and we've all known her long enough to know we just do what she says).   Then she writes the to and from part on the paper inside.

Right now she is shopping in the Oriental Trading catalog but she's making me look at everything she wants.   UGGGHHHH!   Mom, mom, mom, mom, look, look, look, mom, mom, Helloooo, mom.
I have a headache today and she's pushing my limit.  I'm about to go hide.


The Royals said...

I love those blonde wigs on the girls. And you didn't put any Sam'isms. Is he not funny,anymore?

Lisa said...

Tan has now informed me where pee and poo comes from. Now I know where he learned it!! Yay for school!

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