Friday, August 23, 2013

Into the tub I would go....would go

 We were getting ready for our trip to Fish Lake so I got Neve and Sam some mini crappy fishing poles and my Dad decided he'd better give Logan this chair early and not for his Birthday cause he would surely NEED it at Fish Lake.   Logan sat on the back falling apart deck for an hour casting Sam's pole
 Then Neve and Sam spent a while back there too.  Who knew $12.99 poles would bring so much joy........til they broke and I had to return them.  Bought them at WalMart....need I say more?
 We traveled by Caravan which looks a little funny w/five cars and trailers.  Luckily the whole group didn't drive up the same day or it would have looked like a funeral procession or something.  Even if Dave thought he might Die having to go to Fish Lake.  It's not his first choice but he ended up liking it I think once he got there and got a few bike rides in.
Fires are sometimes nice and other times a pain (pain=boys like to play in fire)
 This was an odd little displaced bench that the kids found along the lakeshore trail
 There isn't really a ton to do at Fish Lake if you don't like to fish....which I don't but we find fun or drive to nearby places that are fun.  I will give Fish Lake high points for being gorgeous though.   My Dad loves it here so we took this trip before he gets way too super old.  He had a couple of falls in the trailer that I didn't like too much.  Pretty sure it's condos for him from here on out.  My Mom votes for that anyway (:
 Harold likes Neve and luckily he is patient and she likes him too cause he sometimes was the only one that was willing to deal w/her.    Really, she was pretty good on this trip and didn't cause much ruckus.
 I reluctantly let Ella take my camera out on the little tin fishing boat because I was still getting camp set up and didn't want to go.  I told her to take pictures.   The first picture I saw was this one and I was disappointed at the thought that there were no pics of the kids w/my Dad in the boat.
 Luckily She or Eric knew I wanted people in the pics and not just water.

 Eric was the poor first Man to be suckered into this activity.
 Samantha brought Justus and he entertained the kids by teaching them the Werewolf game that is similar to Mafia.  It's all they wanted to do after that and that got old but it was fun while it was fun.
 It seemed like we went from eating one meal right into eating another.  I luckily had the same fortune that I had at Girls Camp and came home weighing less than when I left.  I'm attempting to keep that trend going.  I just got a job making pastries though so I'm hoping that doesn't work against me.
 We went to Capitol Reef and were told the grand wash was closed but that we could enter the narrows from the other side and that it was a short 1 mile hike.  We did just that and three miles in I told Ella to send my parents back.  This was already too much for them.   I hiked up ahead to get an idea of when we would actually get to the narrows.  We were cursing the dumb girl that worked at the visitor center.  I hiked a while more and when there was no end in sight I turned back and hiked quickly to catch up w/the kids and Eric and my parents.   Much to my surprise and frustration my Dad had kept going because he "was seeing where I was going".   I reprimanded him and then had to hike 4 miles back with him.  He cannot do this at any sort of a normal pace.  He is old and has balance issues probably from Post polio.  I was worried, yet wanted to smack him at the same time for not going back w/my Mom when he should have.  He's stubborn!  Luckily Amy and Nellie and Harold caught back up to us on their way back (they got to hike in at a normal young folk pace).  Harold stayed back w/me and my Dad while we slowly meandered back.

 Eric left us a note along the trail.  He wrote jasper w/some jaspers and jasper
 Eric hiked back around the first bend and brought my Dad a Mt Dew.  I think he was about to collapse and not from lack of balance.
Later we found out that we hiked right through the Narrows and didn't know it.  What we really wanted to go see were the slot canyons but they were closed anyway because of the weather..   I guess the girl wasn't so stupid after all.   We were.  Dave said we must not have gotten our orienteering badges.

 The kids all had a great time together and getting their pictures taken

 My Mom pulled out some crafts and everyone joined in

 even the big kids.....shhhhh don't tell
 I brought tye dye and we got creative w/the camp table.  It was a big mess, especially Nellie's and Amy's hands but they turned out so good.

 Logan went out fishing w/my Dad and Harold (who was the poor sucker this time) and caught a few fish he was pretty proud of.  I cooked in some foil w/butter and he devoured it.  Not my kid.

 Susan and her Family arrived on Thursday and with her she brought photo booth props.  The kids had a blast doing this, especially Sam.  We got a few adults in on it too.

 Keenan was not a fan and we had to force photo him.
 Then some weirdo guy show up and expects us to take his photo.
Oh yeah....of course we did.  Nellie and Amy peed and the rest of us got sore abs from laughing so hard.  Hide yo wives, hide yo kids.
Me, Dave, Eric, Nellie, Amy, Harold, and Matt all drove back to Capitol Reef on Friday and did the hike to the tanks.  This would have been a much better hike for the kids and my parents.   This is a picture of the pioneer registry.  Some are not from pioneer times, just dirt bags who like to ruin things.
Amy was very scared on this part of our little journey.  
She doesn't like heights and Dave likes to mock her.

Eric and Harold were freaking Amy and Nellie out by doing stupid male things in dangerous places
I was just scared for them in the event that either one of them fell.  I've seen the burns that one accrues from falling down sand stone.  They are nasty and painful. (Travis Pearce taught me that)
No one got hurt though except maybe Matt's feelings when I told him I thought he was a polynesian.
I told him it was a compliment but I'm not sure he believed me
It's kind of sad that pictures just don't do this place justice.
Axel was playing war and he would do this every time he got a bad...or a good card.
Dave and I took Neve and bubba on a drive to get Neve to sleep.  Neve didn't sleep but apparently Adam needed a nap.  We were on like a four wheeling road so we were bouncing all over and he was sound asleep on the way there.
And on the way back
This was the other side the Lake
and I was so impressed w/my little camera's zoom ability
I could take a picture of our campsite from way over here.
hey, i'm easily impressed
Too bad Adam wore this ugly hat and sweatshirt

Matt got to be the third sucker and took the kids fishing.   That is actually when Logan caught his fish.  He hated it the first day because he didn't catch anything. So my earlier writing was untrue but I don't want to rearrange.   The day Matt went it was overcast and much better fishing.
Sarah and Sean and their kids came Friday.  Sam went fishing w/them.  Sean actually likes to fish so Sam lucked out.  He wanted to save his fish but didn't want to eat it.  Not sure what his plans were.

This is how the older boys spent the week.  Sitting around staring at each other and playing Minecraft on a note book that they would pass around.  Pioneer X-box maybe?
Neve tried to spend the week in my bed but luckily Dave took over w/that deal as usual
that sounds wrong......too much work to try to explain better.
Ella always thought the trailer was too hot while everyone else was cold.  She would sleep on top of her bag in a night gown all bare legged while my parents were shivering.
She was however lucky enough to enjoy a Grandpa style full moon that she'll never forget.
On our way back we broke off from the caravan and stopped in Gunnison to see Dave's grandparents graves and he wanted them to see where they had lived.   He told them a bunch about the good old days and luckily they are at an age where they are all still interested.   No full teenagers yet (:

I took a bazillion pictures but don't think I want them all in a blog book so I just picked these few BUT lets not forget the ones of my house once we got home.  LAUNDRY CITY!!!
Three days later I finally washed the last sleeping bag and could start real life over again.
I like that smell better anyway.

Josh comes over to hang out w/Logan and he is on crutches since he just had surgery and Neve says "Hey, I never seed you with crotches before!"


Lisa said...

I thought the sad part of the water pic was there was not a tube or ski behind it! Looks like an awesome time. My kids about died looking at the pic of Eric!

Susan Catmull said...

I didn't hear the full moon story.

Best Song lyrics ever