Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tabloid footprints in your hair

I had a tantrum the other day while brushing Neve's hair.  
She was doing her usually earsplitting screech and running away while I was trying to do her hair
I packed her in the car and drove to Great Clips
Not my usual haircut place but I was desperate for something NOW
 She still cries when I brush her hair because she says when I brush it, it makes her look like "an idiot".   I'm not sure what she means by that.   She is struggling a bit to get used to it touching her neck but I don't have to suffer so long combing out the tangles.

I did a lesson on Temple ordinances so I decided to be an overachiever (hope I don't offend myself) and make some little hankie dresses.  At the same time I was doing some little pens for girls camp.  I think Dave must have thought I was possessed by something.  All these crafts in one day.  I was pretty proud of my little dresses.
 We finally took the poor sad neglected boat out and decided to give Jordanelle a whirl.  Dave always says its so windy there.   It couldn't have been a better day and calmer water.  Poor Dave trusted that and went a week later to battle the wind.   Ella finally decided to try the knee board.  She is a bit of a chicken but when she got on the ski trainer it kind of sunk because she is waaaay too old for it.  Most people struggle to get up a little and use their elbows the inch their way up.  Not this strong swimmer chick.  I think she was pretty proud of herself and Dave was so happy to be one inch closer to retiring the trainer.
 We got to have 2 of the 4 Pettersson children for the week
The three schmucks!!!
 Dave teaching Jamin.  Chipper pretended to listen when Dave taught him.
 It was hard to get Jamin back in the boat.  He loved it!
 The girls really only like the Tube.....and the beach
 I think Sam, Tanner, and Ash ended up trying the kneeboard.  No Luke though.  He's not a man that will be talked into things.
 Then a tragedy for Matt and Angi made them have to make their way here for yet another funeral but we got the luck of getting to know Baby Golden.  I kinda liked him!
 The kids did too but he's still a bit boring for kids since he just lays there.
 Logan had a Park City Tournament and they got to the semi finals but were sad when they lost and were out.   I didn't want them to be out but I was glad to be able to not spend the day in Park City waiting for the next game.   I had just spend a week at Heber Valley camp w/the YW and I was ready for a little home time.

 We took the kids to Sugarhouse BBQ company at its new location.   I did enjoy someone else making my food and the food there is awesome.  We got bread pudding and a brownie Sundae after and the kids were like wolves eating it.  It was a little embarrassing.  Luckily we were in our own little cove and no one could see them ravaging. 

 The working age at our house just keeps getting younger and younger.  My kids do work in safe conditions though.  No building collapses on my underage workers.
she really does test these properly too and it's pretty cute.

Sam is flexing and sucking in his stomach: "I got like a zero pack!"
Sam :"Neve how do you do the winky eye like that?"
Neve:"Jesus just made me like this"


Best Song lyrics ever