Friday, July 19, 2013

Willy goes into a dance and doubles on kazoo

I'm playing a little Creedence on Pandora and Logan says "what the crap is this?" and then proceeds to dance around like he's riding a horse.   I have failed in my parenting if my kids think CCR is country.... 

We have been a busy bunch this last month so I haven't taken the time to blog.  Now it's a bit much but I will go for it anyway.  First off was Youth Conference and we took the youth to Manti for the Pageant and then to Palisades for some swimming.  I didn't add many photos of this since we have over 500 but this one was memorable for me because I had never heard of Ghetto ball before this trip. I think they made it up as they went along but its like mini baseball but w/tin foil ball and a flip flop.  The youth played this for hours and I watched them for about as long.  I'm easily entertained.
On the way there we introduced some of the youth to the Dark Crystal.   They really think movies have come a long way and I wish we would have kept a log of the things they were saying like "is this like Avatar?"

One of those moments where you just smile.  She was upset and he was consoling her.      

Right after returning I had to pack to get Ella and myself ready to go to Missoula for her swim meet.  It was kind of boring for me but she had a great time and I took some time to exercise and take in some scenery.  The Hotel we stayed in was a dump and I hated the smell in it but I survived.
There was a waterpark connected to the swim meet so that was fun for Ella between events.

 I was sort of a dumbo and signed Ella up for a meet that was the day after we got home from Montana.  Luckily it was a mini meet and was just in American Fork.  I'm not sure about her but I am ready for a break from swim meets for a bit. (:

Logan had a teenager day where he fell asleep on the couch after engaging me in an argument.  I'm usually pretty patient but sometimes he likes to test my levels.
 Winnie has had too many trips to the Vet for her various dental, medical treatments and after we got home the second day in a row she just wouldn't get out of the car and no longer trusts me.
 It took me an hour to clean up the dog hair.  Gag, how do people let dogs travel around w/them?
She now is the winner of the most medications in the house.  Lucky me gets to give her all these treatments, pills, jam, and jellies.
 Neve got a little missionary badge at church and proceeded to tape it on her shirt.  I'm not sure how to break it to her that I will have to wash that shirt and neither the tape or badge will make it through.

 Someone stole one of my favorite advisors and the cutest little boy.  Now maybe the YW will start giving me all their compliments.  LOL   Although I'm pretty sure she won't be mistaken for a primary kid in her new calling. 
 We went to the Magna parade again this year and sat near the beginning of the parade which makes for a much better experience as far as parades go.  Not so much for the people watching.  These people were all normal looking.   So glad the Bringhursts saved us a spot and it was in the prime position to see Chad Simons and his kids on the Fire truck.  That seriously made my day

 For the fourth we were lucky that Brian has good ideas and we went to the BYU soccer game and then watched the stadium of fire from right outside the field.   This lady in this pic is posing for my picture I think but the girl behind her may be having a seizure or something.  People make me laugh.


 My cutie pie mini Sam made it on a competition team even if he doesn't excel at size.  He far outshines them on in confidence (once again thanks to Dave).  
 Speaking of Dave I have had a major frustration lately w/people acting like he is a snob because he is confident.  I have been reminded that its just people that are insecure that feel this way because they wish they were more confident.  He is just 100% guy too and not interested in pleasantries or small talk and prefers not to talk if he doesn't have something real to talk about.  But boy, once he has something real to say, look out cause he talks for a long time and he's louder than every one else except Lisa so good luck (She can hold her own and I love it).  I hear a lot of men that talk about other people and complain and bad mouth others and am really glad Dave is not like that.  I'm surprised by the number of men that are gossipy.  I thought that was the ladies department.  He's very loyal to those he knows well but doesn't seek out new relationships much.  I do all the work there.  I like people first and tend to start to not like them as I get to know them if they aren't too nice but he starts out not liking people and begins to like them as he gets to know them or dislikes them even more.  LOL
I'm sorry if people don't like his confidence and are intimidated by it but Its one of the main things that attracted me to him (and makes me want to smack him sometimes) and I am so so happy he has it to teach our kids.  Confidence makes life much easier to live and more enjoyable I think.  The younger 3 were born with it but we are having to try to suck my nature out of Logan to insert more of Dave in that area.   Okay off that rant. 

 I took the triplets to a super rainy soccer tournament and they stowed away under the back of some strangers umbrella to wait out the storm.  It made me laugh.
 Sam went to a b-day party for one of his soccer teammates.  He had tons of fun and I wish these cute little cousins lived closer to us.  They are just really good little boys.  I could steal them all.
 Neve is into hut making which in itself is a fine hobby but the locations she chooses are just not very convenient.   The hallway leading from the front door and bedrooms to the kitchen.  High traffic area as it is called.  She tries to sleep in here at night too but always decides its too uncomfortable.

Sam got a bug bite that makes him look like he boxes for a living and then that same day he broke his big toe.   Soccer training is not doing him well.
I'm ready for it to be over too.  I need a break from these kids activities for a minute before school starts and all their seasons begin again.

I now have girls camp rapidly approaching and hopefully a surprise for my kids on Sunday in the form of two boys that they love staying at our house for a week (;  I guess I better inform Dave of this little plan.  Not that he cares, we all know I'm the boss of this house.

Logan is bothering Neve and Sam says "Don't cause problems in her already miserable life!"


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