Sunday, June 16, 2013

Give me a scotch. I'm starving.

Sam's last day at School w/his teachers.  They were singing cute little spanish songs but a lady w/twin boys couldn't keep control of her kids and didn't have enough sense to take them out so it was pretty hard to hear.  The twins were a very hard age, I get that but she still should have taken them out.

Maestra Villegas
Mrs. Crump

Logan and Neve proudly displaying their Leis
Dave did the Boise 1/2 Iron Man on Saturday
I think he is crazy even if I take pills for being crazy
It was quite a hike up to the start and we thought we would get Angi to go into labor but we were unsuccessful.  Maybe I should have had her carry Neve too.
Dave was in the green cap group. 

A few green capped people were brought back to land by wave runners and I anxiously watched hoping they weren't Dave.  Although I know all too well that Dave is too stubborn to not finish what he starts.  I like that trait.

Matt was the only one willing and patient enough to hold Neve. Either that or Dave had started the race and I was gone and Angi has lack of lap.  Who knows for sure.
Neve waiting on the Bridge to see her Dad run by
These dumb boys drank their whole drink at the bottom of the hike.  But I love this picture.  At the top Sam said "boy that was the hardest hike I have ever done....well, and the only hike."

The girls waited so patiently (minus Neve) every time we waited to see Dave
The boys also waited but not so patiently (and Chipper and Logan like to argue over dumb games)
This was a rare moment where Matt relaxed.
Matt was so funny to keep checking on Dave but maybe he was leaving just to get away from the kids. I am pretty sure he was the most anxious of the bunch.  I love how supportive of Dave he is.  He is so motivated by this that he is jumping from not running at all straight to a marathon.  I will have to be there for that.  I hope he gets a straight!
The kids all surrounded Dave at the end and Angi had to tell them to back off to give him space.  It was pretty cute.  He only collapsed once after the race trying to step up a curb.  He used to tell me he  lovescharlie horses, now he takes that back.

He wasn't satisfied with his time and was sad that he had no legs after the bike ride.  That is probably because he killed it on his bike ride.   Regardless of how he feels about it, we were pretty proud.  
We took all the kids home after the long day and let them have pizza so we could go out to Mexican with just adults.  Angi and I had our fill of wrangling kids.  It was a win win!   It's so nice when some are old enough to tend.  At the end of the day we all felt just how Atti looks in this picture but I am sure Dave was the most worn out w/Angi one step behind that.
Leading up to race day we did some fun things and got a chance to see The Petterssons new house coming along nicely.   Their current house is just too small.  The kids barely had enough space to sleep.  LOL
I should have taken a picture of this room, it makes this picture funny. 
Dave and I took all the kids while Angi did some much needed choosing of tile etc. for the house
 We went and let him do a little trial swim and then a bike ride while I took the kids to this little patch of paradise.  I'm pretty sure this was the beginning of my blistery lips.
This picture of the boys is my favorite and reminds of of the shrinkage Seinfeld episode.  I probably don't have to say it but the water was really cold and their built in thermometers were going off.                                   
Angi thought this photo was quite a feat for me to have taken.  I realized she was right.  7 kids in the water all together in one photo and I didn't even tell them to stand there.  Backs of heads but hey beggars can't be choosers.  I suck at photo taking even when its planned.

We went to Matt's cousin Tommy's house and swam in his pool which made me super jealous.  I want one.  I also want some shade in my backyard but I suppose one day that will come.  I'll be patient.  I'm never jealous of hot tubs though....I hate hot!

We had a great time and are really glad we have such great friends.  I think our kids all have a major case of lack of sleep though.   I wished a little that Angi would have gone into labor Saturday so I could have gotten a peek at the new Baby.  She likes her babies well done though so I will have to wait.

I made spinach quiche for dinner and made one w/spinach and one w/out.  Ella said why did you put spinach in it, its gross.  Dave said "it's healthy and makes you strong, did you know Popeye eats spinach?"   All the kids look at Dave like he's an alien and Ella says "Who's Popeye?"   Dave and I start laughing and they are all like "what's so funny?"


Lisa said...

People with crying twins sure makes peoples life miserable. I am glad I never was put in that situation for 8 minutes in a sunken submarine!! That would be really embarrassing!
Dave is a crazy man. That is all I can say. And Our Dear Sweet Matt he is just the concerned supportive guy. Remember him fretting over Angi? He feels the same for Dave. So cute. I really think it is super awesome!

Lisa said...

I forgot "do you feel good about having a good time while he is out there suffering?"

Best Song lyrics ever