Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now old Mr. Johnson had troubles of his own.

I'm taking a bit of a risk blogging today since there is a lot that is bugging me about people right now.  I will try to reign it in and not be mean.  LOL

We skipped out on the last day of school so that Dave could have an extra day between driving and having to do his Iron Man.  Apparently we are lucky we got to miss the 6th grade celebration.

You know what, I'm in no mood to talk about the Iron man.  I tried but I give up!

I deactivated my FB account because that along w/many other things are affecting my mood and I don't want other people being retards to affect how I feel.   So I suppose I went back old school and am keeping my nose out of other peoples business.  I wasn't much involved in FB anyway but when I was I wanted to swear at people.   I'm giving myself a time out.    It's not really anyone elses concern what I am doing and when and with whom and I don't really care about theirs either.  I don't mean that in a rude way.  The people I want in my life daily I make happen and the people that aren't either aren't because I don't care for their company that much or that distance or circumstance prevent it.  I feel no closer to that group by knowing what pics they like or what candy crush score they just got.
I go back and forth sometimes w/FB and I suppose curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.  I'm not sure the cat is the one that suffers from it.   Last time I took a break from the beast I remember it being a very serene enjoyable time for me.

My Mom pointed out that last time we had a family get together everyone had their nose in their phone and there was no, non phone interrupted conversation.  She really thought that was a big problem so I watched it happen the next time we got together and it was truly sad to watch.   I've decided to not be one of those people that rudely has my attention on my phone rather than the real live people right in front of me.    Some friends and I were talking last night and one mentioned that he noticed how often the time stamp on FB posts is during sacrament meeting.  hmmmm

Anyway, I liked facebook to see pics of big events, new babies, engagements, new homes, exciting news, life events and stuff like that but otherwise, what a waste I have made of some of my time.

I have a hard time not letting jerky people get to me.  Disrespect gets under my skin the quickest.   I try to be respectful to people even when I think they are totally dumb but the second I even sense an ounce of disrespect my instincts kick in and I have to really try to control myself from unleashing.

My pet peeves in no particular order (and i fully expect all my friends to comment using all my pet peeves cause they are all funny) even though I am positive I have done this before.  I need this vent to move on.  Then I will go exercise, do some deep breathing and let it all go.

~Hating people because of their social status....such as thinking you are better than others
~Making comments in seriousness about someones racial background......we all know where I live so I'm talking Mexican or any sort of Hispanic hatred.    Just curious if they realize they wouldn't be in a nice comfortable home w/out these people they so openly and ignorantly loathe.  Even if you move North, South, or East your house was still built by one.  You are no different than the hatred so long ago that made one color of people not allowed to have to same rights as NO, No they are not all illegal.
~Leaving all your crap out and in the open and your garages wide open and then complaining when someone steals it............really?  Totally complain if you are broken into and robbed but leaving it out on the front lawn is just asking for it.  People steal things and they always will.  Use your head.
~People who think life is so much better somewhere else.....always.....and are never happy w/what they currently have.  I think we may all do this a little but I'm not talking those people.
~People who say its easy for me to say that because I live in a big house w/a big yard and my husband owns his own company and is independently rich...........I hope the sarcasm is caught there.
~People who think that owning your own company makes you available to do anything anytime and that you have so many PERKS and that you are independently rich.    Obviously they have never been in the situation and have no clue!!!!
~People who don't have a clue! but act like they do
~People who think everything happens to them and it has nothing to do w/the choices they make or the work/or lack thereof they put in.
~People that complain that they are poor all the time.
~People that say how "busy" they are all the time.
~People that don't even attempt to take care of their yard.    I have to look at that crap.  Go get a condo if you can't do basic yard maintenance.  OR a Mexican to do your dirty work.
~People who have no pride of ownership and don't take care of their house.  Same issue as before, I have to drive by and see what looks like garbage to me.  I don't like it.

I do like when people tell me their pet peeves though, I think that is kind of fun.  I also am not annoyed by people who tell me how annoying they find other people....phew good thing on that one or I'd have to start hating myself again.  ha ha

Okay so I just caught my own drift of why I am staying away from social situations right now......I think I am irritated by People and my lips are covered in fever blisters so I look even more mean that usual and hardly talk which makes that worse than normal.  Plus I just heard that I am intimidating naturally.(:   I don't like that, how does one go about changing that?  besides smiling more.


Chad said...

I have been so busy lately but I decided it was time to catch up on all the blogs. I am sad that I am not in your life more regularly because I see now that it means you don't want us there. We are neither far away or under difficult circumstances. Too bad for us I guess.

Hendricksonblog said...

You kind of are far away actually & I feel like I interact w u fairly regularly that u wouldn't feel like that was even remotely directed at u. Remember you left fb for a while too. Lol

Lisa said...

These pet peeves are just as fun to listen to as say crumbs, or old mattresses!!! I have many if not all of your pet peeves too. Unfortunately we are some of those people whose lawn looks like death, but hopefully we FINALLY have it figured out and we can stop peeving you (and me!!) P.S- I liked this post. And I am still FB free!! There is something in us humans to like to know who the whats it of peoples life, and too much is just well too much.

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