Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fasta daddy fasta

The Aviary in my back yard woke me up at 5 a.m. today.......I like birds but at that hour, just like kids they should be seen and not heard.  

Time is flying by and I hope it sloooooows down a little for summer although I have a suspicion it won't.  A lot of fun things to look forward to but I've mostly got my eye on October (:  What's not to love about that month?

Neve's first ride on the tidal wave.  She hated it!

May has had a whirlwind of activities for us, okay mostly our kids.....we aren't that important.
Logan had his band concert where he proudly plays the drums and we still get to hear the clarinets honk but I'm so happy this year to know its not my kid.

Logans class went to Kingsbury Hall and watched a Polynesian show and there was even a fire dancer.  No Lava Flows though, bummer.  Heather F. and I later talked about how we both had our eye on the curtains and the nearest exit in case of incident......we are definitely Moms.

Later that week Ella's class went to the Zoo.  It was fun and especially nice that it was cool weather.  When we first loaded the buses I thought I would die though because they were so hot and the bux driver was a window Nazi.  I ignored his request and put all the windows down in the back anyway.....I'm rebellious like that
 Neve had her dance and tumbling recital which was three days in a row because of two rehearsals and that was a bit much for me............she handled it fine but I really don't like all those little kids w/all that makeup on.  It bugs me.  They don't need it.    There are tons of nice Moms there and I like a lot of people but I can't shake my natural feeling to want to curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth.  I've seen too many shows or something and I very much fear getting trapped in Dance Mom Hell (in this scenario that is not swearing....its a real place).  I didn't take pics of that because I bought the video and watched instead. 
Neve Phoebe Axel

We dug up the Harmons whole backyard and still didn't find the gold at the end of this rainbow.  I think it may be my first rainbow where I could see the whole thing.  Weird.

Logan had his last soccer game of the season and they Won and then they had a team soccer party at the park where parents played.  I did not, because I wore flip flops and I didn't want to make them all look bad w/my major soccer skills.  It was pretty fun to watch all the Dads cheating....
 Ella had her first long course meet of the season at Kearns and is getting ready for the summer swim schedule.  She took some more seconds off of a 100 but I had to leave for YW so Dave got to be there for that.  He's a better cheerleader anyway.  I'm too quiet to be a cheerleader.  I have all the moves though.......just didn't make the team cause I don't like to yell.....LOL
 Last Saturday we had a great time at a fundraising carnival for a family in our neighborhood who has a daughter that is very ill.  It was very well organized and was very successful.

Sam's still playing the rest of his season @ West United and rocking all the other teams worlds but he will try out for a pre-comp team this Saturday because he wants to play more.  I think he will play up an age but he will be muy pequeno playing up. 

Dave is neck deep into his half iron man's next saturday.  He's been having a love affair w/this new bike since he got it and I think he finally has her just like he wants her.   Maybe now we can catch up on some things on the DVR.

I'm knee deep into our wards Youth summer activities and the water is rising very rapidly.  I'm going to enjoy all my youth and leaders while they are at my disposal cause I'm pretty sure there is a raging storm about to upset the apple cart of our Ward.  I have no inside knowledge, just a hunch. 
Does anyone else really really love to speculate about callings in their ward?  I love to do it.  It's fun to try to decide others fates.   I hear people say not to do that but I don't see harm in it as long as you don't go sharing your guesses or guess based on inside knowledge and then blab.

     For Memorial Day Ella went w/my Parents and Adam, Chloe, Daphne, Faye, and Phoebe to Eureka and then to Santaquin.  This is a tradition that we always had growing up.  My Dad loves to take long drives and his living family causes too much trouble when you see them so we get our fill by visiting the ones that can't talk..j/k...kinda.     It is such a good memory for me and Ella has taken a spot in this tradition and loves it and I love that she loves to go w/them.  This year they took a special concerned interest in all the babies that had died and Ella was also concerned about the ones that died in the War.  I love her heart!  
    The rest of us went to Heber to BBQ at Heathers.  We talked to Clyde and Norma on Skype and played a game that Luke bought called KUBB.   The boys LOVED it so much that there is a package from fed ex on my porch right now that contains that game.  Sam and Logan pooled their resources and bought it.  Sam is having a harder time w/the idea that now all his money is gone.
Logan has been very perplexed the last few weeks on how someone doesn't like bread.  It bothers him and I think may keep him up at night.
Neve is very concerned as to why everyone says Luke before Tanner and told me that might make Tanner feel bad.

Everything that happens these days that Neve talks about relates to Jesus wanting people to do that or that Jesus doesn't like people to do that.  Like Jesus likes us to call Sams teachers Ms. and Mrs. and that's why we call them that.  Jesus also likes us to wear a jacket when it is cold outside.  Jesus doesn't want our teeth to get cavities so we need to brush our teeth.   I think I like this Jesus fellow. (:


The Royals said...

I think that I will say Tanner and Luke to make Neve feel better. I really like Jesus, too.

Lisa said...

Man my kids are causing your kids all sort of heartache over there. What with the no bread, "Tanner and Luke" and not finding the gold. We better find something real nice to do for everyone to make up for all this worry!!

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