Friday, May 10, 2013

Singin' sweet songs Of melodies pure and true,

 Logan's first time doing Baptisms.  I got a little tear in my eye.
I was also pretty proud when he was killing it at answering scripture questions.  When I told him I was shocked he knew so much he said "Well you can thank Sister Newman (his last primary teacher)".   I promptly called her and did just that.
 Axel trying to puke while not in my car, but wasn't successful until he got back into my car /; 
Sadly Nellie had Sam a few days later and he didn't make it out of her car either.  He got her car worse and I felt bad about that.  It started a week long illness for poor Sammy slick.
 I was trying to take photos of a kid that I felt looked like a Filipino version of Jamin and I'm pretty sure these Mom's caught me!!!    I was a little scared.
 Watching a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds getting pictures taken is kind of hilarious!

 I started taking Neve on some walks to Target rather than driving and I really enjoy looking down through the plastic window to see her little lady crossed legs,  it's my favorite.
 I brought a stray home the other night from the church (it was actually in the church).  I was a kitten w/a little pink collar.  I never checked but I assumed it was a girl.  I was going to take it to the animal shelter but Sam stayed home sick so I called them to come pick it up.  It took them five hours to get here.  It gave me enough time to cure myself of wanting a kitten (see above photo).  
 This is what I see in my head every time Neve Yells.  Thanks Yolanda for making me be able to laugh while my littlest makes ME want to yell yell yell.
 These are two of the 100 random photos my kids took while messing around w/my camera.  And, I wonder why I need a new one so often.  I thought these were Logans legs because the angle makes them look bigger but then I saw his birthmark and now I know who to get after for getting fingerprints on the lens.

 I have many pics of me helping my Mom w/the dishes, old school style.  I decided to take one of Neve, her first time helping do that type of dishes.   I still think I got more water on myself and all surrounding surfaces than she did.   Whenever I do dishes now I always think about when I was doing a funeral luncheon and poor Katie hadn't been warned about steering clear of my while engaged in a water activity and I dumped a pan of ham water in her dress shoes.   I do still feel sorry about it but it makes me laugh too much to let my sorrow show.

 Ella learned how to do fondant last night at Activity Days and had a great time.  We like to use Sarah's talents to help us w/our callings. (Nellie is one of Ella's leaders).

This is  a random post w/random pictures but that is really how this last month is going besides the normal routine things that I don't talk much about because that is really boring and I'm not sure I care to remember each soccer game, dance class, swim meet etc.
I normally hate spring but man, these last two days could stay for months and I would love it, especially my green lawn and all the baby birds that are learning to fly in the backyard.  Winnie has a kennel but I have let her out into the yard (I let her do whatever right now w/the excuse that she is old) so that the birds could take over her virginia creeper encased kennel to make love children.
Now I need to go read up on how to get said birds to stay away from my grapes and mullberries.  I can house the brothel but not the soup kitchen. (All they get here is birdseed.....I'm nice like that)

 Random Convo

Samuel going on and on about an iceberg.  Neve, "oh I know what an ice bird is Sam, it's a penguin."  Sam then informed her he was saying ICE-BERG not BIRD.   I still thought it was clever of her.

Taking a walk to Target w/Neve.  We pass a giant pile of poo on the sidewalk.  Neve says"ooh gross dog poop" and i say "that is not dog poop it's horse poop".  She says "Why was someone taking their horse for a walk." Like that was the dumbest thing she ever heard.  I said "no they were probably riding the horse."  She said "you know who rides a horse, a cowboy but, Mom why do they call it a cowboy?"   I told her I didn't know and she said "they should call it a horseboy and a horsegirl."   She does have a point!


Best Song lyrics ever