Monday, April 15, 2013

I've got my back against the record machine

I don't really love turning Easter into a Christmas even and it really surprises me how busy the toy stores are but when I found something I really wanted to give one of them, I had to make it even right?

Winnie didn't get new Easter clothes but I don't take a lot of pictures of her so I thought I would document her with her old age looks going on.  Lots of gray.   We love this pup.  I'm even such a sucker I've started letting the kids give her table scraps too.  Might as well, Neve already fattened her up by sneak feeding her 3 times a day.  Old age should be enjoyed and if food is your thang than food it is!
 Hmmmm......can anyone say Minecraft induced coma?
 I got a new mat for the trampoline and the kids are acting like they have never been on one before.  Two of them stayed home not feeling well today and its cold outside so they just take blankets out to jump.  Heaven forbid putting warmer clothes on instead.
I never added my Easter pictures so here they are
It was a momentous occasion.  No one was trying to get out of the picture this year
Don't be fooled by Neve looking like she was kind of crying.  That is just one of her personalities.

 Sam who wouldn't have his picture last year somehow thinks this year is a photo shoot, just of him!  He might be a little right.  He's a ham!

 This was Logan best GQ he could muster.  He struggles!
 Nellie decided that Sam looks like the mailman in these shorts with his church socks and shoes.   Keep in mind, I did get him gray pants but he was pulling a stubborn and I didn't really give a crap this morning so he wore shorts to church.   Well on him they are a little like man capris anyway.

When ever we ask Sam a question he answers by saying "I believe" before he answers such as where is my phone Sam "I believe I left it downstairs".    He's an odd little duck or shall I say patito raro.

Neve: "I don't like hot"
Sam: "then you're not a true mexican"

Neve:  "Mom, you know what would be weird?....If Dad was a Mom"

Neve:  "Mom, how do moms get pregnant?"   Okay so I am not weird or uncomfortable with talking to my kids about this but she is FOUR!   So I say "A Dad and a Mom have to make the baby together."   She is satisfied with that answer I think and then she says, "I know but HOW does the Mom get pregnant?" I answer her with the sperm and the egg and them meeting and then I wait and hold my breath......................she moves on, it satisfied the curiosity....for now.


The Royals said...

Phew!! Safe on the sex talk, for now.

Heidi Brown said...

I thought Sam was so cute in his shorts and church socks... love that kid!

Lisa said...

Those are great pics of your kids at Easter. I thought the pic of The Dog was about the pic of the running shoes. You can tell where my mind is! Its funny The Talk begins much younger for girls than boys. Its all the roll playing maybe!

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