Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We are the ones that make a squishy mess, so watch where you walk.

It's already been almost a month since I last posted.  I swear January and February went so slow and now it's suddenly April. 
Here's a crap recap of what's been going on around here.  
The part I remember anyway.
Oh yeah and Matt is the only one who will know this song from the post title cause "he was in my class"
I got older (37 now)
I got a fancy new treadmill from Dave and the kids.  I suppose my other one being as old as my oldest and as noisy as my youngest has lived its life.
On the night of my Birthday I came in my room to see this little gift.
 Every Mom deserves one Ella
No offense other Moms, but I got it right here in writing 
"Best Mom in the WHOLE world"
 Oh and dear little Neve is lucky to have the BEST dad in the whole world.  
This picture is definitely a keeper.
 I've been assisting in a little color remodeling and some moving
 with snippits of screwing around mixed in
once for Ella's Clogging competition to Pocatello
(man that is a crap town and p.s. I hate Applebees food I decided)
The second time to visit the Petterssonottesons
and to let Dave do the trial bike portion of his half
Iron Man he is doing in June
too bad the weather didn't cooperate for him to do that
The kids hardly seemed phased that he didn't get to do that though
they just had fun playing together
I enjoyed my Sunday of preaching of the Holy Scriptures from Matt and I like to practice my dirty looks on someone who can actually compete w/me in that department.  Sometimes he wins.  
Angi and I smoked Marijuana and held hands the whole week. 
That was nice!

 These kids may have suffered a little second hand smoke

 Could Logan look More 80's?......seriously.

Got some much needed haircuts for the boys

Homeless, no Mother

Sad and unloved
Cut his hair and his mouth grew 10 sizes

 Daily I fight off the urge to puke from looking at this lizard in my kitchen window  
I seriously almost always feel nauseous when I look at it.  Mostly the worms it eats.
I'm not sure if Logan will be allowed to ever go to scout camp again if he brings home pets.  It's like Nellie when we used to deliver newspapers.  She used to come home an hour after me w/either a new pet or a newspaper bag full of fruit she picked from someones trees.
Lisa and I pulled off the 4th annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and it was fairly successful.
Only around a thousand eggs this year (I think) and only one person that I know of that treated it like a city egg hunt and let her kids go wild taking all the eggs w/no regard for anyone else.  Next year I will follow her around and take eggs out of their buckets as she loads them in.  Don't worry, if you are reading this, it's not you that I am talking about.  We also did the Gold and Silver eggs differently that made parents unable to cheat.  Man, adults are ridiculous sometimes!   Tennis elbow and tying baggies do not mesh well.  Also bowling does not either, I did that today and I am in some pain now.  Was it worth it? Probably not.  Will I do it again?  Probably.

I enlisted a new Carri to help Neve this year.  The kids love her. 
 Cowboys do too!
Dave and Logan were in Vegas at a basketball tournament and there is no way I can help any kids look for eggs.  Being in charge of prizes is a very important job you know.  Anyway I have a pretty good deal w/my free Nanny and just like all Nannies the kids like her better than me anyway.  I pay her in home cooked meals.  It's a good deal on both accounts.
Oh yeah, and then there was Easter.........to be cont................


Angi said...

My favorite part would have to be about your treadmill being as old as your oldest and as loud as your youngest. Hilarious! However, I'm pretty sure that there is no inside equipment that can rival your youngest.
I also loved the part about your dirty looks competition. You two really are quite the match.
Honestly though, I'm still scratching my head about us smoking marijuana and holding hands all weekend. I know that I should get this inside joke seeing as how I'm a part of it, but my brain took the day (or year) off. No surprise.

debbie said...

Ha! Pocatello really is a crappy town. Darrell lived there for a while and he still hates it to this day. The only good thing about it is that he was introduced to the church. We loved the Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks to you and Lisa for pulling it off every year.

Natalie said...

Poor little hobo boys. I'm glad you cut their hair and started loving them again.

Smoking marijuana and holding hands all weekend? You were in my town?

Love the wall love with your shadow man.

Susan Catmull said...

Everytime I try to comment it kicks me out. I finally figured out my password(yes I'm an idiot). Over the years I think I've tried to comment like 20 times. So bravo to all your posts!!!!!

Lisa said...

The pic of Carri looks like she is trying to mount the wall! It is an amazing paint job. This was a highly hilarious post! Keep it up.

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