Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh, doctor, doctor, is this love, I'm feeling?

I realized today that the Dr.'s might have something right.  You know how they say (about foods) if you keep having your kids try something enough they soon grow to like it?   Well look at this little gem of a friendship 4 years in the making.
She decided that she was not afraid of her anymore and went out in the Garage for two hours today to mother her.  Neve isn't scared of the garage, now if we can only get Ella to realize that the garage is not scary.  She hates to be the last one left in here when we get home from anywhere.  I purposely hurry sometimes just to give her a little adrenaline rush of fright.

I've had mild paranoia about my last post but have been feeling so crappy I haven't had as much time to self loathe.  Ha ha.  The Dr. put me on some anti migraine pills that you take daily and I have felt horrible on them and I think they were giving me migraines.  If only you could have your head lopped off but not die.  That would be helpful (like boob pressing from 3 year olds while breast feeding).
I'm feeling really good and happy I gave the "quack" a whirl.   She's quite beneficial and really everyone could use one.  In my opinion.   We are all a little whacked so there's no sense in anyone pretending any more that they aren't.   It's not all the talking though,  the right little pill makes a big difference in the world of loonies.

I have had such a weird few weeks of realization about a lot of things.  I am very emotional about my nephew who is getting treatment for severe depression.  It has changed who he is and now with the right treatment that little boy that Dave and I used to drag around w/us everywhere that has withdrawn into himself over the years is coming back.    It just makes me think so much about fighting for and not giving up on the people you care about.   I am such a believer in using medicine and professionals to help with the things we just don't know how to fix.  People are too proud and suffer because of it.   It makes me sad.

 I have been trying to spend more time one on one talking to Logan.  The kid likes me right now and I don't know that it will last (he's almost a teen) so I'm trying to cram as much in while I have a captive audience.  We worked on his project the other day for several hours and it actually turned out pretty good for a non artistic Mom and we had fun.  I thought of this little project randomly while typing about him because he has an amazing teacher this year and I love her.  She gets him doing things like dancing in the halls and performing in plays......and GASP  Controlling his temper like a master.   She calls me often to talk to me about him and she cries and I cry and she tells me how much she likes him but likes to keep me in the loop of issues that are going on.  Did I say I love her?
She told me a story today that Logan has been trying to be a friend to a kid that no one likes and It made me so proud because to be honest I never saw him being a kid that would do something like this (Ella, of course...him....shocked and very proud).  

Just to keep things super random, I just started watching Madmen and I LOVE IT!   Perfect to run on my new treadmill to (Thanks Dave-he knows the way to my heart)


The Royals said...

I am right there with you when you say that we need to use doctors and medicines, and not giving up on the people we love. I have 2 in my tiny family that I worry about constantly. It is nice to have modern medicine to overcome issues that I wouldn't even begin to know how to deal with.

Brian said...

I cant believe Neve and that dog!!! That is amazing!! I need my kids to come over and hang out!! Love the castle. Hopefully Utah for us will look as good!!
Crazy is as crazy does!

debbie said...

Thanks for talking about mental illness. It affects my family very closely. The latest "diagnosee" is my 6-year old niece with OCD. With it running in my family and Darrell's, I figure it's a matter of time before one of my kids has to deal with it. But thankfully I know to keep an eye out for it and that meds work wonders.

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