Friday, January 18, 2013

Shot by a flaming Arrow

 I have no idea who or what has taken over around here but it certainly isn't April w/a dog in the laundry room.  Where am I?    I'm in here somewhere and trying to make my way back out.
The dog was showered and left in here and the next morning it was a carpeted laundry room.  IN dog hair that is.  D.I. scusting!   I do not know how people have dogs in their house.   Sorry if you do!  I cannot handle it.   After taking several hours to completely decontaminate my laundry room I went to Target, forked over some cash, and bought a space heater for her to go back out into the garage where I care a little less about a hairy mess.  She's old and I have a soft spot for her but that was beyond my compassion.
 Dave tried his hardest to beat Logan on the One direction song but Logan still kills them all.  Dave is a better dancer than Logan though but the Kinect doesn't recognize all those terrible white boy moves and he still gets the points for effort.  I love that Sam is the wrong way.  I feel his pain.  This is why I was sitting on the couch laughing rather than playing.  It would have resembled me in Step Aerobics and would have ended in swear words.  I was laughing so hard.  If I were my sisters I would have peed.  But I am not, so, I didn't.
 This is some high energy fun right here!  RISK, are you serious boys?  Talk about a boring New Years Eve game but at least they didn't try to play w/us right.  It was nice to have older kids that can just entertain themselves and hardly need us to help them.  We could just pretend to not be parents and enjoy some adult game time for a while.  It seems like it has been a while since we could do that.
 I love the triplets doing the Dance.  They are still so small the Kinect can't see them very well.
I really like the adult three some dancing but I will Youtube that instead.  Ha ha
 Neve calls this picture "creepy eyes" in a howly haunty voice
Why take the red eye out when its so much easier to just leave it in?
 Matt and Dave always have to have a little private moment any time we get together. 
 I like to photo it!
 I made these guys some waffles to send them on their way back to Idaho
Until next time you crazy fools..............................


Angie said...

Thats funny you call it "private time!" My dogs are still outside with their water frozen. I have enough dog hair in my house with them outside dogs all the time. I am so hating this winter.
I have never been able to play risk but the boys in my house sure love it, but they are nerds.

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