Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Counting all de ripples on de sea

Logan has a great teacher this year.  I call her great mainly because she dances to the beat of her own drum.  She also truly cares about these kids.  She lets the kids write on their desks w/dry erase which is a no no but I think she doesn't see why so she doesn't follow that rule.  I am a fan of that.  If I don't think a rule has any basis I am not one to follow it either.  She has been reading Mythology w/her class and she did a play.  Logan had a couple of parts but this was our quick 5 min before school started thrown together costume.  I promised him I wouldn't put this on the blog so apparently I am not only a rule breaker but a promise breaker too. (:   I say its his fault for saying I don't put much on here about him.

Ella: Mom, I want Takis
Logan:  You don't even like Takis
Ella:  Yes I do
Logan:  No she doesn't huh Mom?  Ella Talkies are the movies that came out after silent movies.   pause
Logan:  Mom did you used to like silent movies?

He was joking of course because he's smart kid but maybe a little more of a smart Aleck.   I have to use smart Aleck because I am trying to stop my bad habit of swearing even though I am more prone to call it him being a different word that starts with A.  My kids find it deplorable.  Swearing comes natural to me but that doesn't mean I cannot control it so we will see how successful I am at this.  Hi, My name is April and it has been 5 days since my last swear word.  Except those that I may have blocked out (;

Well, I walked in on Sam last night doing something  that really should melt any Moms heart
My boys are somewhat of Travis Pearce style leg crossers and it makes me laugh.
I have come to realize that this is not hard for boys with thin legs.
I'm sure being thin is hard in many other ways, although I have yet to experience any of that.


Heidi Brown said...

That's a pretty sweet impromptu costume... I'm impressed!
I praise you for your efforts to kick the swearing habit. Can I be your sponsor? He he :)
I haven't been a habitual swearer for many years now, but I still find when I stub my toe or bang my head into an open cupboard door, those old habits die HARD! Why are they always the first ones we think of? Anyway, great job on the five days! Way to go!

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