Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rhinestone cow pies are very good to eat, yes sir, indeed, no way!

 I am behind but I don't really care all that much about it. 
 I just start where my pictures leave off.
 This is one of my favorite gifts from someone who knows my nerd side.
 Annual Christmas Eve Dinner and a movie.  My boys were being poop stains.
 Neither one wanted a photo in their pajamas so I said I wouldn't put it on my blog to get them to sort of be in a picture.  Sorry boys, sometimes Moms lie. 
 If you see these, keep it on the DL or they may both punch me.
 Uncle Mugga joined us this year and we were glad he suffered through it all.
We got our parents PJs this year too but not matching ours, nicer ones.
I thought it would be weird if I got them for Mike so he got a BYU football instead
 My Mom bought a book and little nativity scenes to go w/it for the kids.
 Dave hates these pajamas too and suffers for the cause. 
 He now wears the whole get up all the time and asks me if he looks sexy just to prove a point to me.  
I'll be honest I can't wear the top for fear I will sweat to death
 Neve's pile of stuff I will pick up all over the house for the next year. 
 Why do I do this to myself?
It's interesting how quick this(above)  turns into this (see below)
Ella's stuff she will pack around in bags for the next five years
 We already had Skylanders so Sam got all the new Giants
and some darling Spanish Dr. Suess books.  I love them.
 Logan's pile is starting to look like that of a Teen.. 
 BORE-ing! and PRICEY!
 We waited in the hallway as kids so of course my kids must suffer like that too
I like to stall a lot just like my Dad did.
Man I hated when he did that
Someone must pay
 This is the secret gift that Dave didn't know anything about
He would have surely made me return it.  
Logan opened it and ripped the tag off right away.  Smart Boy!  
Dave is utterly disgusted.
 I was strangely super tired after opening gifts and I actually fell asleep.  HMM.........

We went to my Mom's and found a spot in the piles of people.  I kind of thought it might be the crowd but I suddenly felt like barfing, then it subsided.  Maybe it was because I was licking Gustavos nose. 
 I wonder why I never look good in pictures?
 We went to Dave's parents later and the kids were enthralled w/her little lesson.  It was like they had never seen a T.V. before.  The one down in front is Liz's so I know he knows what they are.  
She's a T.V. lover like me.
 They then played a game that I think Norma decided was a mistake and I thought Mike was going to blow a gasket w/all the kids crying and having fits over not getting
a turn or their turn being too short to open the gift that never unwraps.
 I was in the corner feeling barfy again.  I figured out pretty quickly that I had caught that damned 24 hour stomach bug that came from the feces of some Englanders that eat produce someone pooped on and then travel their tainted selves to the U S of A
and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to us all.
 Anyway speaking of Poop, here's all the turds on the stairs w/their shirts on that Grandma and Grandpa H. gave them.
Moving right along...................................................................


Liz said...

Noah loves tv just like his mom. That's when we do our bonding.

Lisa said...

All the being sick in the morning,naps, felling like crap I had a minute forgetting you had the flu and thought your HMMM might have meant a different HMMMM!!!
Anyway Dave is a good sport. I don't think I would be as good as a sport, and yeah sleeping in that get up is not an option. To many places to suffocate a person.

mamahen said...

Love your blog!

Best Song lyrics ever