Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Come on, everybody to the storm cellar!

 I have not been blogging because I have been feeling like I was stuck in a tornado.  
It finally set me down.

Sam and Ella both play the piano so they had a recital.  Short and sweet.  My kind of recital.
Logan plays the drums.  That recital was a bit too long for ones ears to handle but at least this year I knew it wasn't my kid honking the clarinet.We took the kids to Temple Square which we have not done in a very long time.  I know Neve has never been.  It was not as pretty as when I was a kid.  There are less lights I think.  Or I am just bigger.  Either way.  The kids liked it though and it was not too busy on a Sunday so I liked that.
It's hard to tell who these people root for.  

 Sam turned 7 and I don't like that at ALL!
We even had to go to a baptism preview for him.  I tried to skip it in hopes he'd stop aging
 I finally found Wham Shell so I decided to plop it on his cake to pretend I decorated it.
We also had an italian creme cake that was awesome.  I should have pretended I made that.
 We gave him a foam Minecraft sword and pick axe and a green machine.  
He only cared about the foam toys.  Should have saved the money on the big wheel.  
Plus he's too short to use it.  Maybe in the summer.  
Oh wait, never mind, I don't want him to grow.  
 Of course he will need to grow if he keeps aging or that would be creepy.
 He loves when people love him enough to provide junk food.  
He ate it all in bed that night I bet.  In fairness I would have too at that age.  
Well, actually at this age too.
You don't get this physique w/out a little night eating now and then.
I wish that was funny.

 And then the little dirt bag went and did this................
 I did like pulling it out.  Yeah, my own kid to pull teeth on.  
I really love that my friends kid will only let me pull teeth, well actually a few of my friends kids.  ha ha.  
I want to be the dentist that just pulls teeth, forget trying to save the tooth by filling it, just pull it.  
 I would be great in Hillybilly City!  
 He's so darling but it just makes him look older.  BOOOOOO!
When the tooth leaves a big hole like this it means I really got to enjoy that crunch sound and then the little pop where the gums finally release the tooth.   It makes me smile just to write that.  
I might be a freak but I'm good w/it. 


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