Thursday, November 1, 2012

Then this is a day of independence for all the Munchkins and their descendants!

 While helping one day at Sam's school I decided to look at some pictures that the kids drew of themselves.  The names were covered so I had no way of knowing who drew each one but I knew when I saw Sam's that it was his.  How did I know?   The brown skin.  Many of the kids in his class are hispanic but because he was such a novelty to us I have called him "brown" or "brown kid" since he was a babe.  He is very aware of his nice skin tone.  The other kids just had paper colored skin.
 This is Neve during Aunt Sands preschool party and Dave and I couldn't believe how much taller she is than all the other kids.  This is weird especially on the heels of seeing Sam next to kids his same age.
At the End of Miss Katie's preschool they were supposed to sing but some girls started singing loud and gibberish so Neve just covered her ears and screamed and cried like her eardrums were being broken by their terrible tune.  It was embarrassing a little but by the fourth kid you learn to just laugh and realize it's kind of funny.  The other parents might be mad that she ruined the songs w/her grumps but I can't help but smile at the little dirt bag.
 Neve turned 4 on October 26th. 
 Slam dunk on the birthday present.  A leappad explorer 2 and she loves the thing.  Never stops playing it and it frees up my phone and Ipad a bit.  Those are nice to have back.
 She wanted pizza for dinner so we went to some place down by the Hood Rat Mall and it was not very good but it pleased her and it was close so it was fine.  The cheese pizza tasted like tomato soup with crackers and cheese in it.  Good as soup, not as pizza. 
 One of those "kind of weird" guys was wandering around doing magic tricks and making balloons so we humored him a bit.  He did do good balloon stuff though and Logan enjoyed the tricks.  I told Dave that I sure hope the guy has a real job during the day.
 We did cake and ice cream for Neve on Sunday w/family.  
Mike came over to "beat the crowd".  His words
 Yeah I did the writing, don't hate!  Nellie came right in and mocked me for the handwriting.  It was frosting in a plastic bag w/the end cut off, what do you expect and it's still my handwriting which isn't the best anyway.  Sisters and good friends are the same, they just tell you something you did sucks and you just laugh at yourself.
 I have to laugh at Amy sitting on my couch.  She looks like a cute little munchkin.  I got all the height in the family.  None of the artistic talent though.  LOL
 Neve got a lot of gifts and she loves them all.  She's kind of a pain sometimes but really easy to please w/gifts.  She named these new babies McKenna and Bandaid.   
Now we have an elbow and a bandaid and a few bloody bears. 
 We carved pumpkins on Monday night for FHE.  Man I hate doing this!
I really like Halloween but really hate carving these.  I usually just make Dave do it but we were short on time so he needed my help.  Booooo!
 Neve's is a cat.  Hey, it was the best I could do!
 Logan's is Minecraft related I am sure
 Ella's is my sad carving of BYU.  She was happy w/it though even if she has those sad teary eyes.  
Those are a product of me carving Neve's to look like a cat which reminded her of Lucy and sent her into a deep depression again.  I might take her to get a new cat tomorrow.  My garage seems lonely.
Yes, I made Ella's costume.  I'm handy like that.   I went to town w/felt and glue.
Logan was too cool to trick or treat but he did go to his primary teachers house to get doughnuts and a large sack of candy bars.   Carri, Myself and Nellie took all the hoodlums out.  We pretended all our walking counteracted all the treats we ate.  We are still pretending.   I then took a little late night jaunt to my Moms to get a popcorn ball.  I brought some home for the kids too but then I ate them all on accident.  Oops.

I went out and bought a bunch of clearance Halloween items in hopes to force myself to plan an adult party next year.  I regret not doing it this year.  
I missed the non kid interaction w/other humans dressed as non-humans and the laughing til you pee (if your the type that does that sort of thing).

-Neves new thing is to say that she saw everything in her dream
-Today I was throwing some random things away and a Halloween ring fell on the ground for Neve to see that I was throwing out and she said "Mom, that is Sammy's" and I said "it's okay he doesn't want it" and she said "well I want it" and I said "no you don't, its just junk"  then she in her very sassy questioning way said "how come every time you say it's just junk?"    Ha ha she already knows I throw everything away


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