Thursday, October 25, 2012

It goes on and on my friend

 Ella wrote me this note a few weeks ago.  It makes me smile and is very telling of her personality.  Dave likes to say that she is nice like him and once tried to say that he is "super nice".  I told him neither of those words describe him.  He had to just laugh.

Sooooo,  the kitty who is about 15 years old has been Meowing like crazy lately.  She usually only does that when she has a mouse and she just caught one about 2 weeks ago (good kitty!-they really do look at you w/those big huge puss-n-boots eyes when they show you what they did.  I love that!)
Anyway since Carri shaved her and fed her some canned food she has been snobbish and only wants canned food.  Me having the tender heart for the geriatric community gives in and buys a few cases of it.  The other day she barfed it all up (don't worry she's not an inside cat), so I had kind of been watching her.  She's real old and limps w/what I think is probably arthritis and she is a very thin old lady.  So the other day she is meowing incessantly and I let her come in the back door and get her some filtered fresh water.  She drinks a ton of it and I am thinking now she will need bottled water or something for her finicky ways.  So she acts kind of weird and just sits on the floor w/the kids running all around her.  Very odd for a skittish kitty.  I start to feel a little worried but I don't say much to anyone.  I knew she was sick.  So Tuesday I go out and she won't really move.  I pet her and she is all bones (yes in 2 days time).  She was all wobbly like a hundred year old grandma and could barely walk when I made her get up.  I said to myself but out loud "Well kitty, I think you are dying and we probably better take you to be put to sleep."  I left to do some things and she was gone when I got back.  I worried a little that she had run away to die after hearing me say that....ha ha.   Anyway she came back and she was really shaky and lethargic.   I had told Ella earlier in the day that she was probably dying and Ella had a break down.  Poor girl.  Anyway I couldn't let her suffer any more because it was so sad so I took her w/us to Dance so I could have her put to sleep while Ella was occupied.  I'll be honest, it was a lot harder on me than I ever expected but I suppose 15 years is a long time to have a pet.  I didn't stay to watch the horrible thing but my now 3lb kitty cost $130 to have euthanized.
So if that wasn't bad enough I then went back to pick the girls up from Dance.  It totally sucked to have Ella come out w/that look of hope in her eyes and then see my face and know that the Cat was dead.  It totally broke her heart which then of course broke mine and we both just cried.  Emma was a really good friend and just hugged Ella all the way home.  I was really glad she was there because I wasn't in any shape to provide comfort.  Ella and I have this terrible dynamic where if one cries then the other cries and it just continues until I have a headache and start to barf.  It pretty much ended that way and then w/Ella crying herself to sleep that night to wake up w/me feeling like a hang over and her w/puffy went to bed crying eyes.

Neve asked me where the cat was the next morning because she had forgotten and when I told her she put her face in her hands and cried.  It lasted half a minute and then she moved on telling me that firefighters have tall ladders to get anything that meows out of trees.  Funny girl.

Telling your kid something they love is gone is a two thumbs downer for me.   I hate being a parent at times that like.  They expect you can fix most things and you just can't fix that.  I also pretty much fail at any sort of stoic telling of anything that is remotely emotionally based.   Booooo!!!

But we did love our cat Lucy (I never call cats by their name, they are all kitty to me but I had to name her when she was a kitten and had to go the vet, otherwise they look at you like your a freak).
She looked bad that last day but I took her picture anyway.  Don't let the fur fool you, she was so skinny under all that fluff.

Sam says:   He's going on and on about this fundraiser and he says "hey Mom and look at this, its a book of all the prizes, Weeelll they're not really that good of prizes but, a prize is a prize."

Tonight Sam is looking at One direction folders w/Neve and Ella and said "they look nice and sexy" and one of the kids said "you want to kiss it"(meaning the folders) and Sam said "yeah you want to have sex w/it!"   Dave and I stopped dead in our tracks and I said "Sam, do you even know what that means?"  he shrugs and says "no" sheepishly.  I said "you probably shouldn't be saying it then" and hurried and turned around so he couldn't see me laughing.   WHAT THE CRAP and where did he hear that?   This boy is interesting all right.


The Royals said...

It sucks when a pet dies. Sorry.

The Royals said...

Sorry, I just read Ella's letter. That is so sweet. I used to write to my mom, "Dear mom, I hate you. Love,Karen". Kinda different than Ella's.

Angi said...

I'm glad that you posted all of this but not glad that I read it. Way too sad! Luckily I'm home alone so my kids don't see me now bawling on the couch.
I sure do love that sweet little Ella. I'm a little sad she's not interested in trading mom's though because you know that I've been wanting her for myself for years.
Did you end up getting a new kitty yet?

whiting said...

I am really sad about your kitty, I really liked her and I don't say that about many cats. I am not looking forward to when our kitty needs to be put down. Loved Ella's letter she is a sweet girl.

Angie said...

I am so not a cat fan but I am a fan a family pets and it really sucks to loose them. I am sorry for Miss Ella.

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