Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run for fun in the HOT HOT sun

 We just got home from running our second RAGNAR in Las Vegas
It was cold/windy/snowing
and we were not prepared
We pu**ed through
 It was great fun and great misery and tons of delirious laughing 
(and coughing up a lung...Siri?)
We are Team 33 Van 1
Brian (Designated Driver) cause no one wants me driving w/all my conditions
Lisa, Dave, Myself, Carri, Angi (the Dear sweet wife) of Matt
 This is our picture w/our WHOLE team minus our drivers.  
Yes, we are special and require drivers!
I heard ours hit less curbs though.  ha ha
Brent, Tyler, Matthew, Lauren, Ron, Nellie, Dave, Me, Angi, Matt, Carri, Lisa
We didn't see much of Van 2
We learned last year that not seeing them is just kind of the nature of the Beast
When we are running they want to sleep or eat
When they are running we also want to eat or sleep
They did spend a little time w/our Van though
And we were Pooed AGAIN!
I do wish there was more time to spend w/the other Van though
They are a fun group but we may have offended some of them w/our 
crazy/rude/crude and sometimes nude behavior 
(okay, not really on the last one)
 Speaking of spending time, I unfortunately think that Poor Lisa has spent too much 
time around me and has stopped caring about her hair. 
Some have two feet and some have four, some have one feet and get SORE SORE SORE!
which definition of sore?  Either. 
I have your back, Matt
I love all these guys, flavored burps and ALL!
Now I lay me down to sleep.......

** double L for all those not in our Van.  What happens on Ragnar stays on Ragnar!


The Royals said...

I only hit one curb, three times. And Nellie must be freezing! It was fun.

Lisa said...

I am afraid this event has tainted me for winter from now on. I fear having to go out in the cold. I swear we shouldn't be able to have so much fun. The Good Lord willing we will all be doing this again soon!!

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