Friday, November 30, 2012

So proud to live, so proud to die

 I finally have the NEWEST version of anything electronic in this house.
I think Hell may have frozen over! 
I actually don't care much about such things but I think Dave is tired of being harassed about it.
 We got these way studly glasses in our Swag bag for the Human Race and once we popped out the lenses the boys think they are Fab.  Logan really wore them to school.
 I still always smile when I see Sammy's Spanish stuff.  He is thankful for Mi Mama. 
Melts my heart.
 We did a thanksgiving tree and the kids just kept adding tags to it.  I liked this idea until I realized how messy it looks and I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to end so I could get it out of my kitchen. 
 I LET the girls help me a little this year w/rolls.  I'm kind of impatient and not a good teacher because I just want to hurry but I suffered through and they didn't last too long so I survived the 10 or so minutes I was forced to endure.   Yes, they washed their hands.
Neve keeps making this train and rides it all over the kitchen.  Needless to say I just pretend I can't hear all the crashing into my cupboards, walls, and table every time she goes around.  I do think it is pretty creative of her though.
Petterssons came and stayed w/us before Thanksgiving and my kids had a blast playing w/them.  Angi and I had a blast pushing and shoving people on Black Friday (Thursday really).  We really didn't push and shove but I often think the idea of it seems really fun.  We came home at 3 and went to bed then got back up at 7:30 and headed out again.  After Breakfast at Kneaders of course. 
I think barely today I have caught back up from the holidays and then decorating for Christmas.
I do have most of my kids shopping finished though and I think that is a record for me.
Neve was hitting the Peyote a little hard at Aunt Sands preschool
Man this girl is pleasant when she sleeps
I love her cheeks.

Logan claims that I don't talk about him on my blog or post many pictures of him.  I made the excuse that he never holds still long enough to take his photo which is pretty true.  So here for the record I am saying something about him.  I never knew how awesome it would be to watch your kid play sports.  He plays the two I like watching too and I love it.  I get mad at him when he flops or fouls out of anger but that's just because I want him to be a good sport.  He is also kind of nice to talk to these days and is pretty funny sometimes.  He made the mistake yesterday of asking me and Nellie what a "period" was.  Ha ha.  I got out the wiener book and we explained it to him (don't worry the wiener book is just my 12 yr old boy way of saying a puberty book).   I think he wished he hadn't asked.   Nellie and I enjoyed ourselves though.  She took the book home because she decided its time Keenan knows the whats what.   I can't wait to ask him about it and see how red he can really turn.  That's what aunts are for right?


Angie said...

That nap looks good right now!

We use the word doodle in our home only because it came from Ned Flanders. But we also enjoy saying weiner too. If anyone is going to desensitize my children I want it to be me!

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