Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots

Sam says:  "mom why does my leg hurt so much?". Me:" it's probably growing pains.". Sam:"yeah I think your probably right cause like one leg feels longer than the other."

It's definitely a holiday around here. 2 kids with strep, one trying to get something, and a last week strep one now coughing and puking.   It probably smells more of gag than of pine around here even though I'm melting pine wax like crazy.  It's one of the only candle scents I like.  I will be going thru a few cans of Lysol today and then I will have a fumes cough.  Oh well, I will suffer for the greater good.

I also don't seem to make it long before an over use ailment pops up.  Tennis elbow hurts & cortisone to help heal it makes me want to swear F words for about 12 hours.  The last shot worked NOT at ALL so my fingers (on my left hand) are crossed it does this time or I'm doomed to have another right limb scar to match the other three.  Maybe my body is trying to tell me I'm really left handed.  Or, that I should die soon.

I'm resorting to new ways of doing things. Neve helped w the Christmas cards so some stamps are partially on the backs of envelopes.  She did her best!  I have to ask for help sometimes to do things and that is a big fat Booooooo!   I'm really loving my crossword puzzles rt now on my iPad but they are harder for me left handed.  It sounds stupid but it's true.   I know, crossword puzzles?  I must be depressed.  Really it's my inner nerd coming out.   I heart sudoku too but that's more my inner savant.

I'm not one of you freaks that do the elf thing (although we do have one but he stays in the same spot all month).  I can't keep up with that every day thing.  My kids do the traditional countdown calendars but they have little boxes for surprises.  I decided that giving them the ornament on Christmas eve is lame so they will each get thiers this week in their advent.


Angi said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the crap floating around your place. That sucks!
But on a brighter note, I'm pretty sure that Neve's ornament is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Oh, and maybe if you slowed down just a tad, you'd stop injuring yourself. I don't know for sure, but it might be a good suggestion ;)

Brian said...

Did I read you right? Lets go back and quote here "I have to ask for help sometimes....a big fat boooo." That made me laugh when I read that. You are so great. Asking for help from a 4 year old kinda doesn't count!! Good luck with the sick. And if you want or need to ask for some help from a grown up I am your woman!!! Booo to tennis. Or is it boo to elbows?

Brian said...

Oh and this is Lisa. I have no idea why I am signed in as Brian!!!

Chad said...

I may have said this on another blog today. but: it's been a while, but I'm back in style and blog catching up. I read like 5 of yours today, and loved every 45 minutes of it. I need to get back into the regular blog peering lifestyle. Anyway. Glad all is well. In the modified words of Alabama: Blog on blogger.

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