Monday, October 8, 2012

Before you came into my life I missed you so bad

This blog title is Dedicated to my dear sweet Matthew
I was really getting people all upset on FB so I decided to Blog instead.
Man people are testy on there.  It's kind of fun to get them all riled and then log off
I'm a jerk like that.
This pic of Logan is pretty horrible but then I realized it looks kinda like how Michael Jacksons face looked after all his alterations.  Maybe I'm the only one who sees this.
 Logan turned 12 on the 24th of September
So Dave and I have been married 13 years and not 12
 Its hard to tell but in his hand is a laser pointer which is making that cool design on his new BYU shirt.  I may or may not have allowed and helped him prank a few people w/that thing the night we had all the family over but they knew it was us anyway and had warning because Logan has not yet mastered his Ninja skills and crashed into the window before shining the laser inside.  I will have to work on that w/him.
 He really wanted a PSVita and luckily Target had a good deal that day along w/a gift card.  We reminded him that he was only getting this gift because it was a sort of special age for him.  
 This is my random skeleton wreath that I made w/my Laurels, oh wait I mean w/McKel since she is the only one that came.  I miss my working/dating girls, I hardly see any of them anymore.  That is what sucks about being over this age.  They are gettin' all growed up.  (Tear)
 My little Neve is really into making notes right now and leaving them all over the place for us to find.
 It's so cute but a little annoying and wasteful at the same time.  OH well, I assume this is just a phase.  She has moved from staples to tape and was gluing sticky notes to my walls the other day.  Today she walked all over crayons on the carpet because it sounded cool as they were breaking in half.  She is good to stay busy doing all sorts of stuff that makes me crazy.   Today is paper airplanes and I wish I would have never told her that I make good ones.  Made 30 or so today and she wants to save them all.  She is taping all this crap to  her door.  I close my eyes when I walk by so I can pretend her door doesn't look like that mess.
 We had family and friends over the day Logan was ordained a deacon.  I wanted the day to be more memorable than just another day.  He chose pies because he has good taste.  Although these took me all day Saturday to make.  They were worth it I think.

 He got a load of candy which is almost all gone and his gut looks bigger to prove it.  This picture is to redeem himself from the one he has from many years ago at Christmas when my mom gave him a book and he cried and was so mad.  He loves to read now so I gave her the Okay to get a book.  I think she was leery.  He also got some ties which he badly needed and several other nice things, 

 along w/these cute little notes from his nieces that I had to take pictures of.  We all know I won't save these but I really wanted them so I decided photos of them count as saving w/out the clutter.
 I do not know where this photo came from but I will assume Clyde took it the night of the Priesthood session.  This is Logans first time being able to go and they go to La Frontera afterward so it makes it all worth it to teen boys, okay and maybe their Dads.
I forgot to mention that he chose Chuck-a-rama for his B-day dinner
Gag me w/a  pitchfork!
Grody to the Max!

 I am really proud of Logan.  A lot of people don't really get his personality and he seems difficult if you don't know him sometimes but he is really a great kid.  He's a witty little turd too and has been saying some crap that I should get mad at him for but I cannot help but laugh at his intelligence.

The other day Dave swore about something and all the kids stopped in their tracks and gave him a disgusted look.  I looked at him and asked "is it a bad sign if they don't do that when I swear because they expect it?"  


Angie said...

Dave looks like he has a halo over his head and that makes me laugh the most!!!

A warning...12 to 18 is now just six years away! Being a little priesthood man makes them grow up so much faster! Keep playing with him and his laser!!!

You are a fun mom....I would of just bought the pies :)

Angi said...

I forgot how much I love that boy with his head shaved. He looks so handsome and old! I don't really love the old part though.
I still can't believe he's 12. It seriously feels like last year that he got baptized!
Tell Neve she can come to my house and write me some notes. I miss her!
And the title was awesome! I'll make sure and let Matt see it. He'll be so flattered.

Lisa said...

That skeleton craft is really cute. I really like Logan and think he is an awesome kid. If you need practice with Logans stealth spy skills my back yard is always open to you!!

Chad said...

I love Dave's halo too. I need to read blogs more, it took me about 45 minutes to catch up on all the posts of yours I have missed and now I can't think of any of the smart ass comments that were in my mind while I was reading and planned to leave here.

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