Saturday, September 22, 2012

No autumn breeze. No falling leaves.

 Ella turned 10 on the 11th.  She chose her Grandma H.'s favorite cake cause its good and My favorite cake cause I don't have to make it.  I like to cook and bake but not when I'm pressed for time.
She got Julie (A.G.) doll and some groovy accessories like a record player and a tape deck.  She got a lot of cute and fun things from family and friends and she was very happy.  She's pretty easy to please
She chose to go to Boondocks for her birthday and lucky Dave got to cut out early w/Logan for a soccer game.  I talked him into taking Neve.  I then spent three more hours in tweener hell!!!   I was worn out but she had a great time and that is what matters.  Logan is about to choose to go out to eat on Monday and Dave will not be happy at what his choice will be (Chuck a rama).  I hate buffets too but I am a lot more willing to go w/the flow than him.
Dave asked me what was this thing I had the kids get Ella for her birthday.  He said it's from the dark ages but he doesn't understand a girls need to carry her music to different areas of the house or the front yard to blast for others to hear.  He was right anyway and it was crap and I returned it.  Plus she always has my laptop or i-pad anyway so I just loaded the CDs onto that.  Sometimes I'm not the wisest adult in this house.

Just sitting here eating pizza w/Neve and Sam while Logan is at Lagoon w/a few friends and Dave for his B-day.  He decided to do that versus having a party and I think he is smart.  It makes my life better too.  No party to plan.
Neve and Sam are talking about the bone in between your eyes (you know the one that is the bridge of your nose) and Sam tells her that the bone is there to keep your eyeballs from falling out.  She's eating it up.  Sam then says "Mom, it would suck to get your eyes poked out!"  I say "yes it would".  Then he says "I feel bad for Remi (who is his uncle Mikes dog that had to have one eye removed)."  I say "why?" and I see his little wheels turning and he quickly replies "cause he died!"  Good save Sam.   It took him a few seconds to remember that Remi died.  They then start talking about Lincoln (Mikes other dog that is wild) and Neve says she is not scared of him unless he is in the house (He lives in the house so this is her attempt to get around saying she is scared of him).  She then says "Remi jumps a lot" and Sam says "oh no, Remi's the steady one, Lincoln is crazy!"   I enjoyed his use of the word steady.

 Neve's first day of tumbling.  I like to pretend my body looks like hers in a leotard

 Can anyone tell that I have been eating a pudding w/out a spoon?  Dumping it into my face and hoping some makes it into this ginormous mouth of mine.  She could actually probably fit the whole top of the pudding cup right in her mouth so I should just be glad she was doing it daintily.
 Ella continuing to torment her poor Dad while he helps her w/the homework.  I just sit and watch and laugh.
 This is Neve's first Day of Aunt Sands pic and it is about the funniest picture of her I have ever seen.
 I love sleeping kids.  Heck, I just love sleeping!
 Have you ever met a person this pissed off that they just WON a game.  Yes, I repeat, she fair and square beat me in Pengolo but she is livid that she didn't win both blue eggs.
 She started chucking the penguins and eggs around the kitchen and screaming her highest pitch squeal and then threw herself down and rolled around writhing in apparent pain.  I was thinking of a Sorry game my older sister always tells me about my brother while she did this.  I can only laugh.  With my first child I would not have laughed but by the fourth you have changed or maybe just lost your mind.   Then I said in my sweetest patient voice "hey Nevey we probably need to match these colors up in the box to put this away."  She jumped up, suddenly healed and smiled at me like I was the best worst Mom ever and we happily put the game away.


Angie said...

I do the same with Zoe, in fact I had a neighbor ask me and I kid you not, if I used to be skinny like Zoe when I was little. I had to try really hard to just laugh at her.

Are you trying to go private or just hide from some one?

Hendricksonblog said...

No Angie. I am making a 2010 blog book & that post was from then & saved as a draft but I somehow posted it for a second so those if u w google reader saw it but it was old & I don't care anymore if people hate my blog. Don't read it right ? That lady was obviously dumb!

Lisa said...

I for one will continue to come here to not be offended myself, but the humor of others getting offended!!
That face of Neve's at school is hilarious! I need a new "boom box" myself. I didn't even know they still made them.

Natalie said...

We've gone through 2 crappy boom boxes in a short time. No more. They just use the mp3 players. When Neal does chores around the house, he hooks his iphone onto his belt and plays his music so all the world can hear. I tell him to use headphones, but he says no.

People probably think I'm the laziest mom ever when my Neve-twin does things like that and I just laugh.

Kristin said...

Jordan and Neve must hang out in secret. When he gets mad he screams and bangs his head on the ground and tries to crack it open.

But happy birthday to cute Ella!!

Angi said...

I love what a catch-all post this was. So many things that made me laugh and miss being closer. I hate missing birthdays and crazy as it sounds, I even miss hearing Neve scream so loud that I fear for my ear drums.
Her face in the preschool picture is awesome but not quite as true-to-life as the game face. Hilarious!

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