Monday, September 10, 2012

People talking in movie shows, People smoking in bed, People voting Republican,

We drove to Idaho over Labor day
 to go see a bunny Cosmo who really should be named Gizmo and its people
 We tortured the master of these people w/a bike ride while we all enjoyed it.

 The kids had a blast just being together and Angi and I had a blast 
trying to stay away from the whole lot of them
 Neve while in one of her grand moods
 Tommy and Shana were nice enough to let us come swim and hang out and get Dave interested in purchasing a new wood pellet BBQ.  It wasn't their fault, it's just the nature of the beast.
 Sandra was nice enough to spend some quality time getting to know Neve
 Which totally made her first day of PEE school a breeze (Dave calls it that, not Neve)
 Yeah, yeah, I know her hair doesn't look that fab but hey she got the Mom she got and we are still trying to figure out that reason.  Maybe it's my ridiculous amount of patience eh?  Okay I can only dream.
Really I would have done more w/it  but my ears just couldn't take it.
 This is her going to Miss Katie's and I am hoping Dave took a pic of her going into Aunt Sands a few days later.  She loves both of them and I like the time ALONE w/no noise or pitch.
 I was cleaning like a mad-man and decided to teach these two ding dongs how to clean blinds.  I did pay them and promptly told Brin that I bet her Mom would pay a premium for her to do this 
vs. paying the man $100 to do it.  Wink Wink Lisa, You're Welcome!  
 I had a shower for Kim down there and didn't want these people to think I was a slob w/dust on the blinds.
Actually though, I hate dirty blinds.  This shower was planned out by Kims sister who is a PARTAY planner.  Sheri and I helped but don't get any ideas on thinking we are this creative (Sheri maybe, me, no)
I had to add these pics to show the decor but mostly because all these ladies look so cute in these photos.
and I will Add Lisa's quote of the day "You wipe like a man!"  (you had to be there)
 I made the Sneetches cake pops which I don't know that I got a pic of but I didn't have a plan for my YW night one day and decided to enlist them in this task so the Laurels all helped make them.  Last week I pawned making my Dad's salsa off on them too.   Worked out great in my favor but now I will try to put their needs first.  Ha ha.  Luckily these girls are amazing and never care what we do.  We could just have staring contests and they would have fun.
I now have to release Kim from her calling as 2nd counselor and that makes me sad.  She is having twin babies and will need the break for sure. 
I have a headache today so I decided to blog rather than do anything else that needs doing.  Oddly enough all this thinking just made it worse and in case you are wondering I am still bitter that Ella is not on her way to Mill Hollow this morning because some Parents are LAME!!!


Lisa said...

I like this post!! And Brin did wash a (only one) blind for me on Sat. It was awesome. Minus she only did one. Your shower was awesome. Like a pinrest awesome party. I didn't know real people did parties like that!!!
My quote of the day sounds even better out of context so thanks for that!!!!

Hendricksonblog said...

I only heard you say that and didn't know the context at the time so yes it was even more funny to me.

Lisa said...

Oh yeah and Meridian looks/sounds fun.

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