Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are gringos falling from the sky?

I get such a kick out of this first day of school photo
Logan apparently learned how to smile from a numbed mouth dental patient 
and Sam is forgetting an important detail to his wardrobe
Ella is starting out the year great by driving Dave crazy while he tries to help her w/her homework and she keeps pretending she doesn't know how and flops her legs all around while slumping in the chair.  She is such a great kid but I want to just kick her when she does that.
 This is one of those camera trick photos that make Neve look eight feet tall.  Although she does think she is Queen of this house.   I suppose she kind of is, w/a scream like that.   Seriously though I think she is starting to be less Jeckyl/Hyde.  Of course she is now seeming to get the luxury of being an only child for 6 plus hours a day.  
 This is my little Brown boys first papers he brought home from school.  He has no issues w/going to a different school and is so far not seeming fazed.  On the first day he did say that he pretty much didn't understand anything his teacher said.  It was matter of fact though and he didn't seem concerned.
 He is hard to feed though and we are getting a little creative w/trying to do healthy cold lunch.  The first Day he had mashed potatoes and gravy left over from Sunday and yesterday he had Oatmeal for lunch.  I love the little Thermos containers, they sure make figuring out his lunch easier since he's so picky and whooda thunk he could have hot oatmeal 3 hours later. 
I want to go to bed since I am tired and my back aches.  I've been making salsa today and did a little neighbor remodeling last night that involved lots of shoveling and uncovering various "treasures".  I'm not sure if this cough is from the toxic chemicals or the habaneros.
I love when school starts, I get so productive.  I'm even brushing up on my measly Espanol skills to see if I can keep up w/Joey! 
Sam complained and cried about starting piano lessons and I tried to tell him how much he would like it and that he would be so good at it.  I convinced him to go even if he thought I should "ask for a refund" because he was "going to hate it".   So he comes back from his first lesson and says "uh mom, so nevermind about me not wanting to play piano!"  I said "you liked it huh?" and he said "yeah, and I'm pretty good at it!"   All the confidence in the world


Angi said...

I love Sam's school work. That is darling!
I also love the first day of school pic. Except for the fact that they all look so big (minus bottomless Sam)!
I think that's why I like him so much. He never really gets much bigger.
Can't wait to see you guys! I don't think that Friday can come fast enough!

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