Thursday, August 9, 2012

The world is waiting for you. Good luck... travel safe... go!

So I had a really frustrating experience last night, well it wasn't so much of my experience as one of my two friends.  We are all in YW together trying to juggle our lives/kids/spouses/bills etc.... all while making the girls lives extra fabulous.  So these two planned the amazing race and it really was AMAZING!  Neve though it was called the Awesome race which I thought was cute.  Anyway, these two planned and put together this activity for our YW/YM and they spent hours and hours getting it together.  Keep in mind we just got back from a girls camp too that took several days out of our lives plus the extra hours and personal expense.  Not that any of us minded, we love these girls.
So the activity ran a little longer than we had planned, no big deal right?  Its summer, no school tomorrow, they are all 12-18 yrs old.        WRONG!  Parents freaking out, helpers flaking last minute, Youth all arriving 15 minutes late, leaders bailing out, adults having major "tude" and being ridiculously competitive, drivers complaining about this and that, oh yeah and the other.
I just wish I had gotten all the crap and not the 2 people who slaved over this activity but then again my response when I was told of all this was not favorable and may have included a hand gesture or two and saying where they could shove things.  Yep, great example of a YW Pres I know, but, hey I'm human and I am super protective of people that I love and care about.  Okay and I bet some swear words.....J Golden Kimball makes my Dad feel better about his mechanics mouth so I will let him make me feel better about my mechanics daughter mouth.  It's a work in progress.  It's a weakness of mine.  They just make me feel so much better when I am frustrated and you can't just go around punching people (which might be my first choice,  I told them all last night that I think the answer to all problems is with violence....LOL  just kidding)

I just wish people were more supportive and kind to others who put aside their own lives to do things for their kids rather than bitching and moaning about everything.  Sorry there wasn't a better non-swearing word to explain my frustration there.

I really wanted to cancel all youth activities for the next few months after this (yes I am quick to rash decisions when I feel emotional) but I realize that would only hurt the youth and not the ADULTS that need to be smacked in their faces! (it always goes back to violence)

If you read this and one of these people were you, think about what each of us gives up for your kids and ask yourself if you would do the same if we treated you like total crap!
If you read this and it wasn't you, thanks so much for supporting us in all the things we are trying to do for these teenagers.  We really do care about them and never go into something saying "hey I think I will try to do a crap job on this!"

My car of kids had a great time and we were sad that the race had to be ended before it was finished because some sticks got lodged in places they don't belong.

Let the backlash begin  (I got your back ladies but I think you already knew that and the race SHOULD have been perfect and AWESOME  or AMAZING!


Katie said...

I really appreciate all the work that goes into all of the activities. Some people do need to lighten up! Thanks to Sheri and whoever else worked so hard to put this activity together.

The Royals said...

It was a great activity and I was sad that it ended early. We are trying to provide a safe, fun environment for the youth and sometimes its ok if the activities are older. And it is a very bad example to get competitive in front of the youth. Let them learn that when they get older! Great job April's two leaders!

Lisa said...

Well Elaine and Seinfeld said it best " I will never understand people....their the worst!!!"
Thumper also hit it right on "if you cant say something nice don't say nothin at all!" Cuz I got nothing nice to say about any of that!!

Jenn said...

I dont really mind the 'time', I know where they are and who they are with(i know where leaders live if problems;)) Had I not been home with all my rugs I would've dropped all to come help!! You guy do an awesome job. Never any worries from here.

Becky said...

Nat saw some of your "racers" when she was running at the Cyprus track and she came home and wished that our ward did fun things like that (and I'm one of her leaders!) The grumpy parents can shove it! They should be grateful that you and your leaders voluntarily give up so much time and energy, often at the expense of their own families, to meet the needs of their children! Other than that I have no opinion...

Hendricksonblog said...

My leaders may be leery to ever put this on again but I bet they would share their creativity w/you.

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