Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Didn't come with any satisfaction guarantee

 Summer!   Hmmmmpfff!!!
I'm kind of done.
Bring me my favorite, Autumn! 
I look forward to fabulous Fall every year
Crisp morning air and Brown and Orange everywhere!
Got Dairy Queen?
While this Minecraft game seems innocent enough, I have never seen so much fighting over anything in my life.  I think the unfortunate thing about it is that ALL the kids like and want to play it, even Neve.  Dave just threatened the deletion of it off of all of our electronic gadgets.  The kids quickly behaved.  I think they are addicted. 
I went to BYU Education Week yesterday w/Angi and I really enjoyed it.  I wish I could go to finish a few of these speakers classes the rest of the week but Logan is in the Adidas Tournament so I just can't make it work.  Maybe next year.
I'm ready for school to start to get back into a routine.  I like routine.  I love summer but by mid August I am always ready to be done w/it.   Funny enough that life gets kind of crazy once school starts since all of their other things start back up again too but there's nothing like following my schedule on my calendar (and yes, the old school hang on the wall, write on w/a pen kind-I'm not sure I'll ever truly give up pen and paper no matter how many gadgets Dave buys me). 
I know well enough though that mid October I will be burned out again.  I think I know myself well.

Since summer started Sam has taken to not wearing shirts.  It bugs me but I decided to pick my battles and that is not high on the list plus he's only 6 so I suppose it's still okay.  I keep thinking when I am ready for him to stop I will start going w/out a shirt until he stops but then I realize he is a boob man so it wont even faze him.  Even as an infant that kid had one hand down my cleavage at all times.  He likes bums too though but mostly just to smack and say "big booty"!    (It's a compliment not a put down from him)


Aimee said...

My kids are addicted to that stinking game too! Ella showed Emma the Minecraft version of Dinomite the other day and it made me laugh.

I'm done with summer too.

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