Monday, August 6, 2012

"Meet the wife, and don't laugh."

A little more Jew-lye!

We took the boat for a spin on the BYU-UTAH lake as the Harmon boys call it since they are confused about the Y right above the Utah Lake.  We tried to tell them the Utah State but then you run into a whole other problem.   On this said trip to the Lake we decided to add another chapter to the "what not to do while boating book".     This months installment:  Do NOT let your little 3 year old sit at the back of the boat on the deck right near the exhaust sandwiched between you and another adult person.   Poor Neve got a pretty bad case of the carbon monoxide poisoning.  At first I thought she was falling asleep but when I picked her up she was floppy so I handed her to Brian in the boat while I got in.  I took her to the front of the boat and she continued to have a very floppy head and was calling me Dad and seeming very crazy in a not fun way.  We were a little freaked but after about 15 minutes she started rambling on and on like normal so crisis averted.  We usually never sit there while the boat is running but it was having issues so Dave was checking something out and Lisa and I were blocking all the oxygen flow to my small person.   The rest of the little trip was fun though because the kids got to swim way more than usual since the boat was being weird and the girls really love that, Okay, me too!   The triplets enjoyed the water more this year.

The 3 stooges and their Mom came into town so we took a little jaunt to the Provo 7 Peaks and had some fun.  I forced Neve to go down a few slides even though she screamed at me.  I know deep down inside she loved them :)  Logan and Sam just ate up their chance to see the boys.  They were trying to work out some sort of trade for Ella.

We went to a BLAZE game.  Can you say HORRIBLE?  Dave hated it the most.  We also went to RMR twice.  Once to watch the oval and the other the drags, which Dave also hated very much (the drags).

 Our next adventure was to Pineview for a week for my family vacation.  Sun, water, sun, Water pretty much sums it up.  Amy and I had a great time pretending to talk whale while swimming (okay more floating) and then I got to work on my seagull impression (yes the sound, not the scrounging up food).  I think I have found a special talent in myself.  Some people have more useful talents than others.  Another installment of the "things to NOT do while boating" is to drive the boat through a sand bar.  That was also a lucky one since I suppose there could have been much more damage.  The best part is when Dave crashes and then stands up less than waist deep or maybe that was the worst part, I'm not sure.  I also forced a screaming Neve down the slide at the pool.  All the Mothers at the pool were giving me crusties, all the Dads were laughing and Neve bonked her head on the slide going down and came up screaming her royal guts out.  Luckily Dave was there to catch her and get stared at while she was screaming.  I'm a good wife/mom like that.

Brin, Chloe, Ella
Us all hovering around Amy to make her crazy
My Dad w/a bunch of heathins
Neve, Halle
Logan's first 360
Logan, Dallin
Chloe, Ella, Buff, Finlay, Sam, Nick, Keenan

Finaly, Faye, Chloe, Ella, Axe
Mom and Bubba
Daphne, Ella
Dave Swimming w/our wide mouthed frog

She looks pretty good since I took this today but she used to be really fluffy or lumpy
 While I was gone some dirty little prankster and her accomplices shaved my cat and left a note from the Humane Society claiming inhumane conditions for my cat.  I was so mad and was sure it was Nellies looney neighbor who had tried to trap my cat a month before to go get her fixed (even though she already is).  Luckily the culprit gave herself up before I got myself into another opportunity to apologize!   Funny thing is that the prankster got so worried that she had caused my cat harm that she spent the whole week tending to my cat and coming over to check on her. She is also not a cat person and now my cat LOVES her!  Serves you right.    I should get a photo of the cat before she gets her coat back.  In all fairness though my cat totally needed this done but the trick w/the letter was just plain RUDE!  okay and clever!

Sam treating Winnie w/some love.  Inhumane my *&#!
Lunch of Champions.  She loves Summer!  Crap everywhere to shovel in!  


Angie said...

That looks about right, a can of pop and some candy for lunch! Isn't that what summer is all about? I am jealous of how much you have used your pass of all pass! I talk myself out of using all the time for fear of having to be around people!

Hendricksonblog said...

Call me and we can go to Provo and our strangers for kids can go on slides together (;

Natalie said...

Wait, a crazy neighbor shaved your cat??? You need to go in to more detail on that! I'm very curious.

It's been nice catching up on you. I've been m.i.a. for a while.

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