Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let me live 'neath your spell

Before July gets lost in this Shuffle I decided to sit for a moment and do something non productive, like Blog.

I was not so much feeling like going to the Magna parade this year because the last few years we have been near White Trash and it ruined our normal good times of mockery w/idiots standing right in front of us.  We decided to go sit at the Browns house for the parade instead.  While it was missing the WT it was also missing the enjoyment of the awesome before the parade parade route walkers and that was a bit sad.  The kids enjoyed the parade though and since that is supposed to be the point I see it as a success.  This year there were even some floats.  Maybe there's hope.
Ash, Cop, Brin, CC, Ella
I also wasn't feeling much like BBQing this day either.  Must have been in a weird mood.  We ended up doing it anyway but we had Dave's family here early in the day and then mine in the evening.  Usually my family is here all day and we end up staring at each other for entertainment waiting for it to get dark.  Catmulls bought some fireworks and I did also. Boy was it exciting!   We caught Dave on fire.  He was merely a spectator but one of the aerials went haywire and shot out toward the watchers rather than the sky.  It skimmed the childrens heads and landed in Dave's lap and poof, fire ball.   He hit it w/his hands and then ripped his shirt off as fast as he could.  Polyester fabrics and heat are not a good combo.  He went in the house and as he did he kicked the water jug over in anger.  For, he was just happening to be wearing his new golf shorts.  His undies saved his bacon though and he only ended up w/a small burn on his abdomen and a slight burn on the palms of his hands.

 The Next day this voodoo doll was on our porch.  It could only be by the hands of CC and we all knew it but upon further inspection we realized just how much work she went to for this small token of her love and affection.  This little doll has on the same burned up clothes that I threw away the night before.   HMMMMM!

What she won't do for a good joke!  Stay tuned..................


Lisa said...

What a creepy little doll. And I mean the actual doll not CC!! That is great. We had a shooting firework too, and burned a whole through our blanket and almost got Ash and my nephew. Scary!!

Chad said...

So your telling me voodoo works? I have such a list.

Dave really caught on fire? Really? Doesn't he know stop drop and roll instead of get up and run into the house? Hello? We need to hang out more so your family can be up to date on fire safety. I thought it was common knowledge but apparently Dave skipped that part of grades 1-6? Okay, just kidding.

I am all caught up on blogs now, so write the next post please.

Angie said...

I want your friends name and number! I want her to teach me a class on the proper way of making a voodoo! The Magna parade was almost, just almost a little normal this year and I was so very disappointed.

Natalie said...

I would like the maker of the voodoo doll as a friend and neighbor, please. Thanks. That is really funny. Good thing his underwear saved his bacon.

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