Friday, July 13, 2012

Your the one that makes bathtime fun

I cannot find my camera (I think this is a common problem w/me)  I have done a lot of things and have taken some pics but for now I'm just left w/some of my kids random comments and one of Nellies kids random comment.

Nellies dog got attacked by two other dogs that jumped her fence into her yard.  She was talking later about calling the owner of the dogs to talk to them but she kept saying she didn't know what she would say to them once they answered and Axel said "why don't you say, WHAT THE CRAP!"
its one of his favorite things to say along w/ What the freak!  
Sam and Neve are racing and every time she wins he gives her a coupon for $1 off at Seven Peaks.
I asked Ella to go down to the storage room and get Sam some Ramen.  She comes up a few minutes later w/ramen ketchup soup mayo and a few other items.  I say "what are you doing?"  She says "Getting all this so you don't ask me to go down there again!"  She got all the main things I usually send her down there for.  What a brat! or she's smart!

 I said "Samuel" and he said "that is not my name, my name is Sam" and I said "I think I know, I named you!" he said "then show me my birth certificate."  

On our way to Sams club Sam is sitting in the back w/his wheels turning.  He says "you know Mom there are a lot of ways to die, like from being old or from getting shot w/a gun or stabbed w/a knife (pause) or hit by a sword (pause), can you think of any other ways to die?"  I say drowning and he says "oh yeah and getting hit by a car, and from not having enough liquid."

On our way to meet Dave we are driving and there is backed up traffic because of an accident on the other side of the freeway and Logan says "stupid duck rubbers!"  I'm like, What? and he said "wait what is it called when the people stare at the accidents?"  I laughed and said "Rubber neckers!"

Sam says: "Neve has a lot of strong parts on her body.  Her fingernails, her teeth, and her voice"


Aimee said...

Oh man! I'm still laughing at duck rubbers. Have you ever seen a duck rubber? I bet they're tiny. Like way tiny. You know what they about a duck with tiny feet??

Natalie said...

those parts are "strong" on Neve, because like my Ryann they excercise them OFTEN!! Funny!

Heather said...

Holy crap. I'm still laughing at Aimee's comment!

Thanks for jackin' up our "month of perfection", April. What were you thinking going on vacation this month? Just kidding. But I can't wait to come visit. Maybe it will work out sometime soon. :) Hope your vacation was fun.

I love reading the things your kids say. They're so funny!

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