Friday, June 22, 2012

Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are... just friendly?

I just read a few freinds blogs and realized that I am not the only one who lost track of June.
Not only that, I lost my clean house under this pile of crap somewhere.

We have beeen preparing for Trek (well mostly me preparing,  wives know what I mean).  Dave and I are a Ma and Pa and that seems dandy until you add being YW president on top of it.  I thought I would be super helpful and get all my YW girls who needed help prepared for Trek first.  After doing all that I was informed that now I had to make sure all my "kids" had their stuff for Trek.  REALLY?  What have all their leaders who are NOT going on Trek been doing?   Lesson learned.  Next time I will be lazy and help no one but myself!
I reclaimed my house yesterday after taking all my Sheeeot down to someone elses house to store until dooms day.  I'm highly indebted to Aimee since she is the one stuck sewing my skirts and apron.
I was informed yesterday that a Ma and Pa can't go now so we get a last minute new member to our family.  Heaven help me if he doesn't have his stuff!!!

Anyway we started off the summer w/Swimming lessons at Geri's and then moved right on to Golf Lessons at the country club.  We have gone to Seven Peaks a few times (Dave has even gone).  Other than that June has seemed similar to May.  Still have soccer and Basketball for Logan but now there are some scout camps too.   The big difference is the color of our skin, especially the 3 youngers.  Look out coppertone baby, you have some competition!

This is a cute Downs kid that was at the putting green, I enjoyed watching him while I watied
I have a metric ton of mucus stuck in my head that just won't seem to go away (this was highly important info to add to this).  Summer colds are the worst as far as duration.  So annoying!  I may start to use the old trick that Travis P. taught me of farmer blow. 

They Mia Maids had a great idea of going to Donut Falls for their activity and invited us to attend and I was so glad they did.  It was a lot of fun!  Why is it that all the other leaders are so much better at planning activities than me?  Boo to that except when they invite us :)

My family thought I was a total retard when I spent an hour at my Mom's on Mothers day trying to find the source of the itty bitty chirping (what can I say, I like birds).  I never found a nest that day but to my excitement I found one at my house that is so much more accessible.  Minus the fact that it is a Starling nest and the mother is super aggressive.  She is trying to kill me.  She even comes in the front yard when I am out there to scream at me for looking at her babies.  She seriously hit Gracie in the head the other day w/her wing because I have caused her so much stress and worry from constantly harrassing her babies (I just look at them but she thinks I am going to make nuggets of them or something).  I tried making amends w/her by adding more bird seed to my feeder but apparently birds cannot be bribed.
 I think only four of the eggs hatched but I cannot get a good look anymore. 
 I am too afraid of mama Bear,  I mean bird

This is what happens to your photo when birds dive bomb at your head. 
I had to jump off the ladder to avoid impalement.
Typical newborns,  ugly but cute because they are so tiny.
Ella had her year end Clogging performance and it seriously wasn't longer than 30 min.  Now that is my kind of Dancey show.  She also had her first long course swim meet.  She shaved a lot of time off of a few of her swims.  Anyone who swims knows that is hard and she took over 20 seconds off of her breast stroke.  I don't even know how she does that swim. She's a tough chick!  I love tough girls!  (Don't worry, wimps, I love you too!)

My summer is a success for sure though because I taught this boy a very important life skill, even if the vacuum weighs more than him (your welcome future Sam's wife and so sorry Logan's future wife, I have done what I can to get him to not eat like cookie monster, I'm out of ideas)

The End!
Tiny plumbers cracks are cute

while at the gas station getting a Frazil the worker jokingly asked Sam if he could have a taste of his drink.  Sam said "sure".  The guy was shocked and told me it was the first time a kid ever said yes to his request.

While at Seven Peaks today Sam said "yeah normally you like pay a ton for a pair of fries and they come out sucky but these are mhmmm mhhmmm!!!"


Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

I love that you posted bird pics and that you have a momma bird that is a nightmare too! We have Robin birds and I have tried to be respectful but can't control my desires to see inside! =)

Angie said...

Country pretentious! Do they even have one out west? I love the bird nest. I hope you didn't touch them! I have never been on trek and would love to experience it but I think I would want to as a spectator not a ma and pa. Good luck!

Aimee said...

You got some awesome pics of the birds... I tried with ours but was also afraid of mama Bird. They're a little crazy about protecting those eggs!

Once again I'm loving Sams new look - every summer he turns into a brown boy with the custest smile ever! He's adorable year round but his tan in the summertime is always amazing!

Can't wait to hear about Trek!

Natalie said...

Have a fun trek! I love that stuff. Love it, love it! But honestly, the parents should be getting the kid's period costumes together.

I love the picture taken while avoiding a bird. I wish someone else had a picture of YOU taking that picture. Even better!

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