Sunday, May 20, 2012

She getting married to oily bohunk

I went to a shower over the weekend for Dave's partners daughter (who is also his 2nd cousin I think) and was reminded so much of how glad I am to be at the stage of life I am.  Man there was not a whole lot more that I hated than my wedding showers.  So awkward!!!   She handled it so well though and I am always so impressed w/those that can do that.  I also sometimes wish I were better at being phoney, or if I could do it at all!   Yeah, sometimes that might be helpful and would get me out of some tough situations.  Oh well, I guess I am truly one of those who wears their emotions on their sleeve (even if mine is usually written more on my face than my shirt).

I stared at the eclipse a little too long this evening I think and now my brain hurts a little, as well as my lasik may be destroyed.  It was pretty neat but I'm not sure that staring directly at it for that long was a great idea.  Dave tried to tell me but I don't listen well.

Remember these old boxy shaped cars, yeah those were the days.
I was proud to teach my wee ones how to do a nice fun prank on someone.   It did require breaking and entering but I can live w/that.   So I wake up Friday morning to find this hunk of junk parked in front of my house.  Oh yeah, the proud owner will be out of town the whole weekend and she thought I would like the scenery out my front window.   She was surprised when she came home to the gift we had given her in return and rewarded us w/collapsing in her driveway w/a hyena laugh.
This dress that makes Ella's bunny look so lovely is really her Prom dress from H.S.   HOLY CRAP,  if you know CC, this dress does not seem to fit her mens b-ball short and t-shirt wearin' style.  She made the mistake of having it hanging in her garage so I felt like it was free game. (I will break and enter but going through people's closet is where I draw the line.
They were just married but they had a baby already.  My kids were a little confused by that,  they aren't entirely learned on the way things work.  I did leave a little protection for Dad bunny in the car but had to do it in more of a secret so the kids wouldn't ask the tough questions (;
I completed the joke by making sure that everyone from church drove home this way today to see what we had done so they could give Carri a hard time.  Its hard to see but I parked it like and idiot too, just to make more people notice.   I also kept the keys so once she got home she was forced to live w/the embarrassment until she could come retrieve them from me. 
It was a great evening w/my younger 3 while Dave and Logan were at a basketball thing and it took my back to my screwing w/people days w/Jamie.  Still makes me smile.  Thanks for being such a good sport Carri!


Lisa said...

I so wish I could have seen her reaction. And really looking straight into the sun....even with a moon in front of it is not your brightest idea. Oh and I just don't seem to get the dress CC wore to prom. What are all those little balls all over... I hope she will try it on for us one day.

Aimee said...

Oh I want CC to try it on! That would be awesome! I sk wish I could have been there when she got home. She is a spaz... as are you! When are we going toilet papering? We planned that like months ago...

Natalie said...

Awesome. Just plain awesome. I've got to get out and do some good old fashion praking. Usually it's the bishop's house that gets it. Well, I think I should one up everyone and just start pranking the crap out of people. I love that you schooled your children in the process. You're raising them right!

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