Sunday, May 13, 2012

I have really struggled to keep up on my blog lately but not because I didn't want to or because I didn't need the outlet.  Man, did I need the outlet!  There were just so many things I was feeling and experiencing that weren't appropriate for this place.   Things have settled a bit, minus this Trek stress I feel so I will continue my yammering to the world of anyone who gives a crap!
I will keep the Trek stress to myself since for now it might not be super nice (:
and keep in mind, that I didn't start this post vague because I want people to ask what I am talking about, 
oh no, that is very not me!  If I wanted to share it, I would have!
I thought about checking in to a mental hospital but surprisingly my kids have kept me focused and fairly sane.  Thank heavens for them and their wonderful art of keeping me busy so I don't implode some days!
and a bit of a random here and there post begins
Starting w/the random photos
Sam is six and a half and just tried his first Hamburger, surprise, he likes it!
 These two found joy and comfort in shoving ninjas up their noses.  I think they may have gotten the idea from Logan who decided to put a gum wrapper in his ear during Sacrament meeting and Dave had to take him home to remove it.  I called him and idiot at least seventeen times.  I'm not positive on whether or not that is considered good parenting.
 I planted a bunch of flowers and plants and hauled around a bunch of dirt and wood chips (shocking I know).  Sam was an excellent helper and one day I had Mitchell to help too!  They were both sitting in the big yellow bags of wood, trying to shovel it out into a mini wheel barrow.  I wish I had a photo of that.
 Ella had her Clogging competitions at Lagoon yesterday.  CC was kind enough to join me and suffer through the noise.  3 dances might be my limit.  I had a coke to get me through.
Sadly Ella's stomach was hurting through all of this and she barfed promptly when I had just settled into bed w/a foreign flick on my laptop.  Of course she missed the toilet and only got carpeted areas and beds.  
Still glad I always called it a necessity to own a little green carpet cleaner.
This is just ma boy!  Always fun and entertaining!  Random Sam Video
Random thoughts and observations:
  Sam thinks that vending machines are called blender machines and that Hoagie bread is Yogi Bread.
Neve told Sam to ask Nicely and he asked again w/a sweet voice and w/please and she said "say it nice-lier!"
Today after church I went in my room to get away from Logan and Ella's stupid fighting and Sam followed me and got a blanket out and put it on me and laid by me then said "Hey mom, remember those days when Logan and Ella weren't here and I would just lay in your bed w/you and we would just talk?  When can we do that again?"  I said "Isn't that what we are doing right now?"  and he said "oh yeah, we are!"
Logan says "hey mom what do you call a bunch of white guys on a bench?"  dunno what?  "The NBA"--I don't know where he got that but I found it pretty clever.
On the way home from my Moms Logan is teasing Ella about farting and saying she farts at school because it gets her all upset and I said "it's okay Ella, I've farted at your school"  just to be funny and Sam says "yeah and I bet it stunk up the whole joint!"    I figured at least it stopped their fight even if it was crude and I laughed at his use of joint.  As long as I laugh I figure it all ended well.  ha ha
I was out front watering this evening and Dave did a pressed ham on the window w/Neve's cute little bum.  YES!!! now I can blame him for teaching the kids a bad behavior and I'll have a comeback when I'm blamed for teaching them other bad habits.
School is almost out for the summer and then all Hell will break loose.  Deep breath!


Carri said...

Aprils Top Ten

These are the top ten reason I love April "Hi-eena" Hendrickson (That spellings for you Nellie "Olsen"--you know who you are...)

#10 April is brutally honest, but is admittedly a great liar! Hmmm...

#9 April love love loves dressing up like a pioneer...She's a regular Laura Ingles, and well, we've already discussed her sister Nellie Olsen.

#8 She has a new game she plays with her new BFF that lives behind her called "You're fat! I'm skinny! You're fat! I'm skinny!" where you shout this over your back fence while lifting your shirt and rubbing your bare belly til the cops are called.

#7 Aprils other favorite game is called "W.V.P.D.speed-dial" where she likes to call, hide, and then watch hooligans get busted.

#6 O.C.D. when it comes to doing dishes

#5 Rain Man when it comes to numbers

#4 Daddy Warbucks when it comes to cash spilling out of her purse and kitchen drawers

#3 She loves WalMart and is heartbroken Target is encrotching* on Walmarts territory near her house.
#3-footnote *: She loves auto-corrects like encrotching instead of encroaching.

#2 April laughs like a hyena at the devoted volunteers at local high school functions, shouting "You're an idiot! at them (much to the chagrin of surrounding parents and community members) as they take the stage to enjoy their moment of appreciation applause.

And finally #1 reason I love April is because her initial greeting when she answers your phone call is as warm and fuzzy as her usual facial disposition.

Hendricksonblog said...

Top thing I am thinking right now, why in the Hell did I give you my blog address. (insert hyena laugh)

Carri said...
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Carri said...

Dear April, Please try to pick weirder movies. If it wasn't for the distracting snort-laugh behind us, I would have almost grasp the plot--and, well geez, what's the fun in that?


Lisa said...

I don't know if CC has a blog, but from her comment on here, I think she should get on that. I find her highly amusing. And as for your post peace be with you this day and always. Maybe you need a little Mo-tab to lift your spirits!!! Maybe I can find them singing pioneer songs wouldn't that be great?

Angie said...

I think I want to see a picture of you with ninja's stuck up your nose.

Natalie said...

That's a mighty fine top ten list!! I really laughed.

Neal and I are doing a trek this July as a Ma and Pa. Last time we did that, I was pregnant with Sarah. Now, Sarah will be on the trek with us! I'm excited. But of course, I like that stuff. Sorry your trek business is giving you stress.

Aimee said...
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