Friday, March 2, 2012

Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship

Tidbits of Sam
"Earth to Mom"   I am hearing him but not listening, all Moms know what I mean by that
"Mars to Mom"  still not registering to me
"Jupiter to Mom, Saturn to Mom"   at this point it finally registers.  I am not sure when he learned the planets in order.   Hmmm, thanks teachers, I guess or maybe T.V.

Sam and Neve are watching a cartoon (Third and Bird) and I am in the kitchen half listening.  I think there is a common theme here of me ignoring my surroundings.   Anyway, I know they are talking about a perfect picnic on this show and discussing all the fruit they had to make their perfect picnic.  Sam says to the T.V., "That's not a perfect picnic, that's like the stupidest picnic EVER!"    He seemed a bit miffed by the fact that they would consider all fruit a perfect picnic.  His perfect picnic would be chocolate Milk, hot chocolate, doughnuts, Doritos, Jimmy Johns Slim 6, and then maybe a Milky Wave for dessert.

I pick Sam up from school and he is talking about birds and asks "So Mom, like what if our country's bird was like trying to attack you, could you defend yourself?"   What the?  I said "I don't know, I guess you probably could."   He said "I asked my teacher that about the bird trying to attack someone and she didn't really know the answer."   They are probably wondering what we let this kid watch at home that his first thoughts when learning about our national bird is whether or not you can kill it in the event it is trying to kill you. 
I wonder if a good rule of thumb is to know that you are allowed to kill anything that is attacking you regardless of its importance in the country.

 Sam in some thinking poses.  This kid does a lot of thinking!

Broken down water heater and exercising do not go well together.  In case you were wondering!


Hernandez Family said...

I'm pretty sure if you can kill a person for attacking you, you can kill a bird for attacking you.

I love his imagination!

Lisa said...

That is funny. I wonder what his thoughts would be on the chicken or the egg!!! I think he will make a fine scout of being prepared. This kid thinks of everything.

Chad said...

Why are your kids teachers skipping Venus? I swear! Schools these days. Changing history and such. Next they'll say pluto was never a planet.

Hendricksonblog said...

LOL, funny you were the first to notice that. Doesn't surprise me. He may not have skipped Venus or maybe he was just trying to get to Uranus since there are more jokes for that.

Natalie said...

I'm an expert at ignoring my kids. That must be why they always yell.

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