Thursday, March 8, 2012

I love you, Honey pie!

 I introduced Neve to tis-tachios.  Really I forced her to try one and now she loves them.  I didn't think about the fact that now I will have to share them w/her.  Bad Idea on my part!
 I came in my bedroom to this the other night
 Ella had spent the evening at Emma's and made me a card.  
She was too excited to wait until my birthday.
I think it is darling that she gave me 5 bucks.  That's more than a weeks worth of allowance!
Really one of the sweetest girls on the planet.
Although after seeing how bratty girls are maybe that's not too hard of a feat.
She was born a sweetheart and I'm glad mean girls aren't rubbing off on her.
She had a swim meet this last weekend and a girl was making fun of Ella's dive into the water and Ella overheard her.  She made the mistake of telling me and it was all I could do the whole swim meet to not hold that girls head under the water a few extra seconds.  She is not a nice girl and as history proves when you are flat out rude to my nice girl, I am not a nice girl!   I didn't say a word though but it was tough!
A lot of parents are in denial about their kids but anyone who knows Ella knows that she truly is what I claim and I am very lucky to have that.  Fingers crossed on the little one though ):

Last night Rachel was kind enough to come teach my Laurels to make pies and man am I sure glad they were watching her crust making skills and not mine.  I mean, I have made pies a million times and while my crust is never oh so fabulous,
Carri helping Neve make a crust and learning it herself
 Look at this atrocity.  Yep for all the YW to see.  What a joke!  I have never made a crust that looks this bad but I always bring on my best skills for other people to witness.  Maybe that is smart so they never think I have any good skills and don't ask me to do stuff.
 So the kids have a fundraiser at school and I hate fundraisers.  Ella really wants to do this one though and it is actually one of the few I don't mind.  
So I went over to the school to buy a bag of candy bars for her to sell.
 I was getting gas and a car wash and turned around to see this pile of trash in the back seat of the car.
 and then her face with an evil grin and she is holding
 the last of 3 candy bars she has eaten while I wasn't looking.
I gave her a look and she said "Mom I won't get sick!"
I promptly moved the now bag of 47 candy bars to the front seat.
Sadly she is already sick but only her Mom would notice the puffiness under her eyes that signals ear infection.  One tube has fallen out and the hole has sealed shut so I suppose here this little rat goes again to have another short stay in the hospital so I can pay for one tube to just have the other one fall out 3 months later.  They should have buy one get one free surgery! 

A guy has come several times to attempt to fix our crazy water heater and last time Neve asked me his name.  Funny enough his name is Dave.  So he came today to install a part and Neve said "Mom, there are two Daves, one is a fixer and one is Dad!"    Makes me laugh.

Sam saying his prayers in all seriousness "please bless that Logan will get better at playing his clarinet"!


Aimee said...

Ella is a sweet girl and I like that it rubs off a little on my beast of an Emma. The funny thing about that card.... I got mad at Emma for using my scrapbook supplies - as if I scrapbook anymore. She immediately came back with "but it was for April's birthday!" So I guess I'm not supposed to get mad if it was for you. Maybe Emm
a can be a beast because I have rubbed off on her a little. My bad.

Neve is gonna have some doozy poops between tis -tashios and a whole ton of chocolate. Maybe she can stay at grandmas for a week now. Ha

Natalie said...

I have a couple of mean girls, but real sweetie that makes up for them, I hope. Kate has had some little stinker kids who give her a hard time. I want to mop the floor with them! Your Ella seems like a little sweetie.

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