Monday, February 27, 2012

I reflect on my reflection and i ask myself the question

 Neve on one of the few things she wasn't afraid of.  I don't remember what it is.  surprise surprise
  The carvings at the Animal Kingdom are pretty impressive but we didn't spend much time at that park since it wasn't the best minus a few rides.

  This being one of them.  Its a little like the Matterhorn.
 Kind of cute that the seat that Sam is in looks empty!
I watched a princessish show w/Neve and found that Neve might be twins w/Donald
w/her grumpy arm folding.
 She also loves Merry go rounds.  What kid doesn't right?
 Dave's worst nightmare came true while on Small world
It broke down while we were in it and we were forced to listen to the music 10 minutes longer than the normal torture he feels this ride is.  Neve and Sam liked it though.
 We have lots of Tiny Tim moments around here.
Sadly, I am never Tim
 The fireworks display gave Sam shock and awe.
 Ella and myself the first time on my favorite ride, Splash Mt.
 Ella, the second time. 
 I love stuff like this, Mikes little door.   The laugh floor based off Monsters Inc was really good.   Also top on my list might be the Simpsons ride. E.T. for nostalgia.
and this my friends is a joke stolen from none other than myself
This is Sam and Ella
 I figured out this funny play on words when Sam was a baby and I used to call my Dad and ask him if he could tend Sam-n-ella.   He of course would always respond with "as long as they don't make me sick"   ha ha, that Dad humor that we all end up using when we get older and lamer.

Flippers was a restaurant we struggled to find but it ended up being really good and worth the search.
It was either this or Golden corral so Dave and I were determined to find this.  We both hate buffets.
This is near the scene of my almost incident w/the lady in the Jazzy chair.
Short version:  She told Ella to watch out very rudely when Ella was there first and not in anyones way,  then chose to roll her eyes still w/in view of me,  mother bear that is pretty overprotective now of people being mean to Ella.  So I replied,  in my rudest way, that included my very dirtiest look "excuse me is a nicer way to say that you freaking hag!"   She scurried her lazy bottom away as fast as the Jazzy could carry her to then go to a corner to report to her friends and husband about what happened.  Of course in her story I am sure she painted herself to have been so sweet and not a lazy disrespectful slob.  I continued w/the stink eye, and trust me it stinks.  She hightailed it out of there.
I'm fine w/someone correcting my kid especially if they are doing something wrong.
I hate people who treat kids like they don't deserve respect!
I cannot control my mouth very often in situations of disrespect but I was not embarrassed that I had said something here.  Sure I could have been more kind but I thought she more deserved a taste of her own medicine.  If you are an ornery SOB, please stay away from places that attract children.  Idiots!
I will probably be shot or stabbed someday.
Sam is pretending to be as scared as that lady.
 Okay now that I have chilled the testosterone a little, back to the fun.
This is a great Dad, who is willing to go down a gross slide w/a screaming turd.

 We got Ella to try the HULK and we were proud of her for going on it.  I think Dave may or may not have paid her cash money to do it 
but whatever works.
 Doc was awesome.  This guy deserves a raise.  He was perfect!
 This is yet another one of those movies we all loved as kids so I have my kids watch it.  I learn just how much bad language was in our kids PG movies back in the day.  E.T. and Goonies, also being on that list.  Don't let your kids watch BIG either if they are getting close to teens, uuuuuncomfortable!
 Sam and Neve and I entertained ourselves while the others went on the MUMMY

Neve's favorite ride was SNEETCHES from Dr. Suess, it seriously was commiting suicide worthy.  Terrible ride, but I suffered through it twice anyway. It did have thing one and thing two in it though which kept reminding me of some twins I know.
 Logan wanted to eat at the NBA restaurant but We chose Hard Rock instead
 Neve displaying her Mac and cheese.  It was some good stuff though.

 On our way to the hotel the last night, Neve was having a laughing fit.  I think she was trying to counter act all the naughty she had been all week all within 20 minutes.  It was pretty hilarious though.

 Wiped out THUG!
 and a slug!!!


Mitzi said...

I love your kids...they are just too darned cute.

We have the same disease-names with Sam&Ellen.

Lisa said...

I hate mean people, but I really hate them at KID places. Sorry but Disney is for kids sure adults can love it too, but seriously it is there for the kids. I wonder how it would feel to be stuck on a Nemo ride and have a Jass be rude to your screaming babies of 9 minutes???? I think I wouldn't hate that story if I would have been more like you and told em off!
Good picts. Fun times. Wish we were there!!

Hernandez Family said...

That lady had it coming! I still remember when I was a kid at Sea World my parents had a confrontation with a guy about his stupid camcorder that got busted.

The Royals said...

Yay for April!! I would have just given her the stink-eye and not said anything. Good job! It looks like you had a lot of fun even if you did have crazy headaches.

Aimee said...

That was a good post... they always are on your blot but this one had a funny story and lots of awesome pics. Makes me laugh that Dave went down the germ slide and also that Neve makes up for her attitude with a giggle fit. My kind of girl.

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

so much fun! I wish we were going tomorrow! well to disney LAND not world. Universal is pretty sweet though. I bet Logan and Ella loved it.
yeah, I am the one who loves my curly hair in humidity and then come home and it's just blah!
I already blogged about my confrontation a while back with an old lady at sams club. She deserved it too! don't be rude to my kids when they are not in the wrong!

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