Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No work til' Munday

I decided that if Utahn's would listen to Hawaiian music on their commute there would be less aggressiveness on the roads.  You really cannot feel aggressive while partaking of such things and really anyone can sing along.  I think I may have gotten Brian hooked on the stuff!
Hawaii is amazing!  I highly recommend it along w/the above mentioned music.   The weather (yep even the wind), the food, the glorious blue water, the people, and last but certainly not least, the TAN skin (fat and skinny).  The only thing I don't like in Hawaii is the Luau fish food, well, and the bill! (but don't worry, I made Dave pay it).   On the other hand, My hair absolutely hates Hawaii or anywhere humid for that matter.  I bet if I lived there, I would Sinead O'connor it.
It seems the majority of our time we spent w/either food or liquid.  The liquid we spent the majority of the time in left you w/that "just ate a bag of sunflower seeds" feeling.  The liquid we consumed most of the time started w/Lava and ended w/Flow.  Its crazy how you can still get drunk off the sugar even if its virgin.  I could get drunk off coconut candy though and theres no liquid in that.

At the airport before we left
I found a great way to muffle the sound of the plane
Dave thought I was a dork
The Gazebo.  Excellent pancakes.

Brian and Dave catching the BYU game
We tried to eat out less than last time but we didn't eat less
road to Hana 
My best old man friend in Hawaii 
Always wondered what a Hula Pie is?
It wasn't our best dessert but we still did okay eating it all 
Dave learned to paddle board
Our favorite "Mario" in Hawaii
Brian loves to take ridiculous pics of me but I am a good subject for that
After we had been given the third degree of Maui's strict liquor laws
Funny enough you can roll a joint in parks there but they
are tough on the liquor.  That darn commissioner.
Kinda ruined to start to our night
What can be said, He loves the coconut cake.

Our first and maybe only landing on Lanai but we had to swim
"all" the way there.

We were glad the dolphins joined our snorkel trip
We went to the Feast at LeLe again.
I don't so much like the feast but the Leis are great

and some of us overdid it on the frosty "free" beverages 
Dave surfed a little on our last day there
We all surfed and that was pretty fun
I had a little fear of it but I got over the worry of sharks pretty fast
because it seems that coral is more dangerous
Dave eating his giant mistake of a burger at Kool Kats

Dave was always scouting out the next meal
Road to Hana  aka  Road to carsick
They even have beautiful spiders in Hawaii
Near the sacred pools at Haleakala National Park 
Water falls at the sacred pools.  

The magic show was so great,  even Dave disappeared
or maybe he was looking at sunglasses
My 2nd favorite photo op while we were there.
My first favorite also qualifies as my greatest regret-see ending!
In our Hotel or whatever in the crap its called
 Are these people serious?
Right down to the shoes. 
Snorkel trip and great example of my hair issues.

My plate before eating
My plate after
Shave ice is a must w/Mac Nut ice cream   
So while at the Shave ice stand the kid asks Lisa and I if we are together.  I quickly answer yes but then get worried about what he means by "together" so , I followed up by saying "well not romantically"!  I don't like there to be confusion.  Not that there's anything wrong w/that.
Lisa conquered a lot of fears on the trip but this was me conquering one
of my own called "going into dark caves w/out a flashlight (actually lava tube)
w/weird snake like things all around me.  I survived!
When we found our way out of the dark Lava tube.
Good news, those weren't snakes.

Dave wanted to buy this for a yard decoration but we didn't know how we would get it home
 since our flight was full and she was sure to need her own seat.  Dave couldn't stomach the
thought of sharing his seat w/a large thing on the way home too!
Just wondering if you notice anything
or things that are odd in this pic
and yep I think he caught me

I saw a genuine Hawaiian Luna the last day there.  I'm not sure many people have this rare opportunity.  I consider myself to be extremely lucky.   My one regret while there was that I didn't convince Dave to drive back so I could photograph it.  We were driving in Maui rush hour (which pretty much no one is in a rush, minus tourists) and we come upon a car broken down on the side of the road and as we pass I turn around to see a man standing under the hood of the car w/his "WHOLE" butt out of his pants.  This was no gansta' style either, it was purely Hawaii's version of plumber crack.  He was full mooning all the traffic headed back from work that day.  People really might look forward to the evening commute in Hawaii.  How fun!

My Mom and Dad had the kids for the week days while we were gone and Neve said "you have ugly hands but I still don't want to go to my other grandmas" to my Mom.   I think she thought if she said she still wanted to stay there, the criticism wouldn't sting quite so much.   Ella was flabbergasted and so upset that Neve would be so rude but my Mom has embraced her age and just laughed.   When I was told the story I reprimanded Neve and said "Neve you don't say that to people, that is rude" and she matter of fact replied "but Mom I had to because they are ugly, but they have a heart on them and I like that".  She has a few hand veins that make a heart shape so I guess that also is supposed to make her comments okay because the heart is cute.

Sam is helping me bring in groceries and says "I think Im gonna pull a hammy!"


Angie said...

what the hell? Didn't you just get back from Hawaii? You are living la vida loca girl!

PS I am so very jealous.

Keri said...

Every single thing about that looks amazing - even the dark cave and weird spiders (which I would want nothing to do with, but would gladdly suffer!!) You guys look like the people to do this trip with - Have I mentioned to PLEASE let me know next time you plan a trip???

The Royals said...

Spiders are gross no matter where they come from. I think you should just do the Sinead O'Connor thing anyway. It would be fun to talk about for a while! Looks like an amazing trip!

Aimee said...

I want to go to there.

Love that Dave posed for that amazing pic.

I love crazy April.. with a camera.

Natalie said...

I don't see it with the pic. Am I blind?

I need some Hawaii life right now.

Hendricksonblog said...

The Mentos?

Amy said... all the pics, freaking lucky girl. Looks like tons of fun!

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