Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've got a very bad feeling about this

Sam comes up to me and says "Who was the first person on the moon?"  I, like a whiz say "Lance Armstrong" without missing a beat.  He says "Don't you mean Neil Armstrong?"  I said "oh yeah duh, Lance rides the bike"  and he says "actually Neil wasn't the first on the moon, it was Chewbaca!"   Ha ha ha cackle cackle cackle.

It is 9:30 in the morning and we are getting ready to leave, Sam walks up to me and says "uh mom could we just go lay in your bed for a while and talk, cause like I haven't really been spending that much time with you?".
Love this Kid, how will we handle all day school?  Muchas Besos when he comes home I guess.

Best Song lyrics ever