Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And if we get together we'll be twice as clever

I'm gonna give the trip to eff ell ay a whirl but before I do Sam Says: "Mom hows he gonna staple it together with all the bad weather?".   Neve and I are home and I put on Dave's jacket to run Sam to school so she asks me why I am wearing Dads jacket and I tell her not to tell him so she says "but I want to tell him"  so I let her call him and tell on me.  When I got off the phone I said to her "now Daddy is mad at me" and she said "He won't punch you though"!   LOL

Dave was a little stressed about 4 kids on a plane and in the airport but they were awesome, even Neve!  It was nice to have older kids to lug all the suitcases.   We arrived very late and tried to go straight to bed.  I will not attempt to put our vacation in order since I was drugged the whole time.

At one point after seeing a sign for Dr. P. Peterson (or some name like that) Clyde thought of and said out loud (much to his regret) that it would be Dr. PP.  Oh the kids had a hay day w/that and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Of course Sam changed it to Dr. poo poo.  I think this will be part of the memory that they never forget. (;

Neve was pretty much her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde self the whole time.  I don't like that version of her much.  Makes me want to drink paint thinner or something deadly like that.   She is now sporting an ear infection in the one ear that the tube has fallen out.   Here we go again!  It has been a while because her little ears have been able to drain out those tubes but I was worried on Sunday when she had the goop coming out of her tear ducts.  I am not sure why her little head feels the best place to drain the crud is through the eyeballs.

We had a mini van and every time I would go to get in Samuel and Logan had the seat belts all jacked up.

A lot of people love their hair in Florida because of the humidity.  Lets just say humid and my thick coarse hair are not friends.  My hair looks like crap in Hawaii too.....ahhhhh sad, I know, poor me!

We went to Hollywood Studios, Disneys Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom 2X, and to Universal Studios and US Island of Adventures.  One day we just stayed at our condo area.  It was a fancy place w/any and everything to do that your heart might desire except the guillotine to lob off my head!  (I actually took a nap this day and anyone who knows me knows I don't take naps unless I'm pretty ill)

 I kind of love how the new movie gave a new life to the Muppets.  If you haven't seen that movie, see it!
This first picture needs no explanation
It just fits Sam to a T
 This tub was seriously extra large and Sams frog legs are extra funny!
 One of my favorite things on Vacation especially w/kids is a set of these.
Keep in mind I do know how to rough it but why if I don't have to right?
 I was pretty impressed w/the whole Harry Potter section of this park.  So amazing!
 I'm sure I will add more photos of this later and tell a story about me almost punching out a lady in a Jazzy Chair.  Don't worry she wasn't really handicapped, just too fat and ornery to walk herself.  I have a beef w/people like that especially if they decide to be rude to Ella for no reason.  Crossing me w/a headache is about one notch below messing w/me while pregnant.  Add one of my kids into the equation and Look Out!
I'm normally pretty mellow but sometimes I have an evil spark!  Sometimes I'm proud to have it and other times not so much!  This was a proud moment!
 One of my kids favorite parts of the trip was of course the pool.  They are all fish.  The pool was heated because it wasn't really warm but we were pretty much the only people in the pool.  It must have been pretty obvious we weren't from somewhere warm.

 This kept reminding me of one of my children.  Can you guess who?
This little sign reminded me so much of a dear friend of mine (:
and a party I once went to
 This squirrel was quite entertaining.  It was climbing in people's strollers while they were on rides and stealing their food (we were on a bench watching while some in our group were on a ride) and then it was hiding its stash under that cooler on my stroller right behind it.  I think it was planning to come w/us.  They are not afraid of people at all in fact that is my knee in the picture and it is getting food out of my hand.
 So the waitress at Bubba Gump asked my kids if they wanted flavored lemonades.  Of course they did and when they came to the table in flashing cups I wondered if she had done it to pad her tip.  Sure enough $8 a drink.  May as well have been alcoholic at that price.
 Grandpa having a beer with my boys and Neve hovering over hers since she wasn't willing to share!
I didn't think I would like Butter Beer because I don't love Creme Soda and I heard it was similar but it was pretty delicious.
I tried to spend a little time taking pictures of RIDICULOUS people and this is one I got.   This is a very serious case of a bum eating some shorts.  I couldn't stop watching her and laughing at the ridiculousness of her outift.  Modesty aside, it is pretty funny!


Chad said...

I didn't read this post because it would make me angry. I didn't read the whole thing and I don't have a craving for you to write more and include more pictures. And I especially didn't read it because I don't care where you went in the slightest. Nope. Not one bit.

Lisa said...

I want to go to there! Harry Potter land...yes please..butter beer...yes please...warm weather...yes please...shall I go on???
I have to just say I was about to do a mean but try to not let people know who I was being mean about post and now I feel more happy so that might just save a friendship!!! Kudos to you.

Natalie said...

Fat jazzy drivers - I have beefs to. They try to run your kids over at wal-mart and places like that. I wish I knew how to make one "endo."

I'm sorry you went to such a wonderful place and felt like crap.

Angie said...

Washing machines on vacation are the best! THere's nothing worse than bringing home luggage full of dirty clothes! Not for me:)

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