Friday, February 17, 2012

If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.

Hi, My name is April and it has been 24 hours since my last headache!

I think I am having withdrawals today from migraine medication.  I never thought I would have to wean myself from them.  Maybe I'll just take one for good measure.
Apparently adjusting well emotionally to a miscarriage still has its price.  Not sure which I choose. 

We had a great time in Florida although I struggled w/headaches the whole time, but I haven't yet had the ability to sit and think let alone go through pictures to post about it.   I will just say that if you are wanting a Disney Vacation, California is your man!  Universal was awesome but if we had paid regular price to fly to Florida for Disney World, I would have felt very let down.  The castle at D-world is prettier but I can't think of any other thing that beats the Land!  I shall review more in depth later since now I will go be productive while I get a reprieve from skull pain!

While at the Dr. for Logan yesterday he kindly informed the Dr. that no one has headaches as much as his Mom!  I hate that these dumb things have to affect my kids but if there were something I could do about them, I promise I would.  I can't wait for menopause, then maybe they will go away.


maybe a trip to Hawaii is the cure.....................


Angie said...

Those are some awesome gums! Sorry you have so many headaches. That would just suck.

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