Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I believe our adventure through time has taken a most serious turn

 Neve and Sam were eating lunch and talking and I heard her say "Serious Dude?"
I laughed and left the room in just enough time to hear Sam say "Nevey's nibbles are so yummy!"
What the crap?  Nibble is a popular word in our house ever since Neve had her fit about being called a nibble.   I though at first he said Nipples and was glad to know it wasn't that but then again Neve keeps saying butt cheeks (I know I can thank Finlay for that one).   She is loving the farting and pooping talk right now and I think told Angi the other day that she was going to poop on her knee.  Also glad she didn't on that one too.
The kids got their haircut yesterday so I thought I would take a picture of Neves hair w/out any food or snarls in it.   Sam appeared out of his mop of hair and got his baby face back.  Ella got all her chlorinish locks cut off.  I hated to let her do it since her hair grows so slow but she is thrilled that now I can't fix her hair.  I still chase her w/the brush just to scare her though.  Neve's nightmare would be a room full of brushes and combs!

I backed up into my own garage today but I feel like it was Neve's fault.  She was demanding her headphones while I had the car in reverse with my foot on the brake to wait for the door to go up and my foot came off a little when I leaned back to shut her giant mouth up w/some headphones.  I said a choice Shit word and Logan didn't know whether to laugh or cry (he wanted to laugh at how dumb that looked but gets so upset when I swear, I would say when anyone swears but it is usually me so I have to be honest).   After I swore, I laughed at my stupidity and then took 20 minutes to bend the door enough to put it up by hand so I could get them to school.  Only 20 minutes late!
 The door guy came out to fix it and found some other problems not related to my idiot self so I am just pretending I was being proactive in keeping my garage door running well.   I'm a clumsy disaster today and I am not sure what in the heck is going on.  I hit my finger w/a hammer while fixing some moulding and then picked up a bungee cord outside but one end was stuck so I started walking w/it just as I realized it was stuck but at that very moment it came loose and flew up to hit me in the face.  I just have days like this every once in a while and I know not to wear flip flops on those days.

Some NBA players on the tube yesterday informed me that it is mean to use the word gay for anything you consider lame or stupid but I am wondering how they are making the lame and stupid feel by their message?   I use the word Retard sometimes and I guess I should stop that too but I in no way think of any certain kind of people when I say the words.  I used DB the other day and got some sideways glances.  Now seriously who can that offend?  besides of course the referee I said it about, but he didn't hear me.
I may just need to stop talking but when I try to not talk people think I am mad because I was born w/this face I got from my Mom.  The ornery looking one (not ornery Mom, ornery face).

For those of you enjoying the new Norwex awesome cleaning stuff (yes worth every penny), I just found a good way to store the little suckers so they are easily accessible but out of my way and out of sight.  I love 3M hooks.


Natalie said...

I love that bungee visual! Totally made my night. I have a fear of crashing into my garage door. I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Good excuse, though. I know what it's like trying to shut big 3 year old mouths. Logan must be a sweetie if he gets upset to hear your vulgar mouth.

Angie said...

The bungee! I have had that happened and it ended up being the hookie part that came into my face! I am getting more klutzy too. I wonder if it's a age thing but I am so much older than you. THe other day I was bringing in a new gallon of milk and the thinned dropped and I am still finding milk in certain places. I don't want to get old. Never heard of the NOrwex. Are they an infomercial or do you get them at a store?

Hendricksonblog said...

It is kind of a home party thing but the cloths and scrubby things work wonders! Pricey though!

Heather said...

Hey April!

Oh my word! I say d-bag all the time. Don't know if I'll ever be able to stop. :/

I have one of those ornery looking faces, too. I get the same thing about not talking and people thinking I'm mad.

I just got my Norwex cloths. Good idea with the 3M hooks. I'll have to remember that.

Aimee said...

I haven't made it to a Norwex partay yet. But I am thankful for your tutorial on how to store them. I will pin it on pinterest for all to reap the benefits of your expertise.

Logan must have learned the disappointed look from Josh. I always get that when I swear. And for the record, I like all your words. You will prolly learn more good ones from the YW, too.

p.s. Angie has always been clumsy. Nice try, though on blaming it on age. (I said that with my natural ornery face, but I'm not ornery)

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