Friday, January 20, 2012

The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride

 Logan decided to have a bucket full of friends come over
I caught them doorbell ditching and made them go in the backyard where they would bother less people.
Funny thing that Logan wasn't the one ringing the bells but I am positive it was his plan.
He thinks he is so funny, and at least one adult at my house found it highly entertaining too. 
You know who you are!
 and then Nellies half bucket of kids and 1/3 of Sarahs came to play w/various children in my home
 and then a few neighbors for Sam and when his third friend showed up he said to them "okay I cannot play with all of you at once so one of you is gonna have to go home".  He wasn't trying to be rude but I think he just felt overwhelmed w/entertaining so many kids.  I told him that wasn't nice to say that so he let them all stay but while they are out enjoying the winter air, here he sits (below) watching some teeny bopper show.
He played for a solid hour out there but I think the pressure got to him.  Ella took on his burden happily.
I think someone counted and there were 15 kids in the backyard and an Atti inside being a hermit.  This takes me back to they days when I used to be insane and tended so many little kids.  I actually like them to have so many kids to play w/because then they can play basketball and stuff like that and they usually stay outside.  I do hate when they all get thirsty though because my top rack in the dishwasher gets full before the bottom.  I hate that and don't like to be wasteful and run a half full dishwasher.  

I went to Chick-fil-a and the cow or should I say guy dressed up as a cow was there.  Neve was so scared!  She grabbed onto me for dear life.  I walked to the table w/the tray of food w/her attached to my leg, she was not touching the floor.  I assume I looked somewhat like a mother baboon w/her cling on.  Neve told me that she would not be scared of the cow once the guy took the costume off.   So she is smart enough to figure out that it is just a regular fella in there yet she is terrified.  She is jacked up.   She has that same love hate w/Winnie.

Ella had her first swim meet last night and did a good job.  It was a mini meet so I think that was good for her first time to not freak her out too much.  She was so anxious before each of her events but swam great.  She just has to work on her dives and turns and she will smoke some of those kids.  I was impressed w/how long she can swim.  I dont know that I would even do a lap w/out resting.  Swimming wipes you out!
I forgot my camera and I was a timer anyway so wouldn't have gotten good shots.  I was the lucky girl that got next to that parent that talks non stop about their kids like they are so perfect.  I so wish I could have used my iPod to drown out the bragging.   Ughhh!  If you are someone who does this, please stop, it is so annoying!

Last:  If you do not watch Parenthood, you are missing out!  Best show on TV!


Natalie said...

I'm with Sam. I remember getting a little stressed out when friends came to my house. But I was just fine when I went to my friends house and ate all their food. No stress at all!

I'm not a kid bragger. I just talk trash about my kids. I think it makes people feel better. Or, they just think I'm a terrible mom. Which I am.

Angie said...

I feel my purpose in life is to keep my kids grounded. I am usually the one telling my kids that they AREN'T perfect. Too many kids these days hear that all day long and they are actually little you know whats!

Some of my best high school memories are with pumpkins, a vette and a certain person of your household! I guarantee your Logan has it in his genes!

Hernandez Family said...

What swim team is Ella on? I would love for Aleecia to do something like that.

Aimee said...

I can't believe there were that many kids at your house and none of them were mine. I like that your house is their home away from home. Josh is a little annoyed that he can't live there as much because his crutches limit his ability to go and do as he pleases. I like that he is home more. But I'm a helicopter mom so I'm supposed to want to keep my kids under my thumb at all times.

Emma didn't know what to do with herself in sacrament mtg since Ella was like 8 benches away. She might have listened to the speakers for once.

Lisa said...

I don't know about 15 kids, but I love having other kids over it keeps my kids from fighting....well it has to be the right kids too. Watched my first episode of Parenthood. I want to start at the beginning, but yeah really good show.

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