Monday, December 19, 2011

"We're going to have a tasty roasted boy today!"

I decided to let the kids have a boys vs girls vs triplets gingerbread contest
Logan was being reprimanded for putting the frosting on w/his fingers 
because he always makes the biggest mess out of everything
 Dave is always a sucker and helps the kids but then again I was helping the 3 yr old crew.  I volunteer for that age groups so I can pretend it is because they are so little that their house is horrible so no one realizes its me who is a gingerbread decorating retard. 
They mostly ate the candy and had to give up some of their pieces to the girls who kept dropping and shattering theirs.  The triplets didn't mind as long as no one took their candy.  They would lick every candy before sticking it to the house.  They ended up w/more of a lean-to.
 The boys won for best construction.  Who-da known that Logans messy method actually made a more sturdy house because the frosting wasn't so thick that it actually dried.
 The girls won for best use of materials because they literally used every piece of candy 
they could get their hands on.
 So below ended up happening because the candy was just too heavy
 I really hate making gingerbread houses but the kids love it so much.  I laid in bed last night just thinking about them all sitting on the counter top and couldn't sleep because I knew the kids would eat candy for breakfast if they stayed sitting there.   I don't like getting out of bed once I have gotten in so Dave was kind enough to go chuck them for me so I could fall asleep stress free.  Mid-night Sam came in and wouldn't keep his boney knees out of my sides so I went to his bed to sleep.  
He likes to sleep by me so I think he peed in my bed just out of spite.  
I should have peed in his too!  but then again that is just punishing me twice.

This morning Sam wakes in a stupor and goes into the bathroom and then comes out to me and says "uh mom, I need to tell you something.  I took off my pants and my undies and I put them in the toilet instead of the hamper!"
Later he says something funny so Dave says "Sam do you know why we named you Sam? Because it rhymes w/ham!"  and Sam said "yep and ham rhymes w/turkey!!!"  (cackle cackle cackle) "jusss kiddin, I was just tryin to make you guys laugh".     He turns 6 on Wednesday and I don't like it at ALL!


RRWhicker said...

We skipped gingerbread houses this. The kids didn't even notice. And I'm a bit concerned that Dave "chucked" the kids for you, and that you fell asleep stress free after. Sounds a bit like child abuse to me.

Hendricksonblog said...

half the theys are the gingerbread houses and not the kids but really it probably ends up true either way (;

Keri said...

What a crazy fun night! Thanks again for hosting a great evening and for one of my favorite gifts I have ever recieved :) Love you!

Angie said...

What we do for making memories!

Natalie said...

Maybe I should have my kids deco houses some day. I just never remember. I'm sure they would love it. Especially my 3 year old candy whore.

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